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    Thread: Group Buy: InterCooler Misting Kit !!!!

    1. 09-28-2001 01:28 PM #1
      Ever hear of the term HEAT SOAK? In very LOOSE laymen terms, it's when the heat from your engine/turbo "soak" up your horsepower, making a 200hp car feel like a 160hp one. It can be that bad. Well, TURBO cars are VERY VERY prone to heat soak. What can you do about it??? Participate in this group buy!!!!!
      InterCooler Misting Kit
      ick (aka...inter-cooler kit) $27.05+shipping
      2 tips
      2 bodies
      2 caps
      2 strainers
      1 three ft hose
      2 elbow joints
      Here are the pics:
      If you take a look at the above website, Lee (guy who did it), has temperature charts. Take a look at those!
      WHY THIS KIT???
      This kit will spray a VERY FINE MIST into your ic. It won't drip either. Most other nozzles drip. It's good stuff.
      10+ people would LOWER the price to $21.64+shipping
      What else you'll need:
      Temperature Sensor (so you know how hot your IC really is). You can buy a digital one at your local Target Store (near the Car parts section). It's the Springfield's PRECISE TEMP. $10.00+tax
      Install instructs. Not really much to it to be honest with you. Ask the forum for now cuz there's so many ways of doing this.
      TOTAL cost of this mod: UNDER $40!!!!
      Oh. And you should do the Wheel Liner mod too. That can range from $0.00 to $50.00 depending on your preference. The Wheel liner mod is where you cut out/drill the driver side (Passat) wheel liner to allow your IC to "breath". The forum members here can do a better job explaining this than me.
      So who's interested? I need a raise of hands.

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    2. Member veritas137's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 24th, 2001
      Bay Area, CA
      1985 VR6 Golf Mk2 Westy
      09-28-2001 01:34 PM #2
      Are these just the parts to hook it up to like your window washers? Or is there a separate pump and reseviour (sp?) for it? I don't have an issue with heat soak any more, but misting helps cool the air a LOT and cooler is better.

    3. 09-28-2001 01:38 PM #3
      Yeah. This is just the parts to hook it up to your window washer fluid. If you want the pump (size of a coil), it's $85. It's 4amps and goes up to 35psi. hold 1/2 liter I think. Not too sure. I didn't ask about that because I was just thinking about using my windshield wiper fluid reserviour, and coupled with a Y clamp, I can switch back and forth with my windshielf wiper fluid and my IC misting system in the summer/winter.
      It gets kinda cold here in the winter, so I won't be misting a lot in the winter.
      Just me though. there's many ways of doing this. I'm sure TONS of members here can give GREAT input.

    4. Moderator Mike0105's Avatar
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      Dec 31st, 1999
      Belle Mead, NJ
      2013 Audi S4
      09-28-2001 01:41 PM #4
      I'm interested, count me in!! Send me an e-mail and let me know whats up

    5. 09-28-2001 02:03 PM #5
      *Raises hand*

    6. 09-28-2001 02:12 PM #6
      Jorgeaz, Good idea. But if you want the second pump, you'll need to buy the $85.00 thing I mentioned. Still a cheap mod. I'm not the most technical guy in the world, so I'd be interested to see how this will be done. I'm sure others would too.
      I'll keep EVERYONE posted either via email or forum.

    7. 09-28-2001 02:38 PM #7
      Count me in too!

    8. Senior Member syntrix's Avatar
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      Aug 20th, 2000
      Little Rock, AR
      09-28-2001 02:47 PM #8
      Couple of things to remember:
      1. These nozzles will not leak, they seal when there is no pressure, unlike you WW jets, that are open all the time.
      2. Get the intake sensor, you can NOT tune without it. I would recommend a vag-com, as you can drive a log and review your data later.
      3. Get the intelligent auto mister from without that, you are just squirting water all the time or you will wear your thumb out.
      When properly used, the stock resevoir will have to be filled about every 2 tanks under some good spirited driving. It will take quite a few runs to tune the unit based on your mods.
      Remember that you mod again later, you will have to retune the unit. IMHO, it's very worth it on the MKIV's, the stock ic is heat soaked when not chipped, but does a decent job. So if you chip, the results of the stock ic are not much better.
      Humid areas may not have a significant gain with this setup.
      Warmer climates (obviously) will benefit more.

      Good luck, and shoot me an email if ya'll have any q's.
      (btw accuspray was supposed to call or email me when they got the kit completed, guess that never happened!)

