This thread is the official, and only FS/WTB thread going on in the Computer Forum.
The Very Simple Rules:
Only post FS/WTB stuff here
Keep the items computer related
Once it sells delete your post
NO posting replies in this thread IM, or e-mail the seller
(any replies will be deleted without any explanation NO EXCEPTIONS)
Post only 1 or 2 pictures and link to the rest! This thread is getting WAY to graphic heavy!
Older items will be removed every 2-4 months with batch notification of it's removal.
ANY other FS / WTB posts made in this forum OUTSIDE of this thread will be removed
A price must be listed for each item for sale, just as the regular classifieds.
Any questions PLEASE send me a private message instead of posting in this thread.
To delete your posts click the edit post button, then the delete button located below the text box.
This thread will be cleaned out periodically. If your post is gone and item is not sold feel free to repost.

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