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    Thread: Fourtitude TT Gallery

    1. Member
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      Mar 20th, 2005
      2011 Kia Sorento EX V6 AWD, 2005.5 Audi A4 3.2
      04-07-2005 08:30 PM #1
      Here is my idea, since there aren't that many regulars here with their TT's I think it would be useful to have a thread like this one. I'm thinking that we can each post up pics of our car with your username in BOLD and a short description of your car. It can be your mods and/or a story about your car, similar to the autobiography series VWVortex has.
      Only post once so each reply is a regular member for this forum.
      I think this thread can be very useful for the people who use this forum. A visitor can see that someone has a mod that they were interested in and can directly communicate with that person about the mod.
      so here are the rules again:
      - username in bold
      - a short description of their car (mods, story, etc.)
      - only post once with your car
      - please keep the pictures big enough so we can see your car and small enough that we don't have to scroll sideways too much

      Here is my car to start:

      It's a 2001 Quattro Roadster 225. Desert Green/Green leather interior. I got it after trading in my 04 GTi VR6.
      - GIAC 93
      - Forge 007 DV
      - APR Catback
      - Samco TIP

      Modified by SungTT at 8:23 PM 1-28-2007

    2. 04-07-2005 09:48 PM #2

    3. Member
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      Mar 20th, 2005
      2011 Kia Sorento EX V6 AWD, 2005.5 Audi A4 3.2
      04-07-2005 09:49 PM #3

      Modified by SungTT at 9:51 PM 4-7-2005

    4. 04-08-2005 10:54 PM #4
      Ok, I'll play

      2001 225QC
      Aviator Grey/Ebony interior with optional sport seats
      BBS SX wheels, 18x8 ET32
      Bilstein Sport shocks
      Eibach springs
      1/2 Kmac kit
      mk1 control arms
      Energy Suspension poly dogbone mount
      OCt chip
      Modshack BAMM with 4bar FPR
      Modshack TTDA with velocity stack endcap
      APR exhaust
      Forge 006 DV
      Dieselgeek short shifter (original)
      Stoptech front brakes
      ECS Stage 1R rear rotors
      2mm ECS spacers front, 15mm H&R spacers rear
      Smoked side markers with LED bulbs
      OEM leather e-brake handle
      OEM leather door pulls
      Autoaesthetics Speed-1 shift knob
      Modified by JohnLZ7W at 8:28 PM 4/8/2005

      Modified by JohnLZ7W at 10:47 PM 8/4/2005

    5. 04-08-2005 11:06 PM #5

    6. 04-09-2005 01:25 AM #6

    7. Member a1vdubnut's Avatar
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      Aug 8th, 2001
      Columbus OH
      06 Lotus Exige
      04-11-2005 11:26 AM #7

    8. Member Davespeed's Avatar
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      May 4th, 2004
      The VR farm.....
      04-11-2005 12:03 PM #8

      I sell Rotiforms and Airlift products......
      I wrench on VW's and Audi's.......
      AudiHendersonParts discount OEM Audi and VW parts

    9. 04-12-2005 09:40 AM #9
      My turn:

    10. 04-12-2005 07:44 PM #10
      Here is a few of my TT, larger versions are available on my web site listed in my sig

      List of mods is also on my site, and I love to hear from people so feel free to email me anytime.
      My story is kinda long so just check out this post on the AW forums ....
      It is not all about my TT, but it is my story and I am sticking to it forever!
      I just love the TT, all TT's are special! [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG] Even if they are bone stock!

      Modified by ChicagoTT at 8:37 PM 4-12-2005

    11. 04-18-2005 05:16 PM #11
      my pos....

      lots and lots of mods......

    12. 04-20-2005 05:13 PM #12

      Tinted Tails
      Riso Clear Corners
      Revo 93 Program
      Neuspeed 19mm rear anti-sway bar
      Schwing TTDA
      Schwing BAMM
      Schwing Boost Machine
      4.0 Bar FPR
      AutoMeter Vent Mounted Boost Guage
      Energy Suspension Dogbone Engine Mount Bushings
      Koni Sport Shocks
      Eibach Pro Kit Springs
      Full KMAC Kit
      Smoked Side Markers
      Forge 007P Diverter Valve (Shimmed)
      PBR Ceramic Brake Pads

    13. 04-26-2005 12:25 AM #13
      Lots of pics
      at sunset

      bright sunlight

      another in the sun

      in the shade


      Modified by JohnLZ7W at 9:28 PM 4/25/2005

    14. Member TooLow2.0T's Avatar
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      Oct 8th, 2001
      Rose City, OR
      2017 Audi A4 Quattro, 2015 Audi Q3 Quattro
      05-08-2005 11:37 PM #14
      Here's my Dad's...