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      If you have a problem with anything I do here, feel free to call me on my cell to discuss at anytime: (781)452-2079 LEAPRZ

    9. 09-28-2001 02:58 PM #9
      I'd just like to say thanks to Lee (syntrix). He's the man!

    10. 09-28-2001 04:24 PM #10
      I've got 7 people. 3 more and we're in!!!

    11. 09-28-2001 04:50 PM #11
      I'll have two complete kits please!

    12. 09-28-2001 06:04 PM #12
      Count me in for 1! Thanks!

    13. 09-28-2001 06:36 PM #13
      Wow. Got 13 already. This is the fastest group buy I've ever done! I gave accuspray a call, and my guy had left. So i'm gonna call on Monday.
      I need your emails... Jorgeaz, 4DoorSleeper, Gary H, GTI4ME...
      Thanks! (or how do I see your emails from your post???)

    14. 09-28-2001 07:09 PM #14
      ill take one e-mail me -

    15. 09-28-2001 07:34 PM #15
      Everyone will get emails when everything is finalized...
      So keep posting... if you want one... here's your chance. I'm posting up generic instructions on what i'm doing or have done (with pics). And you guys can modifiy it to what you want done (shaggy's pedal mounted ic trigger for WOT misting...Jorgeaz auto temp misting system...etc....)

    16. 09-28-2001 07:35 PM #16
      Me 3 Me 3 (I mean Me too!!!) can we also see about a GB from Autospeed? That'd me interesting since it's coming from Australia...

    17. 09-29-2001 12:18 PM #17
      sorry Jorgeaz.... I guess I was trying to DRAG you in with your eyes closed. I'll put you on the maybe not list. And if I suck you in, cool!

    18. 09-29-2001 04:58 PM #18
      Or you can do it right and buy this system in the GB and then buy this..
      That would seem like the most logical way to do it. You would never have to worry about it, it would do it all on its own
      sorry syntrix didn't see your post up there about auto speed, this link is directly to the mister page hope it helps

      [Modified by hoser125, 3:01 PM 9-29-2001]

    19. Senior Member syntrix's Avatar
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      Aug 20th, 2000
      Little Rock, AR
      09-29-2001 05:10 PM #19
      Or you can do it right and buy this system in the GB and then buy this..
      [Modified by hoser125, 3:01 PM 9-29-2001]
      Yup, that's the one!! Thanks for te link hoser125! Don't forget to call or email them on availability, these units sometimes backorder. Also this company is in australia, so you have to pay a bit more for shipping and wait longer, but it's worth it. They respond to email very well!!
      MOEW: ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ Zomg Zombies ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(×̯×)۶ ¯\(°_o)/¯
      If you have a problem with anything I do here, feel free to call me on my cell to discuss at anytime: (781)452-2079 LEAPRZ

    20. 09-29-2001 07:13 PM #20
      I don't see anything on accusprays site about this kit. Can you at least give us the specs on the different componenets. Which nozzles are included in the kit? And does anyone Know what psi the windshield washer pump puts out?

    21. 09-29-2001 11:54 PM #21

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    22. 09-30-2001 12:10 PM #22
      me 2,
      could this be used in calibaration with my N20 mister?

    23. Senior Member syntrix's Avatar
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      Aug 20th, 2000
      Little Rock, AR
      09-30-2001 03:04 PM #23
      You will have to call them, as the parts need to be ordered individually, but they will recognize when you mention "Audi Mister Kit".
      This is for water, not nitrous.
      MOEW: ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ Zomg Zombies ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(×̯×)۶ ¯\(°_o)/¯
      If you have a problem with anything I do here, feel free to call me on my cell to discuss at anytime: (781)452-2079 LEAPRZ

    24. 09-30-2001 04:56 PM #24
      Well I think I am in too.

    25. 09-30-2001 05:53 PM #25
      Im in..(1) me... wannarunthat**** or

    26. 09-30-2001 07:35 PM #26
      Here is my 3rd nozzle setup. Took these pics yesterday... I was changing my bumper, so there a buttload of pics for you.
      My new bumper
      Here is a pic of my setup...

      And Here is where I attached the hose using a hose connector $0.05 at Orchard Supply Hardware.

