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    Thread: Group Buy: InterCooler Misting Kit !!!!

    1. 09-30-2001 07:35 PM #26
      Here is my 3rd nozzle setup. Took these pics yesterday... I was changing my bumper, so there a buttload of pics for you.
      My new bumper http://www.clubb5.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/010973.html
      Here is a pic of my setup...

      And Here is where I attached the hose using a hose connector $0.05 at Orchard Supply Hardware.

      As you can see, nothing is setup right now cuz I was doing my NEW bumper install. The end of it (nozzle) will look like Lee's (syntrix): http://www.swankmonkey.com/intercooler_mister/
      Here is the thermostat from Target I am using.

      with a 5' chord (long)
      It has a clock, Max/min temp. Light. Celcius/Far option. Alarm. ONE MORE THING. It has INSIDE and OUTSIDE temp!!!! There's a sensor ON the device itself, so it can tell you the temp of the room/car. And the Outside temp it the temp of whatever you put the tip on. Good for $10.00, huh?
      Here is my IC CHEAPO CHEAPO CHEAPO Wheel Liner mod. No jokes on the colors please
      Here is the Front of it with my bumper off when I was changing it. This is the IC

      Here is the Wheel Liner Mod I did:

      1. Jack up car.
      2. Take off Wheel
      3. Mark where you wanna drill
      4. Carefully drill the square out.
      5. Get a $0.40 mesh screen from Home Depot
      6. Zip tie it on with X-mas colors
      I won't worry about rocks getting in there cuz of the screen. I won't worry about anything smaller cuz the way the wheel is turning, it will spin ALL the crud off the OTHER side of the wheel well liner (centripital force).
      So this mod costed me $0.40 cents. Others might not like how I did it. They might have valid reasons as to why NOT to do it my way, but for now, I think I didn't do a bad job at all.

      [Modified by mistertam, 7:58 PM 9-30-2001]

    2. 09-30-2001 08:44 PM #27
      i want one i want one i want one how soon can it be here i want one i want one i want one

    3. 09-30-2001 09:58 PM #28
      Nathan from AutoSpeed.com here. I happened on this forum by chance, and do not normally post, but I will today! We will be happy to discuss a group by of products. We have been discussing this for a while now, and will be investigating it more seriously as a feature of our online shop soon.
      Until then, please email shop@autospeed.com to enquire about this. We will be happy to discuss group by on all products in our range over 120,000+.
      Shipping will not be expensive if products are sent at once.
      We believe our intelligent water sprayer to be the best of it's kind in the world.
      Nathan Huppatz
      Business Development Manager.

    4. 09-30-2001 11:05 PM #29
      Hello ALL!!!
      I have emailed Nathan to see what's up. I'll post his reply.
      I'm still in love with that Springfield Precise Temp sensor I got at Target. I swear. That's the best thing I've bought there!!!

    5. 09-30-2001 11:44 PM #30
      email me with info please..im interested


    6. 10-01-2001 03:40 AM #31
      Count me in for a kit as well. Shoot me an email for updates!

    7. 10-01-2001 10:38 AM #32
      Count me in too.

    8. 10-01-2001 11:33 AM #33
      I just spoke with Accuspray...
      Ordering will commence today and end whenever everything dies down.
      Shipping is $5.00 even Priority mail. I had him bring that shipping price down from $6.25. (knocking off most of the handling charge cuz I told him he can ship most of them at the same time).
      Expect an email from me on ordering information. This will be a CC purchase, and no money will go by me.

    9. 10-01-2001 12:36 PM #34
      Here's the email I just sent out to everyone... If you did NOT receive this email, well... here you go!

