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    Thread: 2000 Passat frequent secondary air pump failure

    1. 02-03-2006 03:15 PM #1
      I have replaced the secondary air pump in my 2000 Passat GL 4 times since I purchased it. When it fails the check engine light comes on and the error message reads "emission controls". The last time it was replaced, I was told that water had entered the pump and my pollen filter was soaked. I was asked whether I drove through deep puddles - the only explanation they had for the water. I was told that VW would not continue to replace the air pump in the future. I don't believe I drive in abnormal conditions and have not noticed that it has been raining when it failed; however, the pump has failed more frequently since I moved to Rhode Island where it rains more often. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions??
      Thanks for any help!

    2. 02-03-2006 04:45 PM #2
      You have a bad combi valve. It leaks and allows combustion condensation into the pump.
      Ever see all that water pouring out of someones tail pipe?
      Part of that is condensation from combustion.
      The air pump sucks clean (dry) air out of the air filter box and pumps it into the exhaust (in the head actualy). There is a one way valve
      (combi valve) to prevent exhaust from flowing into the pump when its off.
      I would think the dealers would know that, but guess not....
      They would rather blame you for driving under water...

    3. 02-03-2006 06:10 PM #3
      Thanks for the reply. Checked my service records and it sounds like they checked or replaced the combi valve in the past: the time before last that the pump failed, they replaced the air pump, combi valve, turbo boost valve, and air meter (in that order over a three day period because everytime I took the car home, the check engine light came back on).
      I also found the service statement from the first time the pump failed and it said that they checked the combi valve and hoses but they were fine. They also said they found water in the pump motor and that it had a blown fuse.
      Could there be any other reasons I'm getting water in the pump? I just have to wonder if there is some sort of design problem. The service person I spoke to at the dealership did say that they had another 2000 Passat come in that same week with the same problem.
      Thanks again.

    4. 02-03-2006 06:53 PM #4
      I would assume the checked the suction hose on the pump, the one that runs to the air filter box.
      Does the combi valve look new and shiny?
      Its a very simple system, air pump, combi valve, hoses...

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