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    Thread: Haunted Stories MEGA THREAD!!!!

    1. Member jddaigle's Avatar
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      06-03-2004 06:38 PM #151
      Quote, originally posted by ponyone »
      well, actually, I did... it's buried in that insanely long first post...

      Yeah, I saw that...I was more thinking of direct confrontations, like in the kitchen. Ghosts show you something hideous and tell you to leave--what would happen if you hadn't, and told them to get out? What I wonder is if they have anything else to throw at you besides noises/visions? Not that I'm saying I would have done anything differently, but it makes me curious about how much these things can affect us directly, aside from sensory tricks.
      - Jeff
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    2. 06-03-2004 07:40 PM #152
      Quote, originally posted by jddaigle »
      Yeah, I saw that...I was more thinking of direct confrontations, like in the kitchen. Ghosts show you something hideous and tell you to leave--what would happen if you hadn't, and told them to get out? What I wonder is if they have anything else to throw at you besides noises/visions? Not that I'm saying I would have done anything differently, but it makes me curious about how much these things can affect us directly, aside from sensory tricks.

      My grandmother who is a deeply religious woman always tells of stories of the supernatural kind. Some how everytime a relative of her's passes away she is affected by it or possesed. She says that usually the spirit or ghost has left something undone or unfinished and one should ask what it is IT wants (like i'll have the guts) or tell it to leave you alone.
      Anyways, it was only 2 years ago that she had a really scary moment like this. One night my aunt gets a call from the Dominican Republic telling her that my grandmother was on her last breath. My aunt took the next flight to DR to go see her mother. When she got there she found my grandmother laying in bed cold as ice, and pale gray. She asked my grandmother what was wrong and my grandmother replied in a strange voice. My aunt said all the hairs in her body stood up when she heard my grandmother. My aunt knew there was something abnormal happening and asked what IT wanted. My Grandmother replied in a that strange voice asking for a glass of water to drink. When my aunt got the water she took it down in two gulps.
      The spirit that was possesing my grandmother then started to talked about how she was very thirsty at the time of her death and no one gave her a drink. The spirit then told my aunt to make sure Lita was looked after. (Lita is a little girl my grandmother adopted because her mother had passed away shortly after she was born due to labor complications.) My aunt realised who it was that was possesing my grandma and told it she was harming my grandmother and that no one would be able to look after Lita if my grandma was harmed. The spirit told my aunt she was not there to harm anyone, all she wanted was to be closed to her daughter. My aunt again asked her to leave because she was harming my grandma. The spirit said it was leaving, but asked my aunt to reguest a priest to say a mass in her name. my Aunt told her she would and my grandmother fell asleep and woke up the next day like nothing had happened. she could not remember anything that took place.
      I did not witness this personally, but my aunt is not known for being a liar. Also all the hairs in her arms and neck were stading up when she recounted this story.

    3. 06-03-2004 07:49 PM #153
      Quote, originally posted by jddaigle »
      Yeah, I saw that...I was more thinking of direct confrontations, like in the kitchen. Ghosts show you something hideous and tell you to leave--what would happen if you hadn't, and told them to get out? What I wonder is if they have anything else to throw at you besides noises/visions? Not that I'm saying I would have done anything differently, but it makes me curious about how much these things can affect us directly, aside from sensory tricks.

      I've always kind of wondered that. there are a trillion stories (like mine) of ghosts manipulating inanimate objects, i.e. chucking my SG across the room and screwing with my Playstation, and also stories of people being groped/touched/shoved... but i can't recall a story of a ghost making a knife fly into someone's throat or anything like that; nothing about actively physically harming someone.
      But as we all know sometimes the physchological has more of an effect than the physical... in my situation I wish, to a certain degree, I would have just gotten punched in the face and it was left at that.

