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    Thread: Help: Chipping & Manual Boost Control

    1. 01-09-2005 05:57 PM #1
      I'm going to chip my car with a 1.1 Bar Wett chip this week and was wondering whether anyone has done a chip install together with a Manual Boost Control. I currently have a Boost valve controller on my stock ECU and running comfortably with 11 PSI. Would i simply just adjust my Valve to around 17 PSI when i install my Wett chip??

    2. 01-10-2005 12:52 AM #2
      Well if you install a chip it should up the boost for you automatically without the need for a MBC. That's partly what a chip does. I installed a MBC (bleed valve) in my chipped GTI because the wastegate was weak. Knowing that the GIAC chip could handle 1 bar, i simply adjusted the MBC till it reached about 1 bar (15psi).
      In reality, boost hit just under 20psi and dropped back to about 12psi at redline. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    3. 01-10-2005 05:26 PM #3
      Did u mean after adjusting the MBC till it reached 15 PSI you could still boost up to 20 Psi? How was that possible?

    4. 01-10-2005 05:49 PM #4
      No, what i was saying is that once the chip was installed the car still didn't hit 15psi. After much searching, discovered that the wastegate couldn't seal tight (therefore it was weak). So we tightened the wastegate which helped a bit but still didn't reach 15psi. So i then proceeded to install a MBC and adjusted that until i reached my desired boost.
      In your case, once you install the chip your car should reach 1.1 bar due to the programming in the chip. You won't need to install a MBC, it was a 'special' case with my car but generally people don't need a MBC when they install a chip. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    5. 01-16-2005 10:39 PM #5
      General info on MBC and N75:
      Well i've got the MBC which is parallel to the N75. I've tighten the MBC so i'm now spiking at 18PSI and stabilising to around 13 - 14PSI at redline

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    6. Member Gigitt's Avatar
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      May 25th, 2004
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      01-17-2005 12:18 AM #6
      Oh Fwark!
      I read the whole articl when it was released... and now I cannot as I'm not a subscriber.
      This article is good and describes how to build a DIY Boost Control.
      It will also explain why you do this!
      Part 1: http://www.autospeed.com.au/cm....html
      Part 2: http://www.autospeed.com.au/cm....html
      Basically it stops wastgate creep or a weak wastgate.
      As the boost starts to increase as you put the pedal to the metal... a weak wastgate will start to open and release pressure and that means a loss of boost pressure and an under-performance in the turbo system.
      What this system has is 2 things... MIN and MAX pressure Valves that you can DIAL into a specified pressure.
      The MIN pressure valve will not open up untill a Dailed up pressure is rerached - Thats is when the wastegate is gonna start to open.
      The MAX pressure valve is used to stop OVER boost pressure blowing you turbo system up!
      So if you have a subscription to AutoSpeed.com.au online Mag... Please share!

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    7. 03-25-2012 09:04 AM #7
      Yes,there is info at autospeed dot com on rhe boost machine which controls boost onset,and hold,
      and a wastegate mod that helps solve wastegate creep.

    8. 03-27-2012 03:11 AM #8
      Hi all, be very careful playing around with tuning boxes, it's like smoking one might feel good and off course you don't drop dead but after a while the damage is done. After a chip is installed we always get the "amazing change etc " post. I am not so sure everyones so happy 2 years later.

      Not all are bad but many are just dodgy and you do not necessarily get what you pay for.

    9. 03-27-2012 03:15 AM #9

    10. Senior Member Lima's Avatar
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      03-27-2012 03:46 AM #10

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