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    Thread: 2002 Passat - Blown Head Gasket?

    1. 01-12-2004 03:59 PM #1
      My 2002 Passat started spewing white smoke out the tailpipe the other day. I stopped driving and had it towed. Everyone says indications are that my head gasket is blown. It is at the dealership awaiting diagnosis -- no word yet. Anyone heard of this happening on such a new car for no apparent reason? No engine lights came on, oil was recently changed, temp remained average - never high. I'm worried that VW will try to get out of honoring my warranty (still have 20k left on it) by saying it's something I did...
      Any thoughts? Is there something I could have done to have made this happen?Bear with me...as is obvious I am somewhat clueless about cars.

    2. 01-12-2004 05:16 PM #2
      To which dealer did you get it towed? How have you been maintaining the car (ie, have you been getting it dealer serviced, self serviced, etc.)?
      If you've been getting it serviced at the proper intervals, it's highly unlikely they'll try to get out of the warranty. Just make sure you have documentation about the when/where of the services and you should be fine.

    3. 01-12-2004 05:21 PM #3
      I brought it to Minuteman in Bedford, MA... have had mixed experience w/them but don't have many other choices.
      I have not been getting it serviced at VW for things such as oil changes etc. (seems like a a bit of a rip off), but do have my maintenance papers. I just got worried b/c I've been reading so many posts out there saying that VW isn't so good about honoring warrantees -- trying to say things aren't covered etc....
      Anyway, thanks for your reply!

    4. 01-12-2004 05:31 PM #4
      One thing to keep in mind about the services (at least where I get them): the JiffyLube on Rt. 9 charges $35 for an oil/filter change, whereas Bernardi VW charges me approximately $25.
      My fiance' has had enough bad experiences at the JiffyLubes - things like "we forgot to put the oil plug back in all the way" - that I can't justify taking my car to them. Plus, there's the added security of being able to say "you guys have been servicing it, you guys should fix it" when you take it to a dealer for the scheduled maintenance.
      I'm willing to bet you'll be ok. If you've at least been getting stuff done every 5k, you're not modifying your engine or doing anything crazy, you'll come out alright.

    5. 01-12-2004 05:36 PM #5
      Interesting, I seem to remember an oil change at the place I went was over 40 bucks... I'll have to check on it. I tend to get fed up with dealerships in general though so I avoid them as much as possible. But you are absolutely right - when it comes down to it, always having had it serviced at VW makes for a good argument.
      Bernardi is on Rte 9?

    6. 01-12-2004 05:50 PM #6
      Yep - Bernardi is on Rt. 9, a bit past the Natick Mall as you travel east-bound. My last oil change/filter there was $25 or $28, can't remember exactly. I DO remember being very pleasantly surprised.
      And they have good coffee, too.

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