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    Thread: FS/WTB Items

    1. His Royal Highness Bruce of Netheregions (the lesser) LangsamKafer's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 17th, 2001
      2015 Equinox
      08-13-2004 04:53 PM #1
      This thread is the official, and only FS/WTB thread going on in the Hiking & Outdoors forum.
      If you have something related to hiking, camping, snowboarding, skiing etc. Post a link to a Misc Classified thread here. NO GUNS OR AMMO SALES PLEASE.
      The Very Simple Rules:
      Only post FS/WTB stuff here
      Once your item sells (or item found) delete your post
      NO posting replies in here... IM, or e-mail the seller
      (any replies will be deleted immediately w/o any explanation)
      Posts will be deleted after approximately one quarter.
      Please note if your item has not sold (or been found), you may repost it here the following quarter.

      Modified by LangsamKafer at 12:39 PM 8-29-2005

    2. Global Moderator .:RDriver's Avatar
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      Oct 4th, 1999
      In the Shadow of the Nations Capital
      2015 Audi S4, 1996 Ford Bronco EB
      08-18-2008 11:19 PM #2
      I have a Novak front fiber optic sight for a Glock. Its red. You can find it at Brownells here, http://www.brownells.com/aspx/...ght&s=
      It was used only a couple times before I replaced all the sights with a set of TFO sights so I just do not need this front sight.
      $26 shipped.

    3. Member thescirocco.com's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 15th, 2002
      Bear, Delaware 19701
      1984 Rabbit GTI
      11-29-2008 12:37 PM #3
      I'm giving the 500/590 heatshield to my dad...
      I came across a Mossberg 500/590 pistol grip that I have no use for, $15 including shipping. I don't have the bolt, that holds it to the gun, but that should be pretty easy to match up. If you know what size it takes, I might be able to supply a new bolt, since I have a small assortment of SAE allen bolts.
      Parts blow-out!
      Discount dealer - Peter call/text 3O2.8989.O5O and house phone 302.832.8989
      Facebook: Peter Leif Lindvall, and my back-up email is peterthescirocco@{that gmail.com email extension}.

    4. 03-15-2009 11:54 AM #4
      Anybody read this thread? I'm dumping my AR and will have a bunch of random stuff available (sling adapters, mounts, foregrips, etc.)
      Anyone or should I go straight to an auction site?

    5. Member Broke's Avatar
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      Aug 13th, 2001
      Pickerington, Ohio
      86 GTI 2.0L, 88 Scirocco 16V, 2010 F150 STX
      03-15-2009 02:14 PM #5
      Quote, originally posted by Elbows »
      Anybody read this thread? I'm dumping my AR and will have a bunch of random stuff available (sling adapters, mounts, foregrips, etc.)
      Anyone or should I go straight to an auction site?

      I've posted and deleted stuff from the thread, so it is still in my watched topics.... whatchoo got?
      I'm not looking for anything, but then again, you never know what you need until you see it sometimes, so have you got a list or some pics?
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    6. Member blackrimmed23's Avatar
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      Sep 25th, 2006
      Wonder Lake, IL
      2008 UG VW GTI
      04-05-2009 12:59 PM #6
      fs 07 Gator wake board comes with bindings. My friend is a pro and it was his back up board. He gave it to me but I dont really ride and when I do my other friend has boards. $400 obo.

    7. Member WhoIsJohnGalt's Avatar
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      Mar 1st, 2007
      S. AZ
      2010 GTI
      05-13-2009 07:28 PM #7
      I am selling my right-handed Brommeland Max-Con V with 1.5" belt loops for a 3" 1911. I bought this new from Coal Creek Armory just a few months ago for $170 + shipping. It's in excellent/like-new condition.
      Price is $125 shipped CONUS. Paypal/check/money order is fine, please add 3% for Paypal. Feel free to IM me here or email me at whoisjohngalt@cox.net if you have any questions.

      Thank you!

    8. Member
      Join Date
      Apr 8th, 2009
      Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic (W204)
      05-14-2009 08:13 AM #8
      RRA LPK AR-15 Unused -- $100 Shipped
      PM Me for Pics

    9. Member galil762's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 30th, 2007
      Asheville, NC
      81 Scirocco S, 83 jetta Coupe, 82 Caddy, 87 GLI 16V, Wifes, 92 Cabriolet and 95 Cabrio
      05-17-2009 01:12 PM #9
      I have for sale a Big Sky Gun Rack. It is the electric locking rack as used by law enforcement. Was mounted but never used. It is the model ELS210. It fits Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590.
      It can be mounted to a flat surface or a roll bar. Would be nice to use in a hunting vehicle or ATV. I will post pics if needed. Here is a link to there website. Retails at 199.00. I will take 125.00 shipped. Pm me with any questions.


