VWVortex.com - Fault codes: 17695 (bypass valve open) and 17544 (system too lean) Help?
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    Thread: Fault codes: 17695 (bypass valve open) and 17544 (system too lean) Help?

    1. Member RobMan8023's Avatar
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      Jul 16th, 2002
      Central New Jersey
      2016 Golf R
      08-12-2005 12:47 PM #1
      I posted in both VAG and 1.8T forum...no help yet...I was wondering if anyone over here had any insight? I cleaned the MAF and air cleaner, and checked the DV (Hyperboost). I cleared the codes, and so far so good (only 2 engine cycles though), no CEL. I just was wondering if you think I solved the problem, or do you think there's more to it?
      The whole list of codes and the original post:
      Help with codes:
      I got the following codes off VAG-Com today:
      Controller: Engine
      16684 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire - intermittent
      16686 Cylinder 2 Misfire - intermittent
      16685 Cylinder 1 Misfire - intermittent
      16688 Cylinder 4 Misfire - intermittent
      16687 Cylinder 3 Misfire - intermittent
      17695 Turbocharger bypass valve open
      17544 Fuel Trim: Bank 1 (Add): System too lean
      Car: 2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8 Turbo
      Engine: AWP
      Mods: K&N Drop-in, Hyperboost DV
      Any help would be appreciated: where do I start?
      I'm guessing I pry need to clean out and lube my DV? Is that correct?
      (I'm new to this!)
      Thanks in advance!

    2. Member joedubs's Avatar
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      Feb 2nd, 2004
      07 wrx wagon, 99 a4 avant BT
      08-12-2005 01:32 PM #2
      hmm... w/ my semi-educated thought processes... im gunna throw in my $0.02.
      the misfires... NO idea
      the "turbocharger bypass valve open" is [probably] gunna be the wastegate... which diverts exhaust away from the turbo, so that it stops spinning/boosting. since your running lean, im gunna go out on a limb and say that "open" means its not diverting exhaust away from the turbo, which is making it overboost. and by overboosting, the car isn't compensating by dumping in more fuel.
      just a guess, but im thinking that lubing up the d/v wont fix the problem. the d/v is at the opposite end of the system as the wastegate.

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