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    Thread: Haunted Stories MEGA THREAD!!!!

    1. 06-02-2004 12:55 PM #101
      Quote, originally posted by MkIII »
      There is one campfire story that is often told up in those parts about the "Cape Ape." A man like creature that kills campers in the night. The story was born out of a B-17G that crashed into Cape Lookout under heavy fog (you can still see the swath of trees it took out and part of the well rusted engine and wing). Only one of the crew survived. So I guess you never know. I will say yours is not the first story I've heard from someone about weird sightings in those forests.

      omg tell me more!! I just got chills again! lol. I swear we saw something and I know for sure it was nothing normal at all....I truly believe this. What are the stories like? we were so freaked out lol

    2. 06-02-2004 12:59 PM #102
      Quote, originally posted by assideways »
      just waiting for someone to mention how this thread turned from haunted cars to haunted houses.. but anyhoo. when going to school, i lived in a dorm, which was a building built back in the 20's. i guess way back it used to be a hotel, then an apartment building, maybe the other way around. lots of crazy stories about the building. i havent experienced anything at all, but always wondered. it was my junior year, i was living with 6 other guys in one huge apartment style dorm. it was about 4am, the only people were up was a friend of mine and myself. staying up that late and working though the night was the norm. so we were sketching, getting ready for some presentation, a movie was playing on his monitor. every now and then, i'd see him look up and over towards the kitchen, then look back at me and ask if i saw anything. i didnt see anything. btw, since we had so many people living there, plus people came to visit non stop, out front door was always open day and night. that night the door was closed. so throughout the night, i'd see him look up and over towards the kitchen area, which right past the front door. i'd just keep sketching. i'll admit that i'd hear various noises from the kitchen, or bathroom. nothing significant, just enough to get one's attention. so i'm sitting there sketching, when from the corner of my eye, i see a figure walk by towards the front door. just a dark shape, nothing distinct. i look over right there and then, so does my roommate. thing is, his desk was facing away from me. he looks over at me and goes "now did you see it!?!?!?" i was like "yeah......wtf was that.."
      the door was closed and locked. everyone was sleeping. he described what he saw, and it was the same thing as what i saw. i guess he kept noticing that the whole night. that was the only time i encountered something like that, hopefully the last. we set up his web cam with the motion detection feature ON, in a pathetic attempt to catch the ghost on camera lol... needless to say, nothing ever triggered it. well, thats my .02$

      Okay...time for my lunch break...lol.... One of the worst things about telling ghost stories is having someone poke fun at you afterwards.....when "assideways" and I told one of our roomates about this the next day, this jackass put a garbage bag over his head and went running around the room making ghost sounds..... *****!
      the scarry thing is though, that a lot of people that lived in the same building didn't laugh.....this building is located in downtown detroit. Our school bought it for student housing, but people who were already living there had "squatters rights"...(meaning, they had the right to stay as long as they wished...) aparently, most of them were elderly and were so set in their ways, they resisted moving out for a bunch of college kids...either that, or they were unfit to move....eventually, as the story goes, they either died or were moved out by family...needless to say in the last few chapters of their lives, there was alot of anamosity towards the loud college kids.
      Alot of the students that I talked to, told similar stories about walking into the kitchen and finding all the cabinet doors open...closing them, and coming back seconds later to find them open again......One creepy story I heard was about a young girl holding a teddy bear that would just appear at the foot of peoples beds...one chick told me this girl actually crawled into bed with her, but after the story dismissed it as probably "just a f'd up dream"...however she did say the sheets the next morning were doubled over on her as if someone had pushed them over to crawl out.... .........several other kids reported getting weird scratches and cuts in their sleep.

