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    Thread: Q7 Wheel Choices Shown at Frankfurt

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      09-21-2005 12:59 PM #1
      Some of these may be standard equipment, or optional via the Audi Collection. Either way, they were on display at Frankfurt, so I nabbed some photos.

      There was also an accessories Q7 on display with 21-inch wheels that looked like the new RS 4 wheel. We were told they were not yet approved for production (Q7 hasn't been cleared for series production 21-inch wheels yet), but that they will probably be made and go on sale.

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      10-29-2005 07:55 PM #2
      I don't think this will do as well as its siblings Cayanne and Touareg. It looks good though!

      Modified by Corradoman8 at 7:56 PM 10-29-2005

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