alrite guys, this is odd this topic is coming up..but heres my story..
My friends and are on the 5 south at like 11pm driving to SoCal from a mini vacation up north. All of a sudden, a white object flies directly over the car. Ok, so we all think its a bag, but we all know in the back of our heads there is NO WAY IN HELL that was a bag.
This happens again, and again, and 2 more times. At this point (around 12am) there are 3 grown men crying in the car, WE WERE REDICULOUSLY AFRAID.
imagine just darkness, with cars every couple of minutes..and all of a sudeen a bright white cape looking object over you..we were SCARED
i gave up and pulled over in the next town. right before we exited, we saw 2 signs stating that there were cemetaries around us..we were SCAREDDDDD

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