      There's a ton more, I just can't think of all of them right now. It was an art/design school....tons of hippies on drugs ....so who knows if half the stories are true??? All I can say is what we saw happened!!
      Another story..... My buddies Rob and Aaron where hanging out in this loft they used to live in listening to this JVC Basstube boombox they have...according to both of them, at one point during the night the volume began to fluctuate back and forth......I guess the both thought the other was playing a trick with the remote, but when the looked, the remote was in the pouch on the strap for the boombox...Rob swears to this day he actually saw the knob rotate by itself.........for a long time I always called "B.S." on that story.....
      ....About a year later Rob and I moved in to a house with another buddy. One night I was hanging out by myself watching tv in the basement (everyone else was gone for the weekend) ...and I heard some music playing upstairs....it was that same damn boombox fluctuating from loud to quiet...only this time it turned itself on as well!!...I think it was playing Def Leopard...whatever, I was way too chicken sh3t to go upstairs to investigate, so I pulled the covers over my head and basically scared myself into sleep ....the next morning, it was softly playing static.....

      anyway....keep the stories coming [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG] cool thread [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    3. 06-02-2004 01:44 PM #103
      I`ve gotta say these stories are neat reads, almost like ghost to coast with Art Bell.
      Anyway my stories aren`t as good as the others, but here`s one for now.
      My wife was coming with me early one morning (3a.m). We where leaving the house
      in a tractor trailer on our way to Mas. Both of us are wide awake, not a cloud in the sky
      no fog either. We where still on Beaver Run Rd. where we lived at the time, came around a tight
      corner, and this little cloud thing starts to cross in front of us. It was about the size
      of a medium dog. I was only doing about 15-20 mph, I swerved to miss it and did .
      As far as I could tell. Thats it, it was just crossing the road, don`t have a clue as to what it was.
      It happened at least 10 years ago and it is still fresh in our minds.

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      06-02-2004 01:59 PM #104
      Our old dog used to bark her head off whenever my family would pray together. We could all be sitting around, talking, looking like we are praying, but as soon as we actually prayed, she would start up.

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      06-02-2004 02:08 PM #105
      Quote, originally posted by LittleBlackGTI »
      omg tell me more!! I just got chills again! lol. I swear we saw something and I know for sure it was nothing normal at all....I truly believe this. What are the stories like? we were so freaked out lol

      Mostly stories like yours, people seeing something weird in the forest or along the road. I can't recall any specifics, but usually it's never anything that's quite animal or human. There's also a lot of "bigfoot" sightings in that area.
      Personally, I've camped in and around that forest for years and have never seen or heard much more than the ocean, rivers, and streams... well and a few black bears.

    6. 06-02-2004 02:14 PM #106
      I got a call one night from a lady friend that was babysitting. There have been some stories of things happening in that house, but I never would have believed. Stories of the little one saying that someone is playing with his toys and his older sisters posters getting ripped off the wall when there was no windows open or fans going. I drove over there in my moms car and walked in the door an was chilling on the couch when the little one was saying they were playing with his toys again. I didn't believe until I was hearing some noises and we turned the TV off and I heard something like plastic banging (someone playing with the toys). It stopped almost immediatly and we were just sitting there. Next I couldn't believe what I felt I saw.. Someone was peaking around the corner from the hall. Not an actuall person. Then I saw what it looked like a child pushing a toy.. Then a minute later as I am sitting there quite with my heart rushing it looked like a man dressed in a colonial type outfit that was walking in front of the entertainment center. He was as tall as 2 or so feet, he then disappeared once he reached the end of the entertainment center.. I could not believe what I had just seen and felt freaked out and was trying to stay calm and the little one asked if I had seen them, Beth and I both just said yes and said they are staying at my house for the night. We ended up staying the night there and there was nothing else that happened..I personally never would have believed such stories until I have seen that. Others have told me of experiences with "ghost types" that would play with their lights or tv or something. Nothing Freaky.. I think of it now after reading these and really wonder. I go about that it never happened and we never really told people becasue we thought people would think we were crazy. No drug users here, so we couldn't think we would be tripping.
      P.S. I am not good at writing stories, so disclaimer there....

    7. 06-02-2004 02:16 PM #107
      They look like clouds (with legs) (and a head)

    8. 06-02-2004 02:18 PM #108
      Quote, originally posted by thesteve »
      One night I was hanging out by myself watching tv in the basement (everyone else was gone for the weekend) ...and I heard some music playing upstairs....it was that same damn boombox fluctuating from loud to quiet...only this time it turned itself on as well!!...I think it was playing Def Leopard...whatever, I was way too chicken sh3t to go upstairs to investigate, so I pulled the covers over my head and basically scared myself into sleep

      which proves my theory - ghosts love def leppard.

