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    Thread: Home Theater Setups (let's see them!)

    1. 11-21-2004 07:09 PM #51
      oh man it's all about sega with the built in games....back when cheat codes were all about abbastartselect etc etc. gotta love that.

    2. 11-29-2004 01:52 AM #52
      Here's a picture of what's in our living room. I know it's messy, but I literally just finished installing the TV a few minutes prior. THis is a temp setup until we move into our new house and the TV will be mounted above the fireplace and the theater goes in upstairs.

    3. 11-30-2004 12:35 PM #53
      Quote, originally posted by itr_hybrid »

      I'm digging that shelf. Where did you get it? Thanks.

    4. 11-30-2004 03:03 PM #54
      Quote, originally posted by 02Jetta_NY »
      I'm digging that shelf. Where did you get it? Thanks.

      The good guys. I don't see it listed on their website, but if you have a local one nearby, it was $299.

    5. Member
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      Sep 28th, 2001
      Abilene, Texas
      11-30-2004 11:56 PM #55
      Holy Crap! A home theater forum! Yessss!!!!
      My old setup:
      Samsung 42" DLP rear projection widescreen (POS)
      Sony 777ES HT reciever
      Sony DVP-S7700 DVD player
      Polk RM7200 5.1 sub/sat system
      My new setup:
      Sony 42" LCD rear projection widescreen (much better)
      Dennon AVR-3805 HT reciever
      Dennon DVD-1910 DVD player
      NHT SB3 book shelf speakers (x4)
      NHT SC2 center channel
      NHTsw10ii sub woofer
      I'll post pictures later....

      Modified by Crash6 at 4:38 PM 12-1-2004

    6. 12-01-2004 09:10 AM #56
      My current work in progress:
      27" SD Sony
      Harman Kardon AVR 125
      CSW Ensemble IV (with passive sub for mids)
      CSW Basscube 8
      generic DVD /VCR combo
      **Added Tivo S2 80hr

      Plans for purchase by end of January:
      34" Toshiba
      Harman Kardon Progressive scan DVD changer.
      Pics of my humble entry level theater to come.

      Modified by sixdoubleseven at 8:39 AM 1-3-2005

    7. 12-01-2004 09:42 AM #57

      (older Sony speakers pictured)
      Current setup:
      Mitsubishi WS-65315 65" RP
      Pioneer VSX-D814K 600W 6.1 HT Receiver
      Pioneer DV-578A-S DVD Player
      Sapphire Audio ST1 Floor speakers
      HD DVR from TW
      Need to fill out my speaker collection, but that'll have to wait 'till I can save up some .

      Modified by cougar at 12:54 PM 12/2/2004
      Bowtie wearing, tattooed, Mini driver

      Quote Originally Posted by JalopnikMatt View Post
      Yeah, I've bypassed y'all and go straight to r/cars.

    8. Member e_andree's Avatar
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      Nov 22nd, 2001
      Frederick MD
      12-02-2004 01:44 PM #58
      Ill update this with pics soon, once everything is installed.
      I have:
      - 50 inch Panasonic projection LCD coming next week (HDTV)
      -Yamaha 630W 6.1-Ch. A/V Home Theater Receiver - Silver HTR-5750
      -Koss 500W 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Home Theater System with DVD Player KS3102 (since it came free with the TV) (If I dont like it, Im going to get better speakers to go with the Yamaha receiver)
      -Adelphia HDTV system/signal
      -Sony DVP-NS975V
      DVD/CD/SACD player with HDMI output and video upconversion
      Ill post up pics next week. I cant wait to get everything set up! Im not a big balla like some on this thread though!!! Ill most likely upgrade the speakers, and the woofer.

    9. 12-03-2004 08:34 PM #59
      Here's mine.

      Modified by ambat at 3:46 PM 12-11-2004

    10. Senior Member
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      Sep 11th, 2000
      12-10-2004 05:28 PM #60

      Yes that's UMass handing it to UConn last night.
      Sony 50" WEGA LCD TV with matching Sony stand.
      Rotel RSX-972
      Sony DVD/VHS player.
      Energy C-C1 center speaker
      Energy C-1 front and rear speakers
      Paradigm Sub
      I really like the Rotel:

      Modified by Cooper at 5:30 PM 12-10-2004

    11. Member
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      Nov 6th, 2000
      2012 A3, 2015 Q5
      12-13-2004 12:40 AM #61
      Here's the setup in my upstairs loft. Always hard to capture what it actually looks like while sitting in the room though.
      Sony 46" RP CRT TV
      Yamaha HTR-5760 Receiver
      Panasonic S97S DVI DVD Player
      Athena AS-F2 Fronts
      Athena AS-B1 Rears
      Athena AS-C1 Center
      Athena PS-400 Sub

      He's a movie fan too so he gets a pic. He's still trying to figure out where all that damn noise comes from now.

      Modified by Karma at 12:57 AM 12-13-2004
      Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.

    12. Banned
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      Aug 28th, 2002
      12-13-2004 09:46 PM #62
      Cooper and Karma, I am loving those setups. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    13. 12-14-2004 12:52 AM #63
      -Toshiba 51" Widescreen HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV
      -Sony 650W 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System with 5-Disc Progressive-Scan DVD/CD/MP3 Player
      -Comcast HD
      -the table to hold all consoles was handmade.
      pics in a bit.

