VWVortex.com - windshield swirl mark removal ????? I FXXk IT UP!!!!
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    Thread: windshield swirl mark removal ????? I FXXk IT UP!!!!

    1. 11-10-2005 11:18 AM #1
      What a day just found out there's a fine scratch on my windshield, can't feel it with my finger or nail....anyhow talked to my auto glass department, and the guy give me some powder to mix with water, a bottle of glass cleaner and a glass polishing wheel....off i went trying to remove the scratch on the windshield very carefully.....did it for about 5 mins on and off.....didn't work....i thought just to leave it and forget about it.....and now i see swirl mark on the place where i was working on.....DAMN!!!!!!!! any ideas on how to remove them can really save my sorry ass!!!!!

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    2. 11-10-2005 11:45 AM #2
      i think u pressed to hard.. now ur probably gunna have to buff out the swirls go ask the glass shop again

    3. 11-12-2005 02:03 AM #3
      glass people not really helpful on this...they are tooo busy trying to make money....how would you buff out the swirl marks, can i buff it out by hand with some type of swirl removal for glass....how should i go about doing it....any advise??? this is a lesson learned....leave it alone or it will come back and fxxuck with you even harder!!!!

    4. 11-12-2005 02:14 AM #4
      take a hammer to the windshield and get it replaced for free by insurance (if you feel manly enough)
      on a serious note, i really dont know.

    5. 11-12-2005 02:14 AM #5
      high grit wetsanding??

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