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      06-02-2004 03:09 PM #109
      i was reading this at like 2 am last night, decided it wasnt a good idea.... i finished today, some great reads, keep em coming!

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      06-02-2004 03:24 PM #110
      Quote, originally posted by rel1001 »
      I would tell him to set up some sort of video camera at night to capture this. One would think with all these stories and modern digital equipment, we'd have a "Ghost Car Lounge" here soon..
      Since graduation, I've had to move about 3 times until I found my house and to say the least, I researched the hell out of each place I was going to move into so I don't move into a place where someone was killed/committed suicide/died there, etc.
      Great stories. Keep 'em coming.

      Couldn't imagine the chills one would get in watching the playback of that video. That's "The Ring" material right there.
      No thanks.

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      06-02-2004 04:55 PM #111
      Quote, originally posted by crushkilldestroy »
      which proves my theory - ghosts love def leppard.

      Maybe it was the ghost of that drummer dude's arm messing with the radio. Whatever happened to that dude's arm anyway? Too bad eBay wasn't around back then.

    12. 06-02-2004 04:57 PM #112
      Quote, originally posted by Belfi »
      Maybe it was the ghost of that drummer dude's arm messing with the radio. Whatever happened to that dude's arm anyway? Too bad eBay wasn't around back then.


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      06-02-2004 04:59 PM #113
      Quote, originally posted by Belfi »
      Maybe it was the ghost of that drummer dude's arm messing with the radio.

      Here's a creepy story...
      I was going to post that exact sentence after I clicked 'refresh' one more time.
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      06-02-2004 05:20 PM #114
      Quote, originally posted by ponyone »
      And then it felt like someone else was thinking in my head, like there was a thought that i didn't form, that was perfectly defined. it said, simply, "Get out of here." and so i did.

      That makes me wonder--if one had the guts in such a situation to stay and say "No, this is my place now. You're dead and it's time to move on, so you get out of here!", what would happen? Would they leave? Would they tell you to f*ck off? Would they do something else?
      - Jeff
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    15. 06-02-2004 05:36 PM #115
      I`ve got one it`s not scary but weird.
      When I got my license I was buying my parents old car `74 Capri. Well they didn`t like
      selling me there car, it had 2-3 hundred thousand on it, but ran and drove great.
      So we found a `76 Capri w/v-6, as opposed to the 4 my parents had. I trusted my dad
      he was going to look at it for me after work, in the dark. What was he thinking.
      Anyway he bought the car with my money 1000 which was a good deal in `82.
      During the day we notice blue smoke, not good. But we also find the name on the pink slip
      is different. the seller agrees to take the car back or legal actions happen.
      anyway both cars are sitting next to each other, same colors red, almost orange.
      My parents Capri won`t run it`s dead. We figure it`s mad. The people come and take the
      other one away, we try our Capri, low and behold, it runs again no problems.
      Note the Dasher wasn`t affected by the newer Capri.

    16. Member
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      06-02-2004 07:17 PM #116
      think maybe VW is haunted, whic explains all the problems we love?

    17. 06-02-2004 08:11 PM #117
      Man some of these stories are giving me the chills.
      Anyways here is mines:
      When I moved to this country about 16 years ago, my mother was working as a house keeper for some very rich people. They owned a penthouse in midtown manhattan that was about 30, 000 sf. My mother lived there during the week and my brother and I stayed there with our mother.
      This penthouse was one of the cripiest place I've ever seen. Some how it was always dark even though it was completely sorounded by 12 feet windows. MY brother and I hated that place. Every once in a while we would hear strange noises coming from the walls. After a few months of living there I started to hear this pebble drop in top of my night table. I would hear it every night right when I was falling asleep. After a while I got used to it and ignored it. One day my mother and brother went out and were not coming back till next day. I of course, tried to showed them I was not scare to stay alone overnight and told them to go without me. I went to sleep at about 2:00AM that night and as I fell asleep expecting to hear the pebble drop. But what I heard instead was one of the loudest trashing noices in my life. I instinctively jumped out of bed and and went for the light switch. I could literately see my heart beeting thru my chest. As I looked toward my night table I saw that a large boombox I kept there had been nocked down to the floor. Needles to say, I did not sleep that night and waited in the kitchen till the next day when my mother came back.
      But that was not the end of it. The next night while my brother and I are sleeping we are woken up by our mother shouting in her sleep. We get up and walked together towards her room and as we open her bedroom door we see a photo of the virgin Mary which my mother kept on the wall right above her head. But the photo was not standing still, it was swaying from side to side at and incredible speed. We immediately turned on the light and the photo was standing still. we woke our mother up and she said she was dreaming a little black man was choking her and she could not move and that is why she was screaming.

