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    Thread: Musical Intruments/Pro Audio Gear Forum CLASSIFIED Thread (Read Before Posting)

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    1. Geriatric Member
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      Mar 10th, 1999
      2003 Jetta GLI (Project car), 1957 Porsche Speedster (replica)
      02-12-2006 02:30 PM #1
      This thread is the official, and only CLASSIFIED thread going on in the Musical Intruments/Pro Audio Gear forum. This will help us find each others gear related classifieds, instead of them getting lost in the misc. classified forum. Please follow the rules posted below, thanks.
      THE RULES:
      Only post FOR SALE /WTB / WTT stuff here.
      Once it sells delete your post. If you do not know how please ask.
      NO posting replies in here... IM, or e-mail the seller. Any replies will be deleted immediately w/o any explanation. You may however post your classified thread in the normal classified forums and post here with a short description and a link to the thread.
      This thread will be restarted every quarter (3 months).
      Q1 January - March
      Q2 April - June
      Q3 July - September
      Q4 October - December

      Enjoy! [IMG]http://**********************/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

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    2. Member Michael Blue's Avatar
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      Sep 30th, 1999
      Central IL, USA
      1998 Pelican Blue Audi A4Q Sport
      07-04-2008 01:02 PM #2
      Happy 4th of July!
      Yamaha DX7 Gen1 - Mint!
      2 cards pictured are included - RAM is unused.
      I may have a manual somewhere...
      PM/email offers + roughly $50 (actual shipping when you give your zip code) to lower 48 (these things are horses!)

      Modified by Michael Blue at 11:14 AM 8-2-2008

    3. Member Michael Blue's Avatar
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      Sep 30th, 1999
      Central IL, USA
      1998 Pelican Blue Audi A4Q Sport
      07-04-2008 01:08 PM #3
      Ensoniq Mirage Rack DMS 8 w/Expansion Port - Mint!
      Includes decent floppy library. DIY aluminum rack ears have been removed.

      I've owned this Sampler since the '80s. Smoke free studio, never gigged.
      Was recently tested and all features appear to function. Sold As-Is.
      Email/PM offers + roughly $20 shipping (actual figured when I know your zip code).

      Modified by Michael Blue at 11:15 AM 8-2-2008

    4. Member Michael Blue's Avatar
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      Sep 30th, 1999
      Central IL, USA
      1998 Pelican Blue Audi A4Q Sport
      07-04-2008 01:11 PM #4
      Yamaha DX100 - Good aesthetic condition, but inoperable and missing slider knobs.
      Includes rare "Yamaha DX Starter Kit" (book, cassettes and cables in a nice box) as well as a "Coastar" soft gigbag.
      Email/PM offers (actual shipping will be added when I know your zip code). Sold As-Is.

      Modified by Michael Blue at 11:16 AM 8-2-2008

    5. Member Michael Blue's Avatar
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      Sep 30th, 1999
      Central IL, USA
      1998 Pelican Blue Audi A4Q Sport
      07-04-2008 01:16 PM #5
      Peavey Line Mix 8 - 8 Channel 2-Space Rack Mixer - Mint!
      8 mutable and pannable channels, dual effects sends each with level and pan, left and right main levels, headphone jack w/level.
      Note: ALL 1/4" jacks, NO XLRs, NO phantom power.
      No dirty pots, everything works as it should.
      Includes power supply.

      Email/PM with offers + roughly $25 shipping (actual quoted with your zip code). Sold As-Is.

      Modified by Michael Blue at 11:17 AM 8-2-2008

    6. Member Michael Blue's Avatar
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      Sep 30th, 1999
      Central IL, USA
      1998 Pelican Blue Audi A4Q Sport
      07-04-2008 01:23 PM #6
      M•Audio Audiophile USB - USB Audio/MIDI-PC Interface - Mint!
      Includes power supply. Will be shipped in original box.
      Have never used digital or MIDI, but everything tested works as it should.
      Sold As-Is.
      (file photo)
      Email/PM with offers + actual shipping will be added with your zip code.