      ...and one with my car

      Modified by TooLow1.8T at 7:19 PM 6-28-2005
      7th VAG - Manhattan Gray '17 Audi A4 Premium Plus Quattro, 6th VAG - Tundra Brown '15 Audi Q3 Prestige Quattro

    15. 05-11-2005 10:43 AM #15

      Mods? Oh, crap. Here we go...
      Polished stainless TTDA intake, MOFO MAF housing, 4-bar FPR, APR chip, Samco hoses, adj. Hyperboost DV, relocated DV, Forge FMIC, polished Dahlback intake manifold, phenolic intake manifold spacer, SuperSprint exhaust, Boost Machine MBC, UDP's, Spec stg III clutch, lightweight aluminum flywheel, Denso IK22 plugs, Dieselgeek SS, B&M SS, Autoaesthetics shift knob, gauge pod, SPA dual gauges (oil temp/pressure and water temp/volts), Supra pillar pod, Defi boost and A/F gauges, Sparco Milano seats -- custom covered with grey leather and Audi seat heaters, custom aluminum passenger-side dead pedal, Alpine DVD player with iPod hookup and Sirius satellite radio, Xtant amp, Boston Acoustics component set, Pioneer 12" sub, Stoptech big brakes, ECS rear big brake kit (PoS!!), custom 'oil puddle black' paint, Caractere grille, Caractere door sills, Riso smoked turn signals in the headlamps with removed reflectors and painted housings, InPro smoked side markers, smoked taillights, Euro mirrors, 19" Braid Future 8 wheels with 235/35/19 Pirelli P-Zero Nero rubber, Stratmosphere softboot cover, DMC carbon front splitter with custom hardware, Forge polished strut tower bar, Forge polished oil/water/strut tower caps, Forge camber arms (top and bottom), KMAC kit, H&R coilovers, GroundControl camber plates (awaiting install), Neuspeed 19mm rear sway bar, 'race' Haldex controller, shaved antenna, and more... I'm sure.

      Modified by AxeYrCat at 11:00 AM 5-11-2005

    16. 06-28-2005 09:48 PM #16
      I was out last nighTT and had my own liTTle phoTTo shooTT:

      And artsy shot of the engine bay

      Cant really see it but I changed the center caps to carbon fiber instead of how they were @ TT-east (painted black)

      My steering wheel and dash, or at least part of it

      Everyone is doing these funky gas cap shots so I thought I would join in the funk

      This is one of the whole enchilada standing up

      And then one on the ground.
      Whatcha think?

    17. 07-03-2005 05:08 PM #17
      Here is my car. Little by little I will be done.

      Modified by EvoJetta at 10:53 AM 1-17-2006

    18. 07-10-2005 10:03 AM #18

      popular view.

      Modified by GTIVr6Girl at 3:18 PM 7-10-2005

    19. Member
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      Nov 22nd, 2000
      New Jersey
      2012 Audi A4 S-Line
      07-21-2005 01:08 PM #19

      01 TT 225 Coupe, 15k, 19" BBS LM's, H&R coilovers, blah blah blah

    20. 08-21-2005 02:12 AM #20
      New one:

    21. 08-22-2005 02:49 PM #21
      2001 225 QR
      18X8 ASA/BBS AR1
      Goodyear Eagle FI 225/40 R
      Audi Factory Body Kit
      Miltek SS Exhaust
      K & N
      XM Radio

    22. 08-27-2005 01:42 PM #22
      Steve F's 3.2 TT

      Purchased 11/2003
      Schwing TTDA
      Stoptech Stage 1 Brake Kit

    23. 09-02-2005 07:37 PM #23

      Here's a pic of my TT and BMW's

    24. Member Morio's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 16th, 1999
      Tejas Cucaracha
      09-22-2005 11:16 PM #24
      My 2001 225 QC:

      Modshack Stage 3
      Neuspeed Sport Springs
      Bilstein Sport Struts and shocks
      Neuspeed 19mm rear sway
      KMAC kit
      Neuspeed Short Shift kit
      Forge 006 DV
      Samco Intake Hose
      Riso Smoked corners
      Autometer boost gauge
      next up is tint and wheels [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    25. 09-28-2005 12:26 PM #25

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