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    Thread: Mold between double-paned windows

    1. 02-20-2005 01:55 PM #1
      We live in a condo townhouse that was built in 1998. We have double-pane windows throughout the house, and the fixed window in our second bedroom has become full of white mold spots. It is on the inside of the outer pane. At first I thought they were water spots, but it's grown considerably over the winter.
      Is there any way to get rid of this besides replacing the window? And what is the standard warranty on a typical window, and would something like this typically be covered? We've had issues with our siding being properly installed and the builder has been replacing the siding on all of the townhouses free of charge, since they were sued by 2 other developments recently and lost. Could this be related? Also, besides looking ugly, what damage could it cause if left untreated? I believe the windows are aluminum. The mold is not growing near the edges of the window, but rather seems to be leaving a 1-2" border around the edges of the window.
      Help? Thanks in advance.

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      02-20-2005 02:09 PM #2
      the seal is broken between the two panes and you will probably need a new window. Find out who made the window. Who knows what their warranty is.
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