VWVortex.com - Recent hesitation from 2000-3800 RPM'S During acceleration..
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    Thread: Recent hesitation from 2000-3800 RPM'S During acceleration..

    1. 05-27-2005 12:49 PM #1
      I have this hesitation only during these RPM'S and none else where in the RPM Band. Started happening after I left the dealership getting a new air-filter installed and having the dealership clear my faults and check-engine lights that were on because of a bad Mass Air Flow Meter. No lights on the car now but I have this small hesitation.
      Plugs and fuel-Filter were replaced 15,000 KM ago. Any ideas??

    2. Member JBaughb's Avatar
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      Mar 20th, 2005
      05-27-2005 01:25 PM #2
      I also noticed that hesitation.....GIAC fixed that for me.

    3. 05-27-2005 04:40 PM #3
      did they change the maf sensor?? If the maf sensor has a code its not your air filter...

    4. 05-27-2005 10:55 PM #4
      New MAFF Sensor and New Air-Filter.

    5. 05-27-2005 10:55 PM #5
      I thought GIAC had problems or issues with it?

    6. 05-27-2005 11:42 PM #6
      I had this problem before but then i got a CEL. it was a misfire in cylender #5. make sure that you have VW check your car for any other faults. VW dealer in my area VT/Burlington told me that my car is fine i might have just caiught it at the wrong second!! BULLSH*T there is no such thing in my world. but any way double check on that.

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