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    Thread: crutchfield scratch & dent worth it?

    1. 07-15-2004 04:43 AM #1
      anyone bought a scratch & dent car stereo head unit from crutchfield? how was the experience? i am considering the clarion dxz745mp s&d for $339. and can anyone give me a referral code so i can save another $20. thanks.

    2. 07-15-2004 02:53 PM #2
      I am looking for the same deck. Please let me know if scratch and dent deal is okay. Also how about buying the deck on ebay. I see several on sale there. Is there a dealer on ebay that I can buy from without any worries?

    3. 07-15-2004 03:33 PM #3
      i didn't consider ebay because after paying shipping, wire harness, antenna adapter, din pocket, removal tool, it comes out pretty close. i heard cructchfield has great customer service and the clarion will have a 2 yr warranty if bought from crutchfield. if i already have all the harness and stuff, i probably would consider ebay or some other online sites.

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      Aug 29th, 2001
      07-15-2004 04:31 PM #4
      Hey man Crutchfield is good stuff! I believe if your scratch/dent item doesn't meet your expectations they will exchange it no questions asked. I say go for it man! One hint - buy the OEM VW dash pocket from enfig.com, cause the metra one Crutchfield ships doesn't look very nice. All the dealers ship the Metra one btw. Check my signature for fit and finish of the OEM VW pocket with R32 trim.
      If you still want a $20 referral code, send me an IM and I'll hook you up.

      Modified by phatvw at 1:45 PM 7-15-2004

    5. 07-15-2004 10:03 PM #5
      thanks for the referral code. i just ordered it. so i should get an oem pocket? ouch, another 30-35 bucks. which one should i get, upper or lower? and why is the lower one 5 bucks more?

    6. 07-15-2004 10:48 PM #6
      Go to a Best buy or similar in your area and it should be way less for the pocket.

    7. 07-15-2004 11:56 PM #7
      But aren't the ones from best buy the metra ones which is the same as the one I will get from crutchfield?

    8. Banned
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      Aug 29th, 2001
      07-16-2004 01:42 PM #8
      Quote, originally posted by MNSilverR32 »
      But aren't the ones from best buy the metra ones which is the same as the one I will get from crutchfield?

      Yeah Best Buy won't have the VW OEM one. Try the Metra one from Crutchfield and see if you like it. You can upgrade to the VW oem one later - or maybe you can score one from a junkyard or something.
      If you decide to go OEM, get the OVER dash pocket if you have in-dash cupholders, and the UNDER dash pocket if you don't. Your cupholders can get in the way of the stereo, especially if it sticks out more than a half-inch or so.

      Modified by phatvw at 10:48 AM 7-16-2004

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