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    Thread: Radio has power but no sound!!!!!!

    1. 01-04-2006 09:46 PM #1
      I have a 2002 jetta, and the radio just stop working. it will power up and power off, but I have no sound and I can not change the radio station or listen to cd or a tape. it is not in safe mode, I double checked the fuse and that is still in good condition. I took it over to the dealer and they took a look at it for about 2min and wanted me to just replace the whole thing. I replaced my battery because it was given me trouble starting, now it starts like it was bran new, howerver the radio does not want to work.!!!!
      has anybody had this problem before and would let me know how to fix it.
      Thanks for the imput.

    2. Member JHammer's Avatar
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      Dec 12th, 2005
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      01-04-2006 11:34 PM #2
      Did you turn the volume up? Ha-ha, just kidding. You might try checking the fuses that connect to the speakers. Hope I could help.
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    3. 01-05-2006 02:36 AM #3
      Try a capciator discharge (disconnect both battery cables touch together for 10 seconds) reconnect and check again, if still not working try pulling fuse out for radio I think the 3rd fuse up from the bottom right corner of fuse panel.

    4. 01-05-2006 03:27 AM #4
      it could be a ground,it could be the connection to the head unit, it could be a splice in a wire..... many things it could be be but more than likely a bad ground

    5. Member Cpt.Random's Avatar
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      Jan 1st, 2006
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      01-05-2006 12:20 PM #5
      What did you check on the fuse? I had this problem and called the dealer and the guy just told me to pull the fuse out and take my key and scrape off the contacts on it. He said it was common that the fuses corode and lose connection and cleaning them fixes the problem.

    6. Banned
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      Nov 24th, 2001
      01-05-2006 12:21 PM #6
      my wife's Jetta (02') has had the similar issues....and each time the dealer replaced the HU under warranty....we are up to our 5th new HU...
      good luck!

    7. Member Fugee's Avatar
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      Aug 22nd, 2003
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      01-05-2006 12:22 PM #7
      good luck man...I had the same thing happen to my 03 GTi and they ahd to replace it under warranty [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    8. 01-05-2006 08:27 PM #8
      Thank for the imput,
      I will try everything this weekend, and hope this works. If I do have to replace the head unit should I go with an after market system or should I just go with a factory replacement

    9. 01-05-2006 09:03 PM #9
      If that happened to me I'd go aftermarket HU.

    10. 01-05-2006 09:34 PM #10
      I had a similar thread just recently. Same exact situation. Well I did not want to go aftermarket due to having phatbox. So I found a OEM headunit on ebay for 20$. Alot cheaper then 350$ from the dealership. Mine is a single din so thats what I looked for on ebay. Well I ended up getting the better monsoon single din headunit from a 2000 passat. It actually sound a hell of alot better. Well good luck with your situation but that was the way mine ended. Everyone on here pretty much said it was fried.

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