      Modified by Santiagolg at 12:53 AM 12-14-2004

    14. Senior Member
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      Sep 11th, 2000
      12-14-2004 07:19 AM #64
      Thanks. It's finally time I got with the program.
      Compared to what I had before, a 27" Zenith with Fuzzy-vision, I sit and stare at it, sort of like if someone brought George Washington into this age and showed him TV.
      And, the receiver and speakers? I bought them last year to replace my 1980s JVC and my, I'm not kidding, two sets of KLH speakers that were about 30 years old.
      We had two people over for Thanksgiving that otherwise would have been alone. One was a colleague of my wife. My wife was telling people about the new TV last week. And he chimes in with ... he's European, but getting very Americanized, apparently ... "that's good. You have such a beautiful house. But, you had such a crappy TV."
      p.s. One of the things on the sub is the antennae for the wireless speakers, so I can go sit on the screen porch, have a cigar, and watch TV. It's is MUCH BETTER with the new TV. I can actually watch it from out there now.

      Modified by Cooper at 7:21 AM 12-14-2004

    15. 12-14-2004 12:22 PM #65
      Quote, originally posted by Santiagolg »
      -Toshiba 51" Widescreen HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV
      -Sony 650W 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System with 5-Disc Progressive-Scan DVD/CD/MP3 Player
      -Comcast HD
      -the table to hold all consoles was handmade.
      pics in a bit.

      Modified by Santiagolg at 12:53 AM 12-14-2004

      Pics as promised

    16. Member UKGTI's Avatar
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      Mar 12th, 2002
      Santa Barbara
      12-15-2004 01:51 AM #66
      Pioneer Elite Receiver
      Marantz Burner
      Sony DVD
      Vandersteen Fronts and Center
      B&W Surrounds
      Paradigm Sub
      Sorry for the sloppy pics

    17. Member Longboarder's Avatar
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      Jul 1st, 2001
      Santa Rosa California
      Owned too many VW's to list
      12-18-2004 09:37 PM #67
      Quote »

      Lexicon MC-8 Balanced 7.1 Pre/Pro
      That lexicon is really nice, thats what we use at work to certify home theatere equipment

    18. 12-19-2004 04:03 AM #68
      Sweet setup, Karma! How are you liking those Athenas? I love the loft area... perfect movie spot.
      And a kitty to snuggle with! Bonus!

    19. Member Phrost's Avatar
      Join Date
      Mar 8th, 2004
      Green Bay, WI
      '11 Audi S4, '77 VW Westfalia
      12-19-2004 03:42 PM #69
      The bedroom: Bose Lifestyle 25 Series 2

      And 5 of these:

      The Theatre:

      And a little sneak peek behind the screen:

    20. Banned
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      Aug 28th, 2002
      12-19-2004 08:17 PM #70
      Quote, originally posted by StattlichPassat »
      I love the loft area... perfect movie spot.

      I agree. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    21. Banned
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      Aug 28th, 2002
      12-19-2004 08:18 PM #71
      Quote, originally posted by Phrost »

      The Theatre:

      And a little sneak peek behind the screen:

      Vortex. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    22. 12-19-2004 09:00 PM #72
      Here are pics of my theater. I haven't done much to it since we moved in other than set it up and tweak the sound. I still need to mount my projector on the ceiling, but I have been putting this off in the hopes of getting a newer higher resolution projector, and hopefully something that is a little quieter. Everything needs a darker coat of paint, and I need to get my X-10 dimmer switches purchased and installed. The addition of the Hunter Douglas blinds gave me the need light control for the projector.

      Paradigm Monitor 7 fronts
      Paradigm Monitor CC-350 center
      SVS 16-46 PCi
      Yamaha RX-V995
      Custom HTPC and DVD Server (ASUS P4P800 Deluxe, 2.8gHz P4/800FSB, TheaterTek 1.x, M-Audio Revolution 7.1 w/ coax out, 80GB plus 160GB Media drive, bluetooth mouse)
      DaLite pull-down screen (cheapie)

      Paradigm Monitor 7 and SVS 16-46 PCi

      Paradigm Titans (Version 1!)
      InFocus LP-720 800x600
      Hunter Douglas black-out blinds

      Modified by aircooled at 7:06 PM 12-19-2004

    23. 12-19-2004 09:18 PM #73
      Phrost: awesome theater! Dedicated is the only way to go!

    24. Member Minker17's Avatar
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      Apr 1st, 2004
      Franklin, TN
      1994 Ford Temp GL
      12-20-2004 11:02 AM #74
      Quote, originally posted by santiagolg »

      Wow, I didn't know they had those TVs way back then....

      Modified by Minker17 at 8:06 AM 12-20-2004
      1994 Ford Tempo GL

    25. 12-20-2004 01:13 PM #75
      haha we have the same M&Ms thing and the same movie stars picture. the two movie posters we have are Saving Private Ryan and Gladiator.
      how much and how big are those seats? where did you get them? our problem is our media room is too small for the size of screen we have. there are only two goods seats in the room (the back two). we're trying to find a way to re-construct the room but we're having problems with seating and the such.
      nice setup, either way. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
      edit: pics.

      i disallow any mockery of the quality of the pictures.
      edit again: egad. i never noticed how horrible window's resizing thing is. eek.

      Modified by boi retro at 12:38 PM 12-20-2004

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