    4. 06-03-2004 08:16 PM #154
      damn this is some freaky stuff...
      i had a couple little things freak me out at my old house in north portland. i shared a room with my bro, and my parents room was right across the hall. sometimes i'd randomly wake up in the middle of the night, and i kno everyone was in bed, and i'd hear the toilet flush down stairs (only bathroom in the house) and a couple times i saw some weird shadow's in the hall. was in no rush to check them out tho.
      my mom and my bro remember hearing this really weird, kinda train like noise in the middle of the night tho. and there were train tracks down the road a ways, but the thing is, my aunt who lived across town heard the same noise, and there were no train tracks near her house. they got so loud one night that she actually went outside and looked to see what was makin it but found nothin. we've tried to rationalize it for years but still dont kno what it was. i never heard those noises tho, so didn't bother me too much.

    5. 06-03-2004 08:25 PM #155
      First of all, I have to say this is one of the best threads I have read in a while. I know it's a little off topic, and I'm usually one of the first to make a stand against off-topic posts, but this is just soooo interesting.
      I honestly don't know why I didn't click on it 2 days ago. I guess I was just afraid it was going to be another lame post.
      Anyway, I have a really really good story. It's about a colonial farm in Brazil, some creepy stuff... It's when my Dad and my grandmother were living there.
      I have to eat dinner, but will get back with the whole story.

    6. 06-03-2004 08:34 PM #156
      sweet, do tell...

    7. Member
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      Oct 16th, 2002
      06-03-2004 09:00 PM #157
      Quote, originally posted by 18TVeedubber »
      Ouija boards are weird, i never used one, and at the same time i dont know if they really are true, or is it just psychological

      honestly...you dont need an actual Ouija board to make contact...there's a certain chant you say when making contact..thats the key..the board is just to spell out stuff for you. leave a piece of paper with a pen next to you and say the chant ..(which i will NOT disclose) ..it'll work....
      but be carful nothing stabs you in the neck with the pen.

    8. Member
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      06-03-2004 10:19 PM #158
      here are some scary stories from the university i went to:
      there is this building on campus called "palma hall." on the second floor lobby of this building is a small theater. now, years ago, it was said that a student actress committed suicide at the backstage because she didn't get the lead role for a certain play. since then, performers have noted that there's always ONE extra person when they portray crowds onstage. sometimes, when a scene becomes overly dramatic or melancholic, a loud crying voice could be heard, which the audience thinks is some sort of special sound effects.
      anyway, one time, a friend of mine watched a play with her classmate in the said theater. while watching, she noticed something floating above the performers, floating on the surface of the back curtains. it was a faint semblance of a face, smiling. it floated to the left, and to the right the whole time, then it floated upwards and disappeared. after the play, she asked her companion if she also saw it, and yes, they both did.
      now, this story also happened on the same building. a couple of my friends were talking one early evening on the third floor left wing of the building. so this is the layout- right wing, lobby, and left wing. stairs are found on both wings, and on the lobby.
      so, every evening, classes are usually held on the second and first floors of palma hall. the 3rd and 4th floor lights are then turned off to conserve power.
      now, my friends went up from the second floor to talk. one was having problems and was seeking advice. they settled on the stairway going to the fourth floor. now, while they were talking, they saw a woman in white clothes, staring at them from the lobby. at first they tried their best to ignore it. but it just stood there, observing them. afew minutes later, it leaned through a corridor wall, and slowly passed through it.
      more creepy stories next time.

    9. 06-03-2004 11:19 PM #159
      Quote, originally posted by ogmius »

      any chance this is near waterfest

    10. 06-03-2004 11:28 PM #160
      This is awesome. Bump!!!