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      06-02-2004 09:18 PM #118
      Quote, originally posted by rgGolf4 »
      Like this one:

      That is the Danvers' State Lunatic Asylum in Danvers, MA. It was recently the star of Session 9, a movie which used the building. Looks a bit creepy.

      Good movie! My cousin parties at an old abandoned mental place, Whitby Physc (sp?). It was where they shot the Billy Talent video (try honesty). Anyways, they were there on New years and there are some cabins there, and a guy got killed in one, so they went in. They didn't see anything in any of the buildings, but they were scared anyways.
      This thread is really creepy. I probably shouldn't be reading this right before I go to bed. i did last night, and then I Thought that there was a Sasquatch standing on the garage roof outside my window staring in at me and hid under the covers. Then I thought that there was something standing on the end of my bed, and it took like 10 minutes to work up the courage to look lol. Last night was a creepy night to. It was hazy like in a horror story with ghosts.

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    19. 06-02-2004 09:55 PM #119
      I found this thread late. Here's my story. On this very night 10 years ago along the same stretch of road, in a dense fog just like this, I saw the worst accident I ever seen. There was this sound...
      Like a garbage truck! Dropped off the empire state building! And when they finally pulled the driver's body From the Twisted... Burning... Wreck...
      It looked.

      Yes sir...
      That was the worst accident I ever seen...

    20. 06-02-2004 10:00 PM #120
      Quote, originally posted by ponyone »
      ok, since you asked...
      (crazy ghost story)

      that, sir, was the best ghost story I've ever heard. I love how you got everyone all excited by leaving them hanging about the kitchen part, which btw did not dissappoint.
      And, like you said, wether it was in your mind or not, I believe ya.

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      06-02-2004 10:39 PM #121
      nice stories guys! [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
      hey kitchen dude, your story gave me nightmares last night!
      and man, i woke up in the middle of the night, and i was paranoid that dark figures are walking around my room
      speaking of which...
      this happened when we were still kids, back in 1990. one evening, my brothers woke up to go to the bathroom. i was awakened by their scampering back to our room, terrified and weirded out.
      according to both of them, on the way to the bathroom, they saw two dark silhouettes sitting still on the couch on the living room, facing them.
      with all the noise, my parents also woke up to scold us, but when my brothers told them the story, they checked out the living room, afraid that intruders may have entered the house. the doors and windows are locked though, and my brothers were very insistent that what they saw were not people.
      this also happened in the same house. our home is one of four houses in one compound, which means we share a common yard with our neighbors.
      now, here in the philippines, there is what we call an "aswang," a person that changes into a monster that preys on the unborn fetus of pregnant women.
      so same timeline as the first tale, 1990. my mom was pregnant then, and because of a storm, our area was plunged into a month-long blackout.
      so one evening, when i and my brothers were sleeping, the only people awake in the house were my parents. my dad brought home some work that he needs to finish, and my mom told him that she would now retire for the night. the whole area was dark because we have no power, the only lights we have are from candles.
      a few minutes after my mom retired, it started.
      our dogs, and our neighbor's were barking like crazy. then, my dad heard it. a very distinct "knock" on our roof, then another, and another- like something with hooves was hopping.
      my dad followed the sound. the knocks were moving, going somewhere, to their bedroom! he opened the door, and found my mother sitting on the bed, also awake, and obviously heard the noises from the roof. the knocks stopped directly above her!
      when they peeked outside the windows, they saw the dogs, still barking furiously, all of them looking at something on the roof.
      then, perhaps sensing that it was found out, whatever it was started retreating, the knocks (or hoof-hops?) were quick, back where it came from.
      it never happened again, but every morning my mom noticed a black chicken on the wall outside in front of her window. the hen was like a sentry, walking just in front of her window, not the whole wall.
      it never came back when she planted garlic outside.
      i kid you not, these are real stories.

