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    Thread: Corrado....yep youguessed it, a problem with the rear brakes....

    1. 04-01-2005 09:43 PM #1
      To start off I have a 1992 Corrado (VR6)
      The rear calipers were shot to hell so I replaced the calipers, pads, rotors and bearings. I reused the abs ring (for the wheel sensor) Then bled the lines and went to test everything out.. After I pass 10MPH the ABS light will stay on continually, and the brakes squeak more then they did before the changeover. Now I did not clean the substance off the rotors before I put them on someone told me that would cause the squeaking. If that is true please let me know. As well as that could anybody give me any tips as to why the abs light would be on still? And would the old abs ring cause the abs ststem to make the brakes squeak? Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated.
      Thank you in advance,

    2. Member mikIIVr6's Avatar
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      Dec 12th, 2007
      SLC, MK2 GTI Vr, MK3 DE, B5 wagon
      04-01-2012 06:24 PM #2
      hey man i see you replaced rear calipers on your corrado back in 05, just wondering if you could tell me how much of a mission it was and what that abs problem ended up being

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