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    Thread: Jetta 2.0 ECU Problems

    1. 05-01-2005 11:09 PM #1
      My ECU in my 96 Jetta 2.0 crapped out on me. I've heard talk about OBD I and II, and I don't know what the difference is and how to tell them apart. Bosche number 0-261-207-719/720, and part number 037-906-259. It's my understanding that the part number has usually has a letter following it, but mine doesn't, thus making it difficult to find a replacement. I'm not sure if my If anyone could help me out, with either suggestions or if someone has an extra I could buy off them, I'd greatly appreciate the help from my fellow bravarian auto lovers.

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      OBD I stopped in the beginning of 96, and OBD II took it from there. For example, my car is a 96 but was produced in 95 (check b-pilar on driver's door sticker). Either way, the simplest way is do you have 1 of two O2 sensors? OBD I only had one right before the cat and OBD II added one right after the cat. OBD I and II are not interchangeable, but other than that the only coding difference is between automatic or manual tranny - there is a specific ECU for each. Just to make sure you're reading the right set of numbers, this link from Neuspeed shows how to identify your ECU:
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