    10. Member
      Join Date
      Apr 8th, 2009
      Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic (W204)
      05-29-2009 02:42 PM #10
      I haven't graduated from school. I figured out that the AR would cost me too much to build at this point, I have to pay for tuition.
      [color=red]Rock River Arms LPK SOLD
      $105 Shipped (Payment made via Paypal
      2 Magpul PMags (No Window)
      $40 Shipped Never Fired
      Will not separate the magazines.
      Please private message me.
      Here are pictures.

      Please private message me

      Modified by 2002 at 8:48 PM 5-30-2009

    11. Former Advertiser
      Join Date
      Jul 31st, 2002
      Orlando FL
      '09 TTS / '12 Golf R
      06-26-2009 10:25 PM #11
      WTB Magpul MS2 Sling new or used name your price.

    12. Member wlfbrg1.8t's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jan 9th, 2008
      Bloomington, IN
      07-02-2009 12:28 PM #12
      2 High Peak Summer Sleeping Bags
      listed in here...

    13. 07-21-2009 05:17 AM #13
      Feeler WTB:
      Water purifier
      Bivy or VERY LIGHT 1 person tent
      lightweight stove
      small internal frame pack (made for 1/2 day trips - I'm going to bike with it during the Colorado Trail Race)
      Looking CHEAP
      I had to pay some bills, vet bills (clumsy dog) and am trying to get some gear together to do this race.

    14. Member mad8vskillz's Avatar
      Join Date
      Aug 20th, 2001
      '11 tundra, '03 sv1000, 14 grom
      08-20-2009 02:51 PM #14
      magazines for hk usp compact in .45
      preferably the 8rd factory ones but anything will do
      Demokratikally Elekted Fist Lieutenant of the Outside Cavalry of the Independent People's Republik of Offtopikstan
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      That's too bad but, VWVortex said so... so you have to do it now.

    15. Member veedubbin's Avatar
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      Oct 13th, 2001
      New Richmond, OH
      2012 Passat S manual
      08-21-2009 09:57 AM #15
      All of this stuff is in perfect condition, I always clean the camping stuff when I get home and its never put away wet.
      The tent is an LL Bean light stuff 3 person backpacking tent, its a 3 to 4 season tent. I say 3 to 4 because its not quite a 4 if its snowing and the wind it blowing at 50mph it will suck. I have been on horrible storms in it and stayed dry and it did not fold on me. I have only used it 8 times or so though. It weighs either 7 or 9 lbs and has a fly with vestibule. I paid $250 for it and Ill sell it for $125, it is in perfect condition.

      I also have 2 self inflating thermo mats $30 for both

      Shipping will be dependent on where the item is going.

    16. Member vwnthusiast's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 5th, 2006
      02 wagon
      08-22-2009 05:23 AM #16
      i have a pair of Vibram FiveFingers KSO in black/black...
      i will post up photos asap
      they're size 47 which i dont know the convertion is in inches
      to measure: place your foot against a wall thats a good 90 angle and then place a ruler underneath and measure your actual foot length, then the site (www.vibramfivefingers.com) has convertion chart
      my guess is they'll fit a 12" to 13" foot, not shoe

      im selling them because i bought the wrong size and they've only been worn to test and then put right back into the box

    17. Member germanengineering g60's Avatar
      Join Date
      Aug 20th, 2007
      Seattle WA
      1992 VW Corrado, Audi TT ALMS
      08-24-2009 04:22 PM #17
      WTB WTB WTB looking for a light waight single person backpacking/hiking tent.

    18. Awaiting Email Confirmation EchoOfGecko's Avatar
      Join Date
      Aug 8th, 2000
      Tigard, Orygun
      2002 Passat Wagon 1.8T, 1954 Ford Customline
      08-27-2009 01:43 PM #18
      Got an Ergo AR-15 grip for sale, color is OD green. This is brand new, never installed, I got it with my rifle kit but I installed a Magpul MIAD grip instead.
      Looking for $15 local pick-up (Portland, OR) or $20 shipped to CONUS.

