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    Thread: what happens if u put too much oil into your block

    1. 09-28-2005 03:24 PM #1
      ??? what could happen

    2. 09-28-2005 03:35 PM #2
      Ruins your catalytic converter if too much over. If it is just a alittle over don't worry about it.

    3. 09-28-2005 03:41 PM #3
      how much, like a quart? probably smoke a lot, might not take out your cat if your lucky. also it can hurt performance by slowing your crankshaft down

    4. Member Wayne92SLC's Avatar
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      Mar 1st, 2001
      Minneapolis, MN
      1992 Corrado SLC; 2001 Audi S4 Avant
      09-28-2005 05:04 PM #4
      Quote, originally posted by vr6cl »
      ??? what could happen

      WORST CASE--if you raise the level enough that the crank ends up whipping it into a foamy mess, you can pick up this air/oil mixure and lose oil pressure and spin a bearing. Again, this is absolutley the worst case...

    5. 09-28-2005 05:14 PM #5
      aerated oil for the lose

    6. 09-28-2005 05:25 PM #6
      okay soo i changed the oil again and now its at a normal leave
      the only thing is i hear a whistle sound when i start her up but when shes warm its all good
      i think somthing is wrong i have no idea

    7. 09-28-2005 11:52 PM #7

    8. Member MacDalund's Avatar
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      Jun 30th, 2003
      Minneapolis, MN
      2000 Jetta VR6; 2003 Audi A4; 2013 Golf R
      09-29-2005 05:11 AM #8
      How much over was it? If it was a little and everything is fine now I wouldn't worry.
      Rich Green
      2000 Jetta VR6
      2003 Audi A4
      2013 Golf R

    9. 09-29-2005 09:21 AM #9
      if you think you put in too much, just open the sump and drain the oil and refill it again. not a good idea to put too much oil in the sump. can also damage your rings so i have been told.

    10. 09-29-2005 09:40 AM #10
      Whistling till warm? SAI problem maybe?

    11. 09-29-2005 03:50 PM #11
      what exactly is a ASI and yes its like off and on when its cold a lil whistling i dont really know what it is

      so the leave is back to normal just that sound now when its a cold start but when i start driving its normale

    12. 09-29-2005 06:30 PM #12

    13. 09-29-2005 06:33 PM #13
      my car makes the same noise on a cold start. I had a check engine light for my air pump. not sure if this is normal or a problem. i thought it was normal but would like to know for sure

    14. 09-30-2005 08:39 PM #14
      my car never made that sound till after i put too much oil in
      then i got it down to the rite leave and now i hear that sound on a cold start i even think i lost some hp does anyone know if theres someway of checken it out or how much it would cost to replace it >?

    15. 10-01-2005 05:14 PM #15

    16. Senior Member jhayesvw's Avatar
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      Oct 3rd, 2001
      Tucson, AZ
      12' GTI
      10-01-2005 05:39 PM #16
      its definately your SAI secondary air injection
      dont worry about it.

    17. Member
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      May 21st, 2001
      Toronto, Canada
      10-01-2005 11:48 PM #17
      Quote, originally posted by jhayesvw »
      its definately your SAI secondary air injection
      dont worry about it.

      On a cold start it runs about a minute. If there is a loose air pipe it can sound like a vaccum cleaner.
      1986 MC SS - 180 Raging HP - summer toy

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    18. Angry Turtle Administrator nater's Avatar
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      Apr 10th, 2000
      2008 3.6L Passat 4Mo, 98 O2M 3.0L VRT, '04 .:R32, 2010 Routan
      10-02-2005 10:06 AM #18
      Quote, originally posted by vr6cl »
      my car never made that sound till after i put too much oil in

      As somebody else asked:
      How much oil is "too much oil" when you put it in?
      Did you put 10 qrts in?
      Or just an extra quart?
      If you just put an extra qrt or two in don't worry about the whistling. Your car runs fine after it's warmed up, right?
      Mine makes all sorts of cold noises and it runs perfect "at temp".
      How much oil did you put in initially?

    19. 10-02-2005 08:05 PM #19
      well i checket my oil for my car one day and it didnt seem to have any
      soo me in panic mmmmmm grab a 5 QT and start putting it in by the time i realized what a dum ass i am and stopet at maybe 4 or 3,5
      QT i think i lost some hp i dont really know but not it seems to be fine

    20. Member Scooter98144's Avatar
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      Jul 15th, 2002
      Renton Wa
      1995 VW GTI Supercharged VR6
      10-03-2005 12:58 AM #20
      Are folks on here just stupid? The Vr6 takes 6 quarts NO more NO less plain and simple1 God if you do NOT know that then then why and the hell are you even touching your drain plug. Go to a quicky lube and let some teen age boy who I guess knows more than you change your oil
      If you over filled it then fixed it you should be fine any weird sounds your hearing may be from some other thing you messed up.

    21. 10-03-2005 01:06 PM #21
      Well mine takes 5.00 quarts, exactly. Stock pan.
      Why don't you drain your filter, easy to do and should get you back where you need to be....

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