    22. 06-02-2004 11:27 PM #122
      Okay well I guess I'll tell the story about the rest of the stuff that happened at Low Gap.
      Basically we moved up there with a bunch of other people in some sort of "back to the land" effort when I was a kid, back in the early 70s. So this group of a couple dozen (at first) people tried making a go of it up there but one after another they started inexplicably flipping out and leaving. I remember when we moved up there, running around and exploring but there was this one part of the property I was so scared of I couldn't even talk about it to anyone. The place was basically in a long valley between mountain ranges, with an old farmhouse at the top end, some outbuildings, a barn farther down, and then this sort of valley of stumps after that with thick woods on either side. Now, I had been living on a mountaintop in the woods for a couple of years, so trees shouldn't have been any problem, but I only went to that valley full of stumps one time and then I wouldn't go past the henhouse ever again. I was absolutely sure that something was behind those dark trees watching me. The hills were so high around this valley that it always seemed dark there.
      Anyway, one person after another started to freak out in that place. The first to go was this girl...I don't remember her name but I'll call her Deanna. We didn't have plumbing so there was an outhouse up on a little hill, with an open door. One night in the middle of the night there was this pounding on the door of our cabin and it was Deanna, so scared that she couldn't even talk - she was just babbling and shaking and pointing up the hill. My mom let her in and it was a while before she could talk but finally the story that came out was that she had gone to use the outhouse in the middle of the night and while she was sitting there peeing, a glowing ball about the size of a melon suddenly appeared in the doorway of the outhouse directly in front of her face! She was trapped there in sheer fright, for about ten minutes or so until the thing just blinked out as suddenly as it had appeared so she ran down the hill to our cabin. Deanna moved back to civilization after that.
      Next, my mom's boyfriend flipped out one day and burned her desk for some reason - she came home and it was sitting there outside the cabin burned to charcoal. He was unable to explain why he had done this at all and seemed completely puzzled by it.
      After that, people just started getting strange and fighting a lot, one after another leaving, often without notice...then the beeping began. You have to remember this was in the early 70s, before people had watches or anything else that beeped. Plus there was no electricity for miles around. But Tom, who lived in the barn down the valley, suddenly began sleeping on the couch in the living room of the house for some reason. My mom kept asking him why (she coveted the barn I think) until finally he told her that late at night, when he would sit up and read before going to sleep, he had been hearing an electronic-sounding beeping noise coming up the valley and it finally creeped him out too much to tolerate. He said that it was about level with the second-story window of the barn, where he had his bed, and it was a regular "beep beep...beep beep" noise that seemed to float up the valley in midair and proceed past his window. On a full moon night he peered out the window looking for any cause for this sound and saw nothing to explain it. Tom was a scientific kind of rational-type guy, but my mom didn't know what to think and she doubted his story.
      Then one day my mom was at the front of the farmhouse getting something out of our truck when she heard, over to the right behind the corner of the house, an electronic "beep beep...beep beep..." sound, slowly coming closer. She turned away from the truck to face it, and as it was coming from behind the corner of the house she tracked the sound, watching the side of the house to see what would appear when it got closer. There had to be some explanation. But when the sound came around the corner of the house, there was nothing there, just an electronic "...beep beep..." that floated past her in midair and kept going up towards the road. She told me later that she had never felt her hair stand on end before but she did then, starting at her neck and going up the back of her head. There was nothing there to make the sound at all.
      After that, it seemed like she talked about leaving every day, until one day all the men in the household came back from a wood-gathering trip scared out of their minds. They said they had been walking along the road when they heard the sound of an animal screaming coming from down in the valley below the road. It was loud and terrified, shrieking and clearly non-human, and it was cut short in a frantic battle that the animal obviously lost as it was killed by something. The guys stood up on the road thinking that a mountain lion or bear must have caught some prey - intense though it was, it was part of living in the woods. After the screaming stopped they heard some devouring noises, like something was ripping the animal apart and eating it. But after that, there was a short silence, and then whatever was down there in the valley began to hum. "Hhhhmmmmmmm" Like a person would hum through their nose; not an animal sound at all but a loud, protracted "HHHHUUUUMMMMMMMMMM".
      Soon after that we all moved out, and like I mentioned earlier, we later heard that the son of the original family who had lived there had killed then all with a shotgun. Nobody knew if that was true or not but we all figured that if it was true, it was probably not a haunting that made that place so eerie. It seemed like there was something else already there, something unexplainable that maybe got to him the way we all started losing it up there. After all, what sort of ghost makes an electronic beeping sound?

