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    Thread: what depress depress clutch when starting ignition mean?

    1. 06-29-2004 03:56 PM #1
      what does depress clutch mean when starting ignition mean?
      it says it in the manual so you are supposed to keep clutch pedal to the floor when starting ignition?
      any ideas why?

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    2. 06-29-2004 04:47 PM #2
      Is it just to make sure you don't bounce the car in case it's in gear?
      I know manual cars in the US will not start unless you press the clutch pedal - a safety interlock I suppose.

    3. 06-29-2004 07:11 PM #3
      because you have to
      go to and look under "manual transmission"
      it will tell you why

    4. 07-02-2004 11:54 PM #4
      Quote, originally posted by kenl »
      Is it just to make sure you don't bounce the car in case it's in gear?

      Yeah, I think it is a safety measure.

    5. Member aethelwulf's Avatar
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      07-04-2004 02:54 PM #5
      you don't HAVE to.... it's just a safety measure. Mostly so you don't run into stuff when you start your car. (technically most/all cars now have an interlock where it won't start unless you have the clutch depressed or the car in nuetral, but if that safety measure wasn't there, there's no mechanical reason you couldn't do it) I had to start my car while it was in first when my clutch cable broke and got it going that way (not recommended!). there's no reason you wouldn't be able to start it in gear, it's just harder on the engine and more dangerous if anything is near you since the car lurches while it's starting if it's in gear.

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