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4000 & Coupe GT FAQ

4000 & Coupe GT Buyers Guide & Modding Basics

How to Identify Coupe GT vs Turbo Quattro Coupe (UrQ)

AC: To Convert, or not to Convert...and how to get REALLY Cold Air

Coupe GT Digital Dash Manual

DIY Repair 101: Cleaning Audi Window Switches

DIY Repair 102: CIS & CIS-e Diagnostics, Tuning, & Troubleshooting

What shop manual terms really mean

Why NOT to put oversized rims (like 17"+) on your 4000/CGT

FAQ: 4000 & Coupe GT Engine Swap to MC1 or MC2 10VT

FAQ: Converting your Coupe GT to quattro

FAQ: K&N Filters, are they any good?

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