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    Thread: Cleaning VW plastics

    1. 02-29-2004 10:32 AM #1
      My car as a beige interior. Does anyone know of the best product to remove dirt & grime from the beige plastic interior on the door sills? Winter sucks!

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      02-29-2004 01:41 PM #2
      Use a good all purpose cleaner like Meguiar's Carpet/Interior Cleaner. Spray on panel and agitate with soft nylon bristle brush. Wipe dry with Cotton or micro fiber towel. Most Dubs have a mat european finish on the interior....so applying a protectant will bring the sheen up to either satin or shiney. You can use a good protectant like Meguiar's Vinyl Rubber Cleaner Conditioner M40 apply it with a foam applicator and allow to dry. Then lightly buff panels with a slightly damp cotton towel to tone down the sheen. This will leave behind UV protection, richen the appearance of the vinyl, and leave a mat finish. Hope this helps

    3. 02-29-2004 04:16 PM #3
      I have the biege in my 03 B5.5 and a 6:1 ratio of water / Woolite does a nice job on it and is also recommended by Lexus and Cadillac for leather cleaning.

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