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    Thread: Canton/Mecca Oil filters:::::::::::::;

    1. 12-18-2003 01:36 AM #1

      What do you guys think about these filters?
      They're pretty cheap, starting at
      $87.49 to $94.99.
      a stock oil filter only filters out particles that are larger than 20 microns; anything smaller goes right through and back into your engine. Stock filters also incorporate a bypass valve that allows unfiltered oil to flow to the engine during cold start-ups and when the filter surface becomes restricted
      These filter claim to have a 1 micron screen and can handle 90 G.P.Ms.(unlimeted to use!)
      Here is a quote from Canton/Mecca:
      "Canton/Mecca oil and fuel filters are in a class by themselves. Most other filters are surface-
      type filters. These other filters contain a thin layer of porous material (paper is most
      common). Contaminants are caught on the surface which can soon begin to restrict the
      fluid flow. These other filters have a bypass because otherwise the elements would blow
      out as their flow capacity begins to diminish or when the oil is cold, such as during startup.
      C/M filters, on the other hand, use a thick, porous, synthetic filter media that flows
      much better than a surface element when new as well as after it has trapped a large
      amount of contaminants. When a particle is trapped in the thick depth-type element, oil
      can flow around the particle through another of the many passages. The 4.62 inch long
      C/M element is equivalent to 4 Fram HP filters in flow rate and filtering capacity (and
      the Fram HP filters are themselves far superior to standard filters). Tests show that a C/M
      filter with 20,000 miles still flows better than a new conventional filter. Because of this
      amazing flow capacity, C/M filters do not need a bypass so they filter all the oil, all the
      time! The high-flow material is contained in a steel cage that can’t blow out. The C/M
      element is also unaffected by moisture which can weaken or even dissolve the paper elements
      found in most other oil and fuel filters."

      Seems almost to good to be true...

      That's what K&N said too.
      "Will out-flow and out-filter a paper element, anyday!"
      Ya, out flows a paper element, But does it out-filter? Until how many till the filter element starts to "Open-up" and let more and more dirt though the system?
      Any opinions on this thing? I really want to get it BTW [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emgift.gif[/IMG]

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    2. 12-18-2003 01:56 AM #2
      I run them in my car. Actually got one that mounts to the stock oil flange. Then I have a second running in-line with my 19 row oil cooler. My oil never gets dirty!
      You can see the inline one in this pic:

      Modified by ONLY 8V at 11:02 PM 12-17-2003

    3. 12-18-2003 02:15 AM #3
      Don't you think that's alittle... Um... unnecessary?
      lol, can't be TOO paranoid though..
      I bet your oil looks like it came right out of the bottle after 20,000 miles.

    4. Member YetiMan's Avatar
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      Jul 25th, 2001
      SE Wisconsin
      91 and 90 Corrado's
      12-18-2003 10:30 AM #4
      Buy one !
      I have been using them for over a decade now on all my Dubs.
      They are 8 micron filters, not one micron.
      Back in the day (mid 80's) I had a Scirocco with a Callaway turbo on it. James Sly (tech editor at what was then VW&Porsche magazine) had a turbo bearing failure on a similar engine, and it clogged the Mecca filter with metal shards.
      An engine teardown showed no damage to the engine whatsoever ( )
      I bought one immediately and transferred it to my corrado when the rocco got totalled.
      I bought another for my rabbit when i got it.
      The picture you show is the old style housing. THe new one has a screw on top that is easier to remove, and the filter element can be changed easily without removing the housing from the engine (at least on my rabbit it can).

      I change my element at 8ooo miles. Over the life of a car this system is no more expensive than standard oil filters, and the superior filtration means your engine will last longer.
      I had 189ooo miles on my scirocco (turbo went on at 40k miles), and it used less than a half cup of oil between 2ooo mile changes.
      When i tore the engine down, it was particularly clean inside, and the main and rod bearings (rod bearings were replaced at 100k miles) were well within spec, much closer to the tight end than the wear limit when checked with Plastigage.
      The new style filter :

      The one for VW is a 3/4"16 thread, part # 25-262 $87.49 from Pegasus Racing where i bought the one pictured.
      1991 Corrado (original owner)

      1990 Corrado w/ Rotrex

    5. Member YetiMan's Avatar
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      Jul 25th, 2001
      SE Wisconsin
      91 and 90 Corrado's
      12-18-2003 11:04 AM #5
      fwiw, their fuel filters are one micron, oil filters are 8 micron.
      1991 Corrado (original owner)

      1990 Corrado w/ Rotrex

    6. 12-18-2003 09:16 PM #6
      I like hearing opinons from accual users!
      That throws all the doubts out the window YetiMan.
      Time to go to Autotech [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emgift.gif[/IMG]

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