    11. 06-04-2004 12:09 AM #161
      Alright, so I said I was gonna share with you folks the scary story from my family. This happened to my father and grandmother. First off I have to start out with a little background so you can understand the setting.
      I am originally from Brazil and my great great grandfather founded the city where I used to live in, in the state of São Paulo (southeast). He was a Count, appointed by Portuguese officials, responsible for a fair share of land in the southeastern part of the country. This is around 1800s. Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese (yea, we don't speak Spanish) and a good amount of development, during colonial times, came from coffee plantations.
      My great great grandfather used to have a big coffee plantation in the farm, and he had slaves working for him in the different areas of the process; picking, grounding the coffee...etc. Some of the slaves were abused and whipped, a common thing back then... The slaves used to live in their own tight quarters called "senzalas" in a building separated from the manor, and ones that were in punishment were sometimes in shackles - eventhough my GGgrandfather is said to have treated slaves better than most other Counts, there was obviously a fair share of suffering.
      Now... The Count had 14 children, one of them my great grandfather, which in turn had my grandfather, then my father and then me. The city was founded in around 1820, so a lot of the children left for the city, while some remained at the farm, and others left the state or even the country.
      Fast forward about 160 years. My father and grandmother are staying at the farm manor for about 2 months visiting the area before they decide to buy a house. Here is where it starts to get odd.
      The old "senzalas," where the slaves were kept, were turned into guest rooms (for tourism), so that's where they stayed during those 2 months. The main house, where the "royalty" used to sleep is a fairly accomodating building, but it is very creepy. There's a room with paintings of the family that's just scary, when I was little we used to have family reunions at this place and we'd close all the windows, to make it dark, and have us (the kids) cross the room... That was already scary enough, I can't imagine what would be like at night! I mean this is the sort of place where every single wooden board makes a cracking noise, it's very much a colonial style house - coffee plantation style.
      Anyway, in that room there used to be, actually there still is - but we're getting to the good part... sorry if I'm rambling, just wanted to explain the situation... - a painting of the Count, my great great grandfather. It is one of the bigger pictures, and hangs a little above all the other ones, over the fireplace (the manor is in the southeast of Brazil, it gets below zero celsius during winter).
      Apparently, when my father and grandmother were staying at the farm, there were strange sounds coming from the "senzalas" every other week...they would be cracking noises, sometimes whispers, or, get this shackles! The first time my father told me this story, I was about 12, it was hard to believe at first. He's not a religious guy, nor does he believe in ghosts or anything... so he said he pretty much tried to ignore all of that, thinking it was all in his mind, my grandmother was the same way.
      This is how it goes. He said it was one of those nights where it's just pouring rain, lightning and etc... and he and my grandmother were sleeping. It was around 3 o'clock in the morning when my grandmother woke up with a scream, sweating... She told my dad she had a nightmare: That she was sleeping exactly as they were, and that when she woke up she heard shackles, getting louder and louder coming from the manor. They would get louder and louder with each repeating hit until she said she ran into the house and into the "Picture room" where the Count (now dead for over 145 years) was standing right next to the fireplace - man this is giving me so many chills in the back of my neck and through my spine right now - where he was leaning onto the fireplace.......and thats when she woke up.
      She told my Dad the story.....and get this, they hear a huge banging noise coming from the picture room, along with some shackles...but my dad said it wasn't repeating like my grandma's dream, it was more scattered, and eventually stopped with a final bang that sounded like a big thump. Now, I have no clue how he did this, I think partly because he didn't believe in ghosts or anything like that in the first place... but he actually went to the room with all the Paintings, and when he got there the Picture of the Count was smashed into tiny little pieces, right in front of the fireplace....
      When I go to Brazil during summer vacations, I always go to the farm just to check it out with the family, sometimes they have reunions there and stuff, and if you go to the room (I'm never going there at night!!) with the pictures, you can see the painting of the Count was glued back together, you can follow all the little cracks in the frame (it was made of wood, with some gold around it).
      That's the scariest story within my family.... Now I have a friend who believes in tarot, and he's done a couple of spiritual groups before.... he's got the scariest stories ever, thats why I don't even want to listen to them.....or I'll be scared off my a**...
      __________________________________________________ _______________________________
      Edited: found pictures of the farm online! It even has a website... check it out: http://www.fazendapinhal.com.br/home.htm
      This is the picture room

      View from the outside of the manor

      Aerial view: The manor is on the left, the "senzalas" on the right

      The big patio is where they dried the coffee beans

      My dad walked from the senzalas (on the right) to the Manor, on the background

      Here's my great great grandfather:

