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    Thread: DTC P0322 - Hot Start Issue

    1. 08-19-2004 06:40 PM #1
      Posted this message in the Golf/JettaIII forum. Someone suggested I post here.
      1998 Jetta GLX VR6, 87,000 miles.
      Symptom: Car occasionally won't start 1-2 hours after driving. Engine not overheating, but obviously warm. Car will always start when warm if started within 5 minutes after shutting down (such as going into a quick mart and coming back out). Car will always start after sitting for atleast 5 hours and has cooled off. Problem only happens about 1-3 hours after being driven with engine still warm, but doesn't always occur. Maybe twice a week. About half the time, it throws code P0322 Distr/Ign Engine Speed Input Circuit No Signal.
      Weird thing is I CAN ALWAYS get the car started by spraying starting fluid in the airbox. What's up with that? Does a weak or absent CKP sensor cause a weak spark or something that the starting fluid helps the engine overcome?
      Already replaced the cam position sensor and have ordered a crank position sensor ($103 - Bosch replacment via friend at local parts store).
      Is there any other sensor that controls the engine speed input to the distributor besides the cam and crank position sensors? Can't think of any.
      Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it by replacing these sensors?
      Other than the sporadic hot start issue, the car runs completely normal. Even just before and after the problem occurs.
      Thanks, Chris...

      Modified by Schwantz at 3:43 PM 8-19-2004

    2. 08-22-2004 01:24 PM #2
      wow look at all the help!
      uhm "CKP sensor" don't know that one.
      Does it turn over when this happens but just won't come to life?

      but in general ..
      I'd pinch all my vacume lines maybe a cracked crumbly one
      going to your FPR?
      fuel pump could be shorting out.loose ground?
      MAf on it's way out does wierd shiat?
      I wanna say ignition circuit to, but how would heat affect this.

      maybe check batt cables are tight loosen & sand anyways ..
      Check your starter ground wire to if there is one?

    3. 08-27-2004 09:58 AM #3
      Turned out to be the Crank Position Sensor. Very easy to replace, single hex female screw holds the sensor to the rear end of the block inline with the flywheel (duh, makes sense doesn't it). Sits just below and adjacent to the oil cooler, also close to the oil filter.

    4. Senior Member bluefox280's Avatar
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      Dec 17th, 2003
      Broomfield, CO
      08-27-2004 10:00 AM #4
      Quote, originally posted by Schwantz »
      Turned out to be the Crank Position Sensor.

      Excellent! Glad to know the car is working once again.
      Hope all the Vortex diagnostics helped out!
      - Erik
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    5. 10-22-2006 07:42 AM #5
      Hi - I have a similar problem where my car STALLS when it gets to operating temperature, then wont start till it cools ALL the way down.
      It will also ocassionally fail to start after I come out from a short stop (like going into the store and coming out 10 mins later) it will NOT start again till the temp is all the way down. Like clockwork.
      Was this part of your symptom?
      I have replaced all I can think of except the RPM sensor - (crank sensor). I have replaced the following:
      Coil, rotor, cap, wires, plugs, IAF sonsor, both coolant temp sensors, air filter. I just looked a the codes and the P0322 was one of many along with a P725 (speed sensor) and a P1580 (idle speed contrl).
      I had been disconnecting the temp sensors so there were a few of those in there as well.
      I actually have the crank sensor and will slap it in tomorrow regardless. I am just nervous as this car has stranded me (1 hr at a time while it cools) too many time and I am about done.
      Any thoughts?

    6. 10-22-2006 10:37 AM #6
      I have similar problem and just took a look to see where this sensor is - looks like a ***** to teplace to me. I cant get my hands in there ..also looks like a bracket blocking the hex bolt.
      Any ideas?

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