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    Thread: State your lemon / buyback replacement experience here

    1. 08-03-2004 09:19 AM #26
      Quote, originally posted by watson007 »

      Nice. Very nice.
      Send the link to a few VW folks. Someone posted the email addresses here a while back.
      VERY NICE. I think that consumers need to get a little bit more aggressive with this type of stuff and not let the manufacturers get by with a simple buyback of the voluntary nature.

    2. 08-07-2004 02:40 AM #27
      I guess this deserves a link:
      NEVER take an existing car as a replacement, don't ya think? This one is OLDER than the lemon he returned

    3. 08-31-2004 11:41 PM #28
      i am going thruogh a very similar experience at the moment. would you share with me copies of the letters you sent to VWoA that were mentioned in your post so I have something to start from? if you would, please use my email address desert_boater@yahoo.com thanks!!!

    4. Junior Member
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      Aug 29th, 2004
      SF Bay Area
      09-01-2004 12:35 AM #29
      wow.. I am a VW tech. I take pride in what i do and to be honest I hate Reading / hearing you guys going thought this.
      I know the early ones were buggy and even dealers could not get parts or info on how to repair sometimes. With all the TSB's and Service Circular (I.E. know issues) there is no reason for newly delivered Toureg to have these problems. This is just poor dealer workmanship. Even tho I do not know anyone on this board I am totally embarrassed.
      If a customer comes into the shop I work at and has problems (epically a repeat one) I know I do my best to get it fixed right and verify the repair. Sometime it it out of my control when it gets done, but usually we explain the situation to the customer and let them know what is going on.

    5. 09-01-2004 06:42 AM #30
      Thanks BayArea. I hope the other techs lurking here feel the same way.

    6. 09-01-2004 08:14 AM #31
      VW is replacing my low-VIN V6. It is around 2600, built in June 2003. ~67 days in the shop.
      On service day 67, I informed my dealer that I wanted to talk to a regional rep, and on the same day I called VW Customer care where I firmly but patiently informed them I'd had enough with this car. I informed them that I wanted a replacement. I had to call dealer repeatedly to get this set up, and had to call VW a few times as well.
      After about two weeks of VW not returning my calls as promised, a FedEx letter appeared, with an offer to replace my 'egg with no contribution from me. I gave the author of the letter a call, and he was apologetic, sympathetic, and all-in-all extremely helpful. I never did have to meet with the regional rep...though my dealer called me on the day I got the FedEx...they knew it was going to happen.
      I will be getting my replacement, a 2005 V8 with Premium Plus Package, in about 6-7 weeks. I will be paying an upgrade fee which I believe to be extremely fair and generously low.
      The deal is not done (papers are signed), but IMO VW has risen to the occasion and is doing what they need to do to rectify the situation. There is no other car out there that is appealing to me as the Touareg. I can only hope that the posts about better reliability from later-built 'eggs are true. I believe my chances of getting a plum are even higher with a 2005.
      I did this without an attorney. I did have some initial coaching from jsewell. If you are patient (but firm), have a really good case, have good documentation, and stick to the facts, it can be done.
      I'm sticking with the Touareg. VW/Porsche has too much invested in this vehicle to not get it right.

      Modified by VenetianGreenTouareg at 7:54 AM 9-2-2004

    7. 09-01-2004 09:28 PM #32
      I'm in the middle of negotiating a re-purchase or replacement on my V-8. Will post details once the ink is dry.

    8. 09-02-2004 12:57 AM #33
      Quote, originally posted by VenetianGreenTouareg »
      I'm sticking with the Touareg. VW/Porsche has too much invested in this vehicle to not get it right.

      Here's to an egg-devotee! I would do the same, though it's easy for me to say as I've had a basically trouble-free egg. May the reliabiility gods smile upon you with your T2.

    9. 09-02-2004 06:39 PM #34
      Quote, originally posted by desert2ride »
      i am going thruogh a very similar experience at the moment. would you share with me copies of the letters you sent to VWoA that were mentioned in your post so I have something to start from? if you would, please use my email address desert_boater@yahoo.com thanks!!!