      Modified by Dan-B at 6:18 PM 6-4-2004

    12. 06-04-2004 12:59 AM #162
      haven't come across any spirits in my life...but here's a story my cousin told me.
      About 15 years ago, my cousin had just finished her college exams in Taiwan and was looking at prospective schools. So she traveled all over the country visiting universities like most students do here. Being far away from home, she had to stay in a hotel with her parents. Well, one night, she wakes up in the middle of the night for whatever reason. But something's strange about the room. As her eyes get adjusted to the darkness, she sees someone sitting at this dressing table. Its basically a small writing desk up against the wall and there's a big beauty mirror on top of it. And it was positioned in such a way that you could see the bed in the mirror. Well, she sees this woman wearing a dark dress with polka dots. At first she thinks it's her mom, but her parents are asleep in the other bed so it's not possible...The woman's skin was very pale and she just sat there slowly brushing her long dark hair. All the while she's looking into the mirror and staring at my cousin intently. Of course my cousin is scared out of her mind and she slowly hides under the covers and shuts her eyes and forces herself to go to sleep...
      gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

      Modified by schtebie at 10:01 PM 6-3-2004

    13. Banned
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      Mar 26th, 2004
      06-04-2004 01:10 AM #163
      ::Christopher Walken voice::
      Frankenstein... never scared me...
      marsupials do...
      'cause they're fast.

    14. Member JGene's Avatar
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      06-04-2004 05:29 AM #164
      Hah, this stuff is creepy and probably not going to help me sleep at all tonight. I'll add my own strange stories to the mix:
      Story 1:
      About ten years ago (I was 14 at the time) myself and one of my friends were out playing in the street on which we lived. There were a few streetlights that lit up the houses, but for the most part it was pretty dark in a few areas.
      It was about 7pm or about half an hour after sunset and we noticed one guy who was walking along the sidewalk. We couldn't make much out of him other than a simple silhouetted figure that was about 50 feet out from the nearest lamp post.
      We didn't really think anything of him until we watched him pass under a streetlight - and REMAIN a silhouette. We were only about 20 feet away when it happened, but whatever walked under that streetlight was simply a featureless, black cutout of where there should have been a person. As "it" walked by, you could hear the soft crunch of leaves and the shuffle of boots on concrete. After "it" passed the light cone of the street light, it simply vanished - including the footsteps.
      Nevertheless, it freaked me and my friend out bad enough that we immediately went inside.
      Story 2:
      Fast forward one year from story #1 and me and my same friend were playing outside past sunset at our old elementary school. There was a big grassy field which we used to play soccer that seperated the school and the houses across the street. Although there were no street lights on the side of the grassy field, there were lights on the same side as the houses. As we were riding our bikes around the school, we noticed that same distinct silhouetted figure walking along on the residential side of the street.
      My friend joked "Doesn't that look kinda like that freaky shadow guy we saw last year?" I thought the guy looked similar, but this was probably about 200 yards out or more so I couldn't see much. However I agreed and cautioned a lot of joggers who would go out for their evening stroll after work. But just as I finished my sentence, the silhouetted figure turned away from the street and bulleted towards US. I'd never seen something run so very fast across a field or anything since. Both me and my friend panicked and raced into the school parking lot to try to loose whatever followed us in the labyrinth of buildings.
      We as we were about to make it around the first corner of the first building we both saw the shadowy figure once again pass under several school lights without feature. As we rounded a corner it did not continue to turn torwards us and instead ran straight into the building. For lack of a better description, the figure simply disappeared into it.
      Neither of us ever saw it again.
      Story 3:
      September 2001 (pre 9-11). I had just started my sixth semester in college and this was my second year living alone in my apartment. It was about 11pm and I had just spend about three hours surfing the web and instant messaging several of my friends. It was late and time for bed, so I turned off my computer and all the other lights in my single-bedroom apartment. It wasn't pitch-black, but street lights could still make faint outlines of objects in my apartment. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and did my thing, then walked out of my bathroom and took a step into my bedroom.
      Suddenly I heard a crack or a snap, that sounded like a tree branch breaking. In an instant my whole apartment was filled with thousands of fleks of crimson stars that pulsed between red, gold and silver. They passed through me, the walls, my TV, computer, my furniture, everything. For two seconds I stood in terror unaware of what to make of what I saw. Again the crack and it was gone.
      I broke out into a cold sweat and goosebumps formed all over my flesh. Whatever had happened it had came and gone.
      Now for the weird part: For the next two to three days day anything I put in or around my sink was either inverted or instantly relocated into any other part of my kitchen. Each time I'd go into my kitchen, all my cereal boxes would be inverted, my dishwasher soap would be moved around, the mail would be on the counter or on the table. No pots or pans moved, nor did any of my cabinets open or close.
      It all stopped within a few days of 9/11 and nothing ever happened again. I continued to live in that apartment for another year without incident.
      Story 4:
      August 2002. This one was a given, but during my grandparent's 50th Anniversary, we had a large family gathering at one of the hotels in downtown Ventura, CA. The hotel that I was staying at was rumored to be haunted. I had my own room, and throughout the night my door handle would reverberate every 20-30 seconds. Kinda took a while to get used to, but I slept through it. The really creepy thing was that each time I would go in and out of my room ALL the Windows and shades would alternate between open and closed.
      I made it a point to make sure that when I entered my bedroom to sleep, all the windows were shut. It was cold outside and I didn't want to freeze myself to sleep. Thankfully they were still shut in the morning.
      That's all the weird stuff that's happened to me. Hope you all sleep well tonight after this thread!
      So high, so low, so many things to know.