      Modified by EchoOfGecko at 10:44 AM 8-27-2009

    19. 09-05-2009 02:10 PM #19
      WTB AK and AR mags... Not the actual rifles, just the mags. PM me with any offers.
      Peach Blossom - Team My Little Pony

    20. Member 95mk3jetta8v's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 8th, 2002
      Boston, MA
      2008 Land Rover LR3
      09-27-2009 07:16 PM #20

      My wife is selling her climbing gear. Only used twice before she gave it up...
      Full descriptions and pictures here:
      Price is negotiable. I've moved it 3 times now between three different states and I just want it gone.
      Please PM me, email me, or text me if you're interested.
      Willing to ship.
      - Rick

    21. 10-07-2009 09:23 AM #21
      Got a new career.
      NEED a few things to make it easier..
      Handheld GPS
      ALtimiters/Thermo watch
      Rain Gear
      Packing gear? (wet bags etc..)

    22. Member Broke's Avatar
      Join Date
      Aug 13th, 2001
      Pickerington, Ohio
      86 GTI 2.0L, 88 Scirocco 16V, 2010 F150 STX
      10-31-2009 09:14 PM #22
      FS: Thermal Eye X100 IR Camera $2500


      I've had this sent to Raytheon for servicing, calibration, etc.
      new screen, updated software to latest version
      small, hand-held IR imager, fits in a cargo pocket
      manual focus from 3' to infinity
      12V cigarette plug power cable
      takes regular AA batteries
      video-out RCA cable
      easily spots a human target out to 305 meters
      extremely sensitive
      waterproof + floats
      used in Iraq by US
      shock resistant to 6' drop onto concrete
      super cool toy - TONS of uses
      can see through smoke, fog, dust, etc.
      can see in TOTAL 100% darkness
      can see liquid levels in tanks and jugs
      heat loss around windows, doors, walls, etc.
      the thing can see planes in the sky and clouds at night
      it can spot an inflamed ankle, knee, wrist, etc.
      it can see veins and spot poor circulation
      it can spot someone hiding before they spot you. With ease.
      ghosts. yes, they hunt ghosts with them. So there is that!
      have a look in the woods with it at night, you'd be amazed at the wildlife
      Works wonderfully, just time to thin my possessions.

      (in the chart above, it has specs for 2 models, the specs for this one are on the right side - the better one)
      Buy it.
      Last edited by Broke; 07-30-2015 at 12:27 AM.
      020 trans info pages - www.BrokeVW.com
      NEW 0.7619 5th gears for the 020
      NEW 020 reverse gears
      '86 GTI 8V 2.0L -'88 Scirocco 16V - '10 F150 4x4

    23. Member
      Join Date
      Sep 24th, 2001
      2011 CC Silverado (Truck Nuts Free)
      11-14-2009 07:36 AM #23
      For Sale Magpul MBUS (rear) and Blackhawk Single point sling.
      Magpul MBUS, rear Flat Dark Earth $40.00 shipped USPS

      Blackhawk Single Point Sling $20.00 shipped USPS

      If my prices are unreasonable make me a realistic offer. The sling has never been used and the MBUS rear sight has very little use.
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    24. Geriatric Member Obin Robinson's Avatar
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      Oct 20th, 2000
      Jacksonville, Florida
      2001 Boxster, 2012 Kia Soul
      11-30-2009 03:22 PM #24
      for sale/trade:
      two Beretta 92/M9 10-round magazines. these are OEM and came with a Beretta CX4. we don't need these anymore and i don't use them. we prefer the 15 round magazines. they are in excellent condition and work flawlessly.
      i'll sell them to anyone interested but would rather trade. i'm looking for magazines, or even gunsmithing tools.
      "We're society's crowbar. They hate us, they never want to acknowledge the dirty jobs they give us to do, but when the job is done they never throw us away - they just slip us back in the toolbox until they need us the next time. And there will always be a next time."-Jim Hooper. Beneath the Visiting Moon: Images of Combat in Southern Africa

    25. Member
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      Jun 25th, 2006
      Entry-level luxury
      01-13-2010 10:38 AM #25
      Tokyo Marui M4 AEG Airsoft Rifle Package (a gun you can shoot people with!)

      $250 obo
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