      In my experience (which is not to guarantee that your experience will mirror my experience) VW arbitration reps pretty closely follow your state's lemon law policies when determining what they will provide you in terms of a replacement or buy back amount.
      So, look up your state's lemon law and be prepared...
      If this is in fact what VOA does I personally think it is the wrong thing to do for the customer and for VOA. If someone has a lemon it is VW's fault - not the customer's fault. As such, VW should replace the lemon vehicle with brand new vehicle or a full refund of their purchase price - NO hassles.
      You can get more information at my bad Touareg.com web site as well...
      Best of luck to you.

    10. 09-21-2004 01:08 PM #35
      I had a paint defect (not the white spots that some have seen, but a spotted application of the metallic paint). It took a few weeks for the VW Rep to get to the dealership, but once he did they agreed to replace the car as soon as possible. I am still waiting for the replacement but it looks like from agreeing to replace the car to receiving the new one should be about one month.
      Pretty painless.

    11. 09-29-2004 12:49 PM #36
      I finally voted. After waiting almost two months, I received my new 2005 Touareg last night. The replacment process was not that bad, however, it took a long time. Once VWoA made the decision to replace, there was very little inventory on V6's. I specifically asked for a later model 04 since most of the problems I had experinced were fixed throughout the model year. They did not have any left in the port. So I was offered a 05. They arrived. Then VW had a 'price hold' on the 05. Another week ... then trying to find one that had the same options as mine ... another week. I was tired of waiting so I oped to get one with out the TPS since that is not standard now.
      I am happy that I have a new one with the color config I orginally wanted. Too early to tell if all is well. I have a total of 30 miles on it right now.

    12. 09-29-2004 01:20 PM #37
      Ok, so i am in the final stage of buyback and it has been simple and easier than i imagined...they offered a new one instead, but I DONT THINK VW has done enough with the 05's to fix the crappy A/C and some other items that are pet peeves of mine on a $46K car...so i am opting for buyout...they are only docking me $380 for mileage...I probably should have argued that, but didn't want to deal with it...I am an attorney, so maybe they choose to make it easy for me rather than to get in a legal battle...

    13. 09-29-2004 04:38 PM #38
      Quote, originally posted by lamontlawyer »
      I am an attorney, so maybe they choose to make it easy for me rather than to get in a legal battle...

      So since you're an attorney they docked you for the miles. Interesting how that works. Mine was bought back and when i delivered to them on the last day I had about 2500 miles.
      How many miles did you have?
      I think more folks should opt for the buyback and then maybe, just maybe, VW would reassess a few things from their end. I was just happy to get out of the whole experience.
      Good luck. What are you going to buy?

    14. 02-09-2005 09:51 PM #39
      bump for gina_and_ron

    15. 02-09-2005 10:44 PM #40
      any 2005s bought-back or replaced?

    16. 02-09-2005 10:50 PM #41
      any advice for me? my request to vw to buyback my 04 treg has been turned down after 9 trips and 33 days in the shop, for a vehicle that i have owned since may. i am sitting on some problems now, because i can barely stand another trip to the dealer. i would appreciate any help.

    17. Member TREGinginCO's Avatar
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      Jan 4th, 2004
      Parker, CO
      '06 Campy White Touareg V6 & 2013 Ibis White Audi allroad
      02-09-2005 10:57 PM #42
      Time to hire an attorney!!!

    18. 08-24-2005 09:16 PM #43
      Any buybacks out there that have not voted.
      I know this is an older post but it is the best one I could find without starting a new one. At this time I'm very concerned about my Touareg and have asked VW for a buyback.

    19. Member joeofthemountain's Avatar
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      Jan 9th, 2005
      Philly Main Line
      2004 Treg V8, 1978 VW Westfalia
      08-26-2005 10:41 AM #44
      Quote, originally posted by jsewell »
      So far, we have 13 buy-backs or replacements. Although I know that VWVortex isn't a statistically significant sampling, this does seem like a rather high number. I also wonder if anyone has actually had to resort to legal action.
      So, has anyone actually taken VW to court for their Touareg?
      Modified by jsewell at 9:09 AM 7-18-2004

      My court date is set for March, 2006 in Philadelphia.