      Modified by Michael Blue at 11:18 AM 8-2-2008

    7. Member g60racer's Avatar
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      Nov 18th, 2000
      South Bend
      93 VR6 Corrado, 04 R32
      11-19-2009 04:07 PM #7
      FS early 80's Kramer Baretta EVH 5150 replica
      I was a high school history teacher, laid off with budget cuts and now I have to part with some of my prized possessions, in order to pay rent and provide for my kids.
      This is my early 80's Kramer customized to be an idealized version of the famous 5150: no weathering, professionally clearcoated, and perfectly preserved chrome bits with no corrosion.
      All the stripes on the paintjob have been meticulously & accurately reproduced, & the paint sealed with professional auto clearcoat. It's SHINY!! I thought that was a nice touch instead of the weathered replicas out there.
      I've been a huge Van Halen fan since I was in high school, and frankly wanted to be Eddie when I started playing guitar. It was my dream to have this guitar, and I'm very sorry to have to let it go. 5150 was my favorite album and this particular guitar of Eddie's was always my favorite.
      Plays and sounds amazing. I added the official EVH Frankenstein pickup to it last month, and it sounds dead-on like Eddie's guitar.
      vintage Kramer body
      vintage ESP/Kramer neck with 1 5/8" nut & original Floyd R2 locking nut, bare wood with hand rubbed oil finish
      vintage Floyd Rose tremolo
      MXR knob
      500k Ohm potentiometer
      vintage Kramer tuners
      correct 5150 holographic decals
      brand new official EVH Frankenstein pickup
      brand new hard case
      $900 shipped. will entertain offers.
      PM me or Email me at: g60racer at aol dot com
      (I will probably miss replies in this thread)
      Here are some pix:

      Modified by g60racer at 10:16 AM 12-3-2009
      Brendan Prout
      04 R32 134k miles
      93 VR6 Corrado 190k miles
      90 G60 Corrado 304k miles - RIP 2/12/11

    8. Member xxRogueStatus's Avatar
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      Nov 30th, 2008
      Long Island, NY
      Slow "Girl's Car"
      11-26-2009 12:34 PM #8
      Selling a brand new Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah Pedal with power cord included. Never before opened until I took the picture. Everything works properly and is a great deal for a holiday present.

      Bidding starts at $60:
      8v Society #32 | My Build Thread | IG: @xxRogueStatus

    9. 01-05-2010 03:42 PM #9
      Both items are basically brand new. Never been used for full recording, only used for sound checks. I bought them thinking that my friend and I would start recording but we never did. I purchased them about a month ago therefore they still have about 11 months left of warranty. Everything will ship in original box with all paper work and accessories.
      Items are:
      M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R
      (8 Channel interface, perfect for recording drums or multiple instruments at once)
      Samson 7 piece drum microphone kit with carrying case.
      (Snare mic, 3 tom mics, 2 overheads, and 1 kick mic)
      Also included with the microphones are 2 boom stands for over head microphones, and one bass drum microphone stand. And you will also get 8 brand new 20 foot XLR cables.
      Please send me offers through here or if possible to my email at
      Like I said before, these items are basically brand new, have never left my house or have been used for extensive amounts of time at once. This is top of the line equipment and I really wish that I could have gotten some use out of it. And again, please remember that you will have almost a full warranty. This equipment sounds great on its own and with a little experience it can sound even better. Let me know! Thanks!

    10. Member xxRogueStatus's Avatar
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      Nov 30th, 2008
      Long Island, NY
      Slow "Girl's Car"
      01-14-2010 01:56 PM #10
      For Sale: Brand New Digitech Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal
      Includes: - Instruction Booklet
      - Allen Wrenches (2)
      - Replaceable Spring

      Bidding Starts at $40.00
      8v Society #32 | My Build Thread | IG: @xxRogueStatus

    11. Member dolemite's Avatar
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      Jun 24th, 2000
      Saabaru 92x aero
      01-15-2010 04:43 PM #11
      XOX effects Black hole
      the wacky pedal has 3 sub octaves to choose from, a modulation bank and an LFO bank, 3 switches.
      sub controls: oct-level, mix
      sub octave controls: 3 posistion switch for 1, 2, and 3 octaves down.
      LFO controls: speed, depth, track and sensitiviy.
      Very strange pedal
      heses a video clip
      its like an MXR on steriods

      new condition

    12. Junior Member
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      Nov 2nd, 2007
      06 volkswagen GLI
      07-21-2008 10:29 PM #12
      FS: Roland PM-3 personal monitor. Great condition, works great as an electronic drum monitor/Amp. I used it for my kit for a couple of years, now I really don't get a chance to use it. It also works well for keyboards/synthesizers. Instrument cables included. You can find specs on the Roland website if you search PM-3.
      Asking $350 obo + shipping. PM/email for pics and with offers.

