Here is my idea, since there aren't that many regulars here with their TT's I think it would be useful to have a thread like this one. I'm thinking that we can each post up pics of our car with your username in BOLD and a short description of your car. It can be your mods and/or a story about your car, similar to the autobiography series VWVortex has.
Only post once so each reply is a regular member for this forum.
I think this thread can be very useful for the people who use this forum. A visitor can see that someone has a mod that they were interested in and can directly communicate with that person about the mod.
so here are the rules again:
- username in bold
- a short description of their car (mods, story, etc.)
- only post once with your car
- please keep the pictures big enough so we can see your car and small enough that we don't have to scroll sideways too much

Here is my car to start:

It's a 2001 Quattro Roadster 225. Desert Green/Green leather interior. I got it after trading in my 04 GTi VR6.
- GIAC 93
- Forge 007 DV
- APR Catback
- Samco TIP

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