    20. Member
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      Sep 1st, 2005
      The Niagara Frontier
      2016 VW Touareg TDI Executive, 2010 Passat Variant 2.0/DSG, 2012 Tiguan SE
      09-08-2005 11:46 PM #45
      My early (9XXX) VIN 05 V8 was replaced by a later VIN (7XXXX) 05 V8.
      VW and my dealer agreed that my episodes were not representative of a quality vehicle and should not be endured by a customer who spends good money in good faith. 2 thumbs up for these folks.
      1100 miles...did not start....TSB for ground cable
      7100....system fault workshop error...replaced main battery cable
      7500...main fuel pump failure while travleing at 80mph.
      At each episode, I calmly expressed my consternation and disappointment to the dealer owner and worked with service mgr to understand issues.
      After fuel pump failure, I reached the end of the rope...no more Touareg regardless of financial loss, my pride, how much I was expecting from this purchase...whatever. I was done with VW Auto Group.
      I met with VW Zone mgr. Very empathic and professional. At best, I figured I could hope to get my equity out of it and walk away friends. At worst, VW could have said "That's why there is a warranty".
      VW offered to replace with an 05...no questions. The only option I gave up was locking rear differential. VW did not force me into the car...I could have deferred and selected another model...but this one was fine..and had a Teak interior to replace the lovely, yet hard to keep clean Pure Beige.
      I was also impressed that VW did what they call an "asset transfer" within VW credit....totally painless..swap of VINs on new title and monthly payment coupon....so my payments, equity etc. continued even though the ride was new.
      Net net was a newer Touareg and 10K of wear and tear absorbed by VWoA. I figure this action on VW's part to be worth about 10% of the 50K+ purchase price. Pretty nice. Certainly reasonable.
      Changes in VIN production? Better side mirror housings...to correct reported side mirror whistling, P Scorpion Zero over Conti 4x4 (improved IMHO), DVD vs CD Nav...much improved over multi-CD set up (although no in-dash CD feature is pretty dumb), some changes to MFI and radio controls. I hear different noises etc...I am hyper sensitive to any repeats of Touareg #1, but the car definitely seems better built.
      Delivery quality was okay...I have a punch list of things to address...no hitch plug, no hood liner (under engine hood) and a couple other things...but the new ride feels better, drives more smoothly, and still is the right SUV for my purposes.
      VW and my dealer are alright. The perfect car has yet to be made by anyone. The measure of a company is what they do when sh*t happens. In my case, VW did the right thing.

    21. Member TREGinginCO's Avatar
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      Jan 4th, 2004
      Parker, CO
      '06 Campy White Touareg V6 & 2013 Ibis White Audi allroad
      09-09-2005 12:07 AM #46
      Great write-up! I'm glad to hear VW took care of you... I think they're really trying to make things right with owners.
      "Aircooled" is going to be starting his buyback process and I'm hoping he gets to experience the great side of VW, just as you and I have.
      By the way, you're in Chautauqua Lake, NY?? We had family friends who lived there and I visited there quite a bit as a child... only great memories and a beautiful place.

    22. 09-09-2005 10:01 AM #47
      It has begun. Car is stuck in the shop with 4wd problems. I had the center diff lock up on me at highway speed in the corners. Fun.

    23. 09-09-2005 10:33 AM #48
      I ended up selecting to go thru lawyer route after VWoA rejected my request for a buy-back/swap.
      4 visits to correct Brake Assist Workshop warnings/binding. Been thru 3 stepper motors and 2 Control Modules and still the same.
      I hope this clears up asap.

      Modified by SSP at 7:35 AM 9-9-2005

    24. 09-09-2005 10:37 AM #49
      Just sent my buy back letter and will let you know my experience!

