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    Thread: VW Vortex Guide to Photoshop...

    1. 05-04-2007 02:29 AM #101
      Could you guys photoshop me a 1997 ford ranger XLT extended cab. Black lowered to about 5-8 inches off the ground, 20 inch big rig conversion wheels, dually rear axle and fenders, possibly short smoke stacks, 15% tinted windows, projector headlights, smoked corners, smoked tails, tonneau cover, shaved handles, low profile mirrors, plus anything else you would personally add. Thanks so much

    2. Member turborave's Avatar
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      Jun 13th, 2001
      Clarksburg, MD
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      05-04-2007 09:17 AM #102
      sure.. hold your breath while i work on that.. brb..

    3. 05-05-2007 07:44 PM #103
      well every other place they are like "we need details" so i wanted to give you details. If you cant handle it no sweat just say so instead of being a smart ass

    4. Member turborave's Avatar
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      Jun 13th, 2001
      Clarksburg, MD
      2001 Jetta GLS, 2012 Routan SE
      05-05-2007 11:23 PM #104
      yeah.. but this isnt a request, chop this blah blah for me, thread.. its an info and learning thread..
      and if you do want soemthing like that done.. you better provide all the pics.. because no one will go around hunting for all that..

    5. 05-05-2007 11:26 PM #105
      wow..cool...thanks for the tips..

    6. Member 1.8t guy's Avatar
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      Jul 17th, 2006
      07-02-2007 12:37 PM #106
      Can someone show me the boser tutorial......TIA

    7. 07-31-2007 06:36 AM #107
      Wow !
      This topic is very interesting

    8. 08-05-2007 04:49 PM #108
      Cartoon Tutorial, By me

    9. 10-06-2007 12:24 PM #109
      Howdy, folks. WildcatOne here, from Houston. This is my first post in VWvortex. I joined on the recommendation of my DragList.com buddy from Nova Scotia who posts in the Golf/Jetta section. Being a Photoshop guy, I was fascinated by turborave's work. Great stuff! Your screen shots, descriptions, method and detail are excellent. I just bought a 90%-restored '70 Bug last weekend...I suppose i could just drive it as it is; all it really needs are some cosmetic improvements here and there, but why not go all the way? I'll be dropping in every day and finding my way around the site...it's superbly constructed and has everything a fool such as I would need to keep my Bug up and running as well as to meet good folks who share the passion. I hope to enjoy many years of fun here; it is a wonderful site. Here is a picture I did in Macromedia FreeHand10, processed through Photoshop a while back of a cloud I saw one morning while driving down to Galveston. Everybody have a great weekend! Cheers, WC1

    10. Member PhatazzMkIVJetta's Avatar
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      Oct 11th, 2001
      AUDI S4 2014
      10-31-2007 01:49 PM #110
      Edit post...started a new one below...Hopefully it will get responded to quicker

      Modified by PhatazzMkIVJetta at 3:24 PM 10-31-2007
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    11. 12-29-2007 01:17 AM #111
      pretty cars .

    12. 01-13-2008 06:13 PM #112
      nice tutorial. i work full time as a graphic designer, but several years ago this would've been really helpful to me.

    13. Member the governor's Avatar
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      Jan 24th, 2002
      2007 Audi A4
      03-04-2008 01:41 PM #113
      I learned a lot watching "you suck at photoshop" #1-#9 on youtube.
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    14. 03-07-2008 10:49 AM #114
      ^^^ those vids are great

    15. Member Kavanagh's Avatar
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      Jun 18th, 2007
      Jetta, DRZ400SM
      11-14-2008 04:46 PM #115
      nice tutorials guys,
      check this site out for any more questions
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    16. Member TokenBlackGuy's Avatar
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      Mar 19th, 2003
      Pottstown, PA
      01 Eurovan on 30's
      11-17-2008 03:41 PM #116
      Photo-realistic "Rain Effect", using PS 7.
      Open a photo into Photoshop.

      To begin, create a new layer (Layer> New> Layer). This new layer is where we will create the rain texture.
      With the new layer selected, open the Edit menu and select Fill. In the Fill tool, select 50% Gray from the drop down menu and click OK

      Open the Filter> Noise menu and select Add Noise. In the Add Noise tool, leave the default settings, check the Monochromatic option, and click OK

      Change blending mode of the new layer to Screen and open the Image> Adjustments menu and select Auto Levels. This will make the speckles more visible to aid us in the next steps.

      Open the Filter> Blur menu and select Motion Blur. In the Motion Blur tool, adjust the angle and distance to your preference. The angle will adjust the angle of the falling rain and the distance will affect the length of the rain. In this pic I have my angle set to -76, and distance set to 200. But you can set to your own preferences.

      Now we're going to adjust the density of the rain. To do this, open the Levels tool (Ctrl L or Image> Adjustments> Levels). In the Levels tool, drag the left and right "Input level" sliders towards the center. Then, while looking at the image behind the Levels tool, drag the black input slider to adjust the density of the rain until you get the density you prefer. In this picture I have "input levels" at 129, 1.00, and 162.

      As you can tell, you have a white glow at the top and bottom of you photo. You can get rid of by a simply "Select All" and then do a "Free Transform". Once that is done just stretch your rain from top to bottom to make your rain even throughout your photo.

      Depending little rain you want you can change your "Opaticy". This photo is set to 65% Opaticy to give a realistic rain effect.

      The rain may look slightly pixelated so we'll blur it using the Gaussian Blur filter. Open the Filter> Blur menu and select Gaussian Blur. In the Gaussian Blur tool, adjust the radius slightly until the pixelation disappears. This photo's Gaussian radius is set to 0.9.

      ...and there you have it. The Rain Effect. First tutorial, C+C is always welcome. ENJOY!!!!

    17. 01-08-2009 12:09 AM #117
      that looks like a lot of work! but worth while...

    18. Member benenya's Avatar
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      Oct 9th, 2008
      gig harbor
      02 e46 330i 5speed
      01-29-2009 07:55 PM #118
      I have tequila in my car!
      Quote Originally Posted by SenorBrandon View Post
      I didn't get fat doing everything the hard way.

    19. 03-26-2009 07:50 PM #119
      Very helpful..added to favourites.

    20. 04-01-2009 03:11 PM #120
      nice guide !

    21. 09-11-2009 01:43 PM #121
      idk about making a tutorial of this but this is wat i jus made of a car i seen in the fs thread a while back, jus made it look all carbon fiber and added sum angel eyes and yea about it looks cool though im running photoshop cs4
      also if u want a bigger resolution so u can use it as a background jus IM me

    22. 01-05-2010 03:20 PM #122

      Howdy everyone, I was wondering how this effect is achieved.
      OHH, and Tom Fries car is ****ing awesome, and it looks REEALLLY good on classics.
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    23. Banned a sneaky panda's Avatar
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      Jan 18th, 2009
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      01-05-2010 03:29 PM #123
      do you have an original? it looks just under saturated maybe?

    24. 01-05-2010 04:00 PM #124
      I do not have the original. It looks like some kind of filter was used to crispen up the edges yet alter the colors. It just seems to be a little more animated than real life. here is a better example

      Modified by orrangearrow at 1:07 PM 1-5-2010
      DCI - OHIO

    25. 01-12-2010 04:54 PM #125
      DCI - OHIO

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