    15. Member vdubman1's Avatar
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      Jan 4th, 2004
      06-04-2004 04:07 PM #165
      lol, I'm getting smarter - I read it in the afternoon so I cna sleep at night lol

    16. 06-04-2004 10:32 PM #166
      Quote, originally posted by passataholic »

      Hey dude this side is awesome.
      Speaking of Haunted Cars, check this out.
      here's another one
      and another one

      Modified by 2.0L8VBoy at 3:39 AM 6-5-2004

      Modified by 2.0L8VBoy at 3:58 AM 6-5-2004

    17. 06-05-2004 12:32 AM #167
      That's eerie

    18. 06-05-2004 04:33 AM #168

    19. 06-05-2004 05:14 PM #169

    20. 06-05-2004 05:47 PM #170
      Quote, originally posted by rgGolf4 »
      Like this one:

      It could be just me but if you look close just through the door it looks like there is a woman typing or doing something with her hands of some sort.

    21. 06-05-2004 06:12 PM #171
      It`s you.
      Quote, originally posted by SchweetMk2 »
      It could be just me but if you look close just through the door it looks like there is a woman typing or doing something with her hands of some sort.

    22. 06-05-2004 06:19 PM #172
      Ill contribute my goofy story...
      March 6, 04 my grandfather passed away at home with the entire family there the last hours of his life. After he passed, I couldnt deal with the stress, so i went in the tv room to be by myself and closed the door. I turned on the TV so i wouldnt hear the coroner discussing the family's wishes ,star trek TNG happened to be on... when the show first came out I was living with my grandparents so it was kinda a reminder of the past... A few minutes after watching the show, the directv receiver jumped channels to FX where X-files was on.. I figured no big deal ill just changed it back... back to ST:TNG no big. five minutes passed and it did it again. the whole time not showing any info on the screen. Did the usual checks, turned it off an on, covered the remote, put it in the other room and changed it on the box itself. Put it back on ST and bam changed again... The doors were closed, window and shades were shut. there was another remote in the house but it was on the other side of the house... I showed my sister and mom and they panicked... I went and told my grandmother, she laughed and she told me my grandfather hated star trek.

    23. 06-05-2004 07:12 PM #173
      Quote, originally posted by SchweetMk2 »
      It could be just me but if you look close just through the door it looks like there is a woman typing or doing something with her hands of some sort.

      Dude, i think you read too much of this $hit. lol.

    24. 06-05-2004 07:15 PM #174
      yeah im not seeing that one either... i tried playing with brightness contrast saturations and a couple other things,

    25. 06-05-2004 09:21 PM #175

      getta funk outa here. i must be going nutz, but i see it. holy $hit.

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