    25. 09-10-2005 12:58 AM #50
      Painless, like a winning lottery ticket in my case. They ordered me a new 2006 about two weeks ago, after offering me a new car in late May. I think they checked around after each shipment since then for an available identical one, but never located quite the right one.
      We bought a 2004 V8/PPS on July 3, 2003 the day after the launch. The only fault that ever stopped me driving the car, was one single day when it emerged that the amp for stereo stopped powering down when the key was pulled and drained the battery--oddly enough I have a very early 996 that did the same thing. No big deal, jumped it and fixed after one day.
      At the service intervals changed a couple of wood trims for cracked lacquer, stuffed some felt in the instrument shroud, new stepper motor, key antenna fixes, and over time pretty much every component in the TPMS as those parts were improved. In other words, neither more nor less than one should expect on a complex first year vehicle.
      Earlier this year the KESSY system started to intermittently fail to recognize that it was installed on the car. That is, no "key not detected" on the screen, no opening or locking from the outside door handles, nothing. Reported the intermittent problem at 24,011 miles and got the car back working, but with the INCREDIBLY irritating new 2005 controller with the ignition key height test.
      For about two days, then back to intermittent. Back to dealer, this time they offered me a rental SUV so they could work on it for a few days--fine by me, and my 4-year old daughter loved the "tipsy way back" third row seat. Parenthetically, they have offered me a loaner car various other times to work on the car, but we normally don't need it and this adds a lot of bother since BART is right there.
      This time they--and I will point out "they" is Dirito Brothers in Walnut Creek--had changed out every part in that system with "known good" ones from a brand new 2005. Worked when I picked it up, failed when I got home.
      After this--possibly before, it has been a while--one false start when the tech says it works, but naturally quits once it's out of his shop. Fortunately right in their parking lot, this time. So the VW Zone technical guy gets scheduled to check it out. Ultimately VW Zone tech guy checks out the car himself, acknowledges there are two other cars worldwide with the same issue including one teardown at the factory ((anyone know if this is true?)), acknowledges there is no known fix. The Dirito service people begin dilligently documenting everything, trouble ticket open 43 days.
      Dirito advises me to to turn the problem over to VW Customer Service and "tell them what you want." At that point I was becoming accustomed to using the buttons on the key fobs again, as on most every other car in the world, only actually furious (livid) about the ignition switch height test. Some weeks later KESSY quit for good.
      So I notified VW over the web, and asked them how to proceed. I did not say what I wanted, since in any negotiation the first one to name a price usually loses. And I wasn't really sure what to ask for. I even interviewed my friends at Range Rover service (everyone with a Land Rover knows the service people like family--talk about job security) during my weekly visit what I ought to do about this sort of warranty claim. They have their share of "can't fix it" problems since BMW never has coughed up a lot of technical stuff on the motors they sell to Ford. They figured having the manufacturer pick up a few payments while they worked on the issue was about right. There are no payments, but this did not seem unreasonable, although I had a major concern about diminshed value if and when I decided to sell.
      After the standard two day interval, some poor soul in a call center (sounded like Minnesota) who is probably not allowed to order pencils herself, called to ask me please do not take the car back to the dealer again, and what did I want VW to do? Fix it, or tell what me we have to do to proceed.
      New email to VW, pointing out this was my fourth VW purchase in five years--2 Beetle upgrades--and call me back with answers not questions, you idgits!! After this I get a call back informing me the problem has been escalated, and much more importantly, I start to get a call once every week saying "nothing much new, still getting all of the paperwork together from Dirito and Zone, just letting you know we actually are working on it." Cool, I am not mad anymore, but you know even if a dog did start the car it would still be in park with the e-brake on. And my daughter can't reach the brakes and the shifter at the same time, there is not a problem cured by her also not being able to reach the brakes and key at the same time.
      Immediately after all of the documentation was in order, VW's first and only offer to me was a new replacement at no cost. When I finally spoke with the charming but utterly unreachable fellow who sent the letter, he told me that if he could not find a correct 2005 in a timely way, he could order a 2006 if I didn't mind waiting.
      So we are switching to Wheat Beige/Teak from Offroad Gray/Teak, and paying to move up to 2006 package #4 (everything) from PPS. The car now has 31,000 miles and counting, so you could basically drive a base Beetle through the exchange of values here.
      Most of you probably are aware that at 22 months/24,000 VW had no such obligation under CA law or the warranty, and since it is only about a $500 system that failed, there is a faint possibility--we will NEVER know--that I might have settled for slightly less and been perfectly happy.
      I should add that except for some shine on the driver's seat and steering wheel, the car looks and drives exactly as new, pretty impressive. No squeaks or rattles, the paint, carpets, and all the plastic bits still look new, and thanks to the composite body panels not even any dings.

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