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    Thread: Factory paint colors for 1974 Beetles/Super Beetles

    1. 08-13-2004 01:27 AM #1
      I was curious as to what factory colors there were for the 1974 editions of Std Beetles and Super Beetles? When I bought my Super Beetle, it was painted blue on the outside but the interior and under the trunk and engine lids are a tan color. Does anybody know the exact name of this color? I would like to restore the entire car to this if I can find out what factory paint they used that year.

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      08-13-2004 08:30 AM #2
      There usually is a sticker in the front trunk that says which paint code your VW has. Look for it either on the right inner fender, or down in the spare tire compartment.
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    3. 08-13-2004 08:36 AM #3
      1974 1303s (Supers) appear to have come with L80Z Sahara Beige as a colour option - see Wolfsburg West color chart

    4. 08-13-2004 10:33 AM #4
      You can also check out paintscratch.com for paint codes and samples.

    5. 08-13-2004 11:32 AM #5
      Tan color huh? Kinda like my tan Super

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    6. 08-13-2004 12:19 PM #6
      Your Super's the EXACT color as mine underneath. I absolutely love that color. Whoever had my car before me painted it this REALLY sparkly blue, it's a really nice paint job and I get a lot of comments on it but I just wish it was the stock color. Someday though... Thanks to everyone who replied!

    7. 08-16-2004 06:52 PM #7
      what blue is it? And do you have pictures of it? if so, post em!

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