    23. 06-02-2004 11:52 PM #123
      Good story mitsu [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

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      06-03-2004 12:39 AM #124
      I had to quit mid page 3... my eyes are getting bleary and I need to sleep :scared:
      anyways, I agree with the comment of you have ot have it happen to you to believe. For example, I am not a religious person, I have only started to form broad ideas of 'afterlife' and such in the past year or so. So I certainly didn't believe in ghosts, spirits, etc. when the following happened:
      I was sitting around the table in my girl's cottage with her and her father around 1 am or so. We had just finished a hand of cards and were sort of in a dead spot in the conversation. There was a can on coke on the (reasonably level ) table, at least 2/3 full. We all happened to be looking at the table because cards were being shuffled, etc, nothing else to look at.
      anyways, that said can of pop moved a good 6-10" in well under a second. It didn't appear to lift off of the table, but it made no audible sound whatsoever (it was dead quiet in the room), and stopped immidiately and stayed put. If you were to recreate this situation you would notice that moving the can that fast will result in it sloshing and moving afterwords, you know, object in motion will stay in motion.
      Eventhough it was a mere can of pop, what made it so creepy is that it happened inches from all of us, and it couldn't be explained/recreated.

      My parents told me a story of when they stayed in my mom's grandparents' attic one night. There was a fan in the window and it kept switching off/on now and again. It was +90 degrees in the attic and they both would get a chill shortly after the fan would be switched off. My dad had his electrician friend inspect the wiring and it was all sound.
      When they relayed the story to my mom's parents they told the following:
      When her mom and dad (my grandparents) stayed in the said attic, they were sleeping in separate beds because they weren't yet wed (we're talking 1940s here). My grandma woke up and yelled at my grandpa for pulling her covers off, and he told her to stop kicking him in the back...:yikes:
      Great thread, I'll return tomorrow to read the rest.

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    25. 06-03-2004 01:06 AM #125
      I've never believed in hauntings, spirits, etc., but I have had one or two strange occurences. They're fun stories, regardless. One of my stories is kind of a car one.
      I grew up in Algonac, MI, a small town on the Canadian border about an hour and half north of Detroit. There is a pretty famous road up there by the name of Morrow road. Supposedly, a mother died close by to a stream, along with her baby that she abandanded if I remember correctly. Anyway, the legend goes that if you stop at night and honk three times the mother will appear, looking for help so she can try and find her baby for salvation. Well, we had terrorized that road many a times in our youth, and there were some creepy houses on that road. One night, while I was driving my '86 Mustang, we stopped, honked three times, and as soon as I began to move my headlights turned themselves on and off three times. I was freaked, and my friend and I got the hell out of there. Electrical coincidence? Maybe, but I had that car for five years after that incidence and never again did it have a similar problem. Also...Then, one week later, I was back with a different friend. Honked three times, and all of sudden up near the tree tops a giant ball of light appeared, and we got the hell out of there. Like I said, I don't belive in hauntings or spirits, but that was pretty strange...
      Also, my grandpa died a few years ago, and my mother claims to have felt my grandpa's hand on her arm and shoulders while thinking about him. My aunt also claims to have been in the presence of my uncle who died a few years ago from cancer. One last thing...my uncle a few years ago went with his girlfriend to stay in a supposedly haunted plantation somewhere in Lousiana. The story went that one of the servants was caught having relations with his daughter, and he went nuts, killing all of them. I guess alot of strange things happened to him while there, but one thing he brought back was interesting...he took some photos while there, and one of them really stood out. It was a picture of the back porch, and a while and black "apparition" was visible in it, that looked exactly like a lady dressed in a maids outfit. You could make out a face, outfit, and everything. There were other objects in the pictures, but that was most notable. Pretty spooky.
      Edit: guess my story was a little off. Here is someone else's recollection of Morrow road. This was about 2 years before mine...
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