      Hey Everyone,
      I have spoken to Elvin at Accuspray. He told me he only has the Audi ICK on his development server (not live yet). So he apologizes for that. Now for the ordering part. You can order at any time. This is what you'll need to do to order. You will need to fax him the following information. The first thing I asked was if he had a secure location for the fax. He said it is in his office where he is at all times. It is very secure. "okay," I responded.
      ------Beginning of Fax-----------------
      To: Elvin @ Accuspray.com
      Fax: (805)928-8553
      FROM: "Your Name"
      SUBJECT: "GROUP BUY" Audi ICK $21.64+$5 ship

      Your Name:
      Your Mailing Address:
      Your Phone Number:
      Your Email:
      Your CC#:
      Your Expiration date:
      Your Billing Address:
      Any Comments you want:
      -----------End of Fax-------------------
      Okay, so this is what you'll be getting:
      Item: Audi ICK
      Price: $21.64 (20% off orginal price of $27.05)
      Shipping: $5.00 (Priority Mail anywhere in USA) (20% off of original shipping price of $6.25)
      Tax: None unless you are in CA ($1.50) <--sorry, can't get rid of this
      If you don't want to fax him, and you want me to do it, then feel free to email me your info, and I'll fax him for you. If you really really don't want to fax, but rather call for some reason, I guess you can. Just call them and the account name is under ERIC TAM (that's me).
      You can order other stuff from him at that time if you want. A separate pump, etc. The $85.95 pump is serial number LF122201D.
      Thanks, and happy ordering. Email me if you have questions...

      [Modified by mistertam, 9:55 AM 10-1-2001]

    10. 10-01-2001 10:45 PM #35

    11. 10-02-2001 01:17 AM #36
      Could you please give me the phone number. Thanks,

    12. 10-02-2001 11:34 AM #37
      1-888-492-6648 is the number. Ask for Sales. Elvin is the guy's name.

    13. 10-15-2001 02:55 PM #38
      Did anyone else buy the reccommended pump also? I did, and tested it out this weekend. I only had one nozzle hooked up and it seemed that the pump is too powerful for the flowrate of the nozzle. The pump would build up pressure then cut off till the pressure dropped back down. This woul cause the nozzle to spray and then slowly fade out. It wasn't a consistent flowrate and pattern. I hope it will be better with 2 nozzles but I have not had a chance to test it out. Are we going to have a autospeed intelligent mister GB? Lets get it on!

    14. 10-16-2001 06:39 PM #39

    15. 10-31-2001 07:38 PM #40
      anyone got an installation process?
      i bought a few kits and would like to know how you guys installed it. post up here or email me AxeAngel@yahoo.com

    16. 10-31-2001 07:51 PM #41
      I haven't set mine up yet. Did you buy the pump also or are you going to rely on the windshield wiper pump? I bought the pump so I will need to find a resivour and I want to get the autospeed intelligent mister before I set everything up. I have taken a peek while I was changing oil to see where I might want to set it up. The options are slim. There must be more options with a FMIC.

    17. 10-31-2001 09:19 PM #42
      My friend did this to his WRX. He didn't purchase any kind of kit, he just pieced it together himself. Check it out:


    18. Member
      Join Date
      Jun 28th, 2000
      Pasadena, CA
      11-01-2001 02:16 AM #43
      BlueWolf:I agree. This kit is somewhat useless without something to auto-regulate it. I think the AutoSpeed unit is a good choice.
      Maybe we can get them to offer a GB? They also offer nozzles and pumps and such to go with it, so we should inquire about a full setup for all 1.8T applications.
      Anyone volunteer??

    19. 11-01-2001 07:30 PM #44
      i dont mind manually misting using my windsheiuld mister toggle thingy.
      all i wanna know is the setup of the nozzles, anyone wanna gimme a step by step process

    20. Member mr4te's Avatar
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      Mar 27th, 2001
      1990 Jetta
      11-01-2001 07:50 PM #45
      does this thing really work?

    21. 11-01-2001 09:17 PM #46
      How do you activate the kit. Is it by the push of a button. Can you notice a change in Torque/Hp when misting. Please inform me,

    22. 11-03-2001 07:26 PM #47
      installation anyone?
      and what are you going to use the target gauge for?

      [Modified by AxeAngel, 7:50 PM 11-3-2001]

    23. Member mr4te's Avatar
      Join Date
      Mar 27th, 2001
      1990 Jetta
      11-07-2001 01:10 PM #48

    24. 11-07-2001 03:18 PM #49
      Has anybody tried this mister, and what kind of gains do you have?
      I don't want to get the thing if you can't feel any horsepower.

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