      As you can see, nothing is setup right now cuz I was doing my NEW bumper install. The end of it (nozzle) will look like Lee's (syntrix):
      Here is the thermostat from Target I am using.

      with a 5' chord (long)
      It has a clock, Max/min temp. Light. Celcius/Far option. Alarm. ONE MORE THING. It has INSIDE and OUTSIDE temp!!!! There's a sensor ON the device itself, so it can tell you the temp of the room/car. And the Outside temp it the temp of whatever you put the tip on. Good for $10.00, huh?
      Here is my IC CHEAPO CHEAPO CHEAPO Wheel Liner mod. No jokes on the colors please
      Here is the Front of it with my bumper off when I was changing it. This is the IC

      Here is the Wheel Liner Mod I did:

      1. Jack up car.
      2. Take off Wheel
      3. Mark where you wanna drill
      4. Carefully drill the square out.
      5. Get a $0.40 mesh screen from Home Depot
      6. Zip tie it on with X-mas colors
      I won't worry about rocks getting in there cuz of the screen. I won't worry about anything smaller cuz the way the wheel is turning, it will spin ALL the crud off the OTHER side of the wheel well liner (centripital force).
      So this mod costed me $0.40 cents. Others might not like how I did it. They might have valid reasons as to why NOT to do it my way, but for now, I think I didn't do a bad job at all.

      [Modified by mistertam, 7:58 PM 9-30-2001]

    27. 09-30-2001 08:44 PM #27
      i want one i want one i want one how soon can it be here i want one i want one i want one

    28. 09-30-2001 09:58 PM #28
      Nathan from here. I happened on this forum by chance, and do not normally post, but I will today! We will be happy to discuss a group by of products. We have been discussing this for a while now, and will be investigating it more seriously as a feature of our online shop soon.
      Until then, please email to enquire about this. We will be happy to discuss group by on all products in our range over 120,000+.
      Shipping will not be expensive if products are sent at once.
      We believe our intelligent water sprayer to be the best of it's kind in the world.
      Nathan Huppatz
      Business Development Manager.

    29. 09-30-2001 11:05 PM #29
      Hello ALL!!!
      I have emailed Nathan to see what's up. I'll post his reply.
      I'm still in love with that Springfield Precise Temp sensor I got at Target. I swear. That's the best thing I've bought there!!!

    30. 09-30-2001 11:44 PM #30
      email me with info interested

    31. 10-01-2001 03:40 AM #31
      Count me in for a kit as well. Shoot me an email for updates!

    32. 10-01-2001 10:38 AM #32
      Count me in too.

    33. 10-01-2001 11:33 AM #33
      I just spoke with Accuspray...
      Ordering will commence today and end whenever everything dies down.
      Shipping is $5.00 even Priority mail. I had him bring that shipping price down from $6.25. (knocking off most of the handling charge cuz I told him he can ship most of them at the same time).
      Expect an email from me on ordering information. This will be a CC purchase, and no money will go by me.

    34. 10-01-2001 12:36 PM #34
      Here's the email I just sent out to everyone... If you did NOT receive this email, well... here you go!

      Hey Everyone,
      I have spoken to Elvin at Accuspray. He told me he only has the Audi ICK on his development server (not live yet). So he apologizes for that. Now for the ordering part. You can order at any time. This is what you'll need to do to order. You will need to fax him the following information. The first thing I asked was if he had a secure location for the fax. He said it is in his office where he is at all times. It is very secure. "okay," I responded.
      ------Beginning of Fax-----------------
      To: Elvin @
      Fax: (805)928-8553
      FROM: "Your Name"
      SUBJECT: "GROUP BUY" Audi ICK $21.64+$5 ship

      Your Name:
      Your Mailing Address:
      Your Phone Number:
      Your Email:
      Your CC#:
      Your Expiration date:
      Your Billing Address:
      Any Comments you want:
      -----------End of Fax-------------------
      Okay, so this is what you'll be getting:
      Item: Audi ICK
      Price: $21.64 (20% off orginal price of $27.05)
      Shipping: $5.00 (Priority Mail anywhere in USA) (20% off of original shipping price of $6.25)
      Tax: None unless you are in CA ($1.50) <--sorry, can't get rid of this
      If you don't want to fax him, and you want me to do it, then feel free to email me your info, and I'll fax him for you. If you really really don't want to fax, but rather call for some reason, I guess you can. Just call them and the account name is under ERIC TAM (that's me).
      You can order other stuff from him at that time if you want. A separate pump, etc. The $85.95 pump is serial number LF122201D.
      Thanks, and happy ordering. Email me if you have questions...

      [Modified by mistertam, 9:55 AM 10-1-2001]

    35. 10-01-2001 10:45 PM #35

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