    13. Member raycer's Avatar
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      Aug 21st, 2002
      Corona, CA
      2003 vw gti vr6
      07-30-2008 06:45 AM #13

      Modified by raycer at 7:32 PM 9-9-2008

    14. 07-30-2008 07:52 AM #14
      FS: Yamaha MG12/4 12-input mixer, $150
      Heres a link to all of the information
      But it is discontinued. It used to sell for $299
      But theres a newer version out, so I'm only asking $150 OBO
      The mixer works great and sounds really really clear and clean
      It is perfect for home recordings or for live sound
      I'm selling it so I can buy a firewire interface
      This was a great mixer to get started on
      The only thing wrong is one little button cover fell off. Its not a huge deal, you can still push it.
      Theres a picture of it.

      $150 obo
      make an offer!

      FS: M-audio Recording Interface $150
      Heres the link to all of the information youd need
      The interface is in PERFECT condition
      The recordings ive made with it have sounded really really good
      i used it for a direct plug in for guitars
      and as an interface to hook up my mixer
      it was a great piece to begin with and to carry around with me
      but I'm ready to upgrade to a firewire with more inputs
      I'm only asking $150 OBO

    15. 08-22-2008 02:52 AM #15
      Fender '72 telecaster thinline reissue

      Modified by meesh. at 9:27 PM 2-26-2010

    16. Member whiteshirttdi11's Avatar
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      Jul 2nd, 2007
      00 Golf TDl, 83 Rabbit GTI
      08-30-2008 12:19 PM #16
      pa set up for $800
      ive used this for quite a few shows and a few dances, its definitely loud enough, it is realy nice to have just for parties too i just need some money for other things right now.
      2 jbl mr series 15" 2 way cabs, these are the equivalent to the new mpro series
      1 qsc 850 power amp, powers both speakers fine but a bigger amp could be used
      2 ultimate stands (for the cabs) with bags.
      2 50ft banana cables
      2 5 ft 1/4inch cables, to run from the mixer to the power amp
      1 yamaha 10 channel mixer,
      i was never disappointed in the setup, it has a great clear sound and the range is pretty good even without subs, its much better than the behinger setups you an get for the same price, and you can build up off this pa set up.
      all components are in great shape as well
      im me or email me at if you need more info or pictures [IMG]http://**********************/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    17. Member cdub58's Avatar
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      Sep 25th, 2006
      south cal.
      61 beetle mk5
      09-10-2008 02:47 AM #17
      I have a line 6 spider 3 head and half cab for sale. only used a few times. volume never turned past 1/4 basicly brand new...
      looking to get 600 for it or best offer.

    18. 09-11-2008 10:52 PM #18
      20" Sabian B8 ride $50 shipped or $40 if you wanna meet me at h20i

    19. 09-15-2008 07:48 PM #19
      2 Peavey SP-2A PA Speakers
      bought these a few years back from a music shop for $425 used and never put them to use.
      they are insanely durable and heavy!
      15" Black Widow woofers and upper horns
      Solid wood construction, small surface scratches from me moving them around house to house, and attic to attic. i'll dust em off and give a good touch up on the cabinets.
      they'll handle anything thru them but a bass guitar.
      have bottom ports for speaker stands, i do not have stands for them.
      300w, 8ohms.
      $300 takes 'em.
      LOCAL SALE ONLY, located in Thorofare, NJ 08086.

      The ghost of Scirocco's past. -- Mark Morris

    20. 09-15-2008 07:49 PM #20
      Carvin V412T 4x12 Guitar Cabinet
      top/slanted cabinet
      early 90's model, closed back
      4 BR12 speakers, 8 ohm
      this is a beast of a cabinet, sounds great. in great shape for its age, no problems with it at all. its a heavy bastard at 93lbs and no casters. $250 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. cabinet is located in Thorofare, NJ 08086.

      The ghost of Scirocco's past. -- Mark Morris

    21. Member wolfsbeard's Avatar
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      Jan 17th, 2003
      Norcross, GA
      89 Golf
      10-01-2008 03:57 PM #21
      Two 18' instrument cables - 1/4" plug. Radio Shack Gold Series. Lightly used.
      $18 shipped to the continental U.S.

      signature goes here

    22. Member
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      Jan 19th, 2005
      Shepherdsturd, WV
      '12 JKU / '06 FXSTDI
      11-03-2008 01:03 PM #22
      I need money for a new camera by the end of the month. Here's my deal:
      I have a Hughes & Kettner MKI Triamp with the foot switch. It's in decent condition. One of the post that holds the footswitch connector into the back of the amp is broken off and the other is missing but it still plugs in snug. The tubes were just replaced and it was into the local music shop's repair guy for a general service.
      I also have a Crate 4x12 cabinet. I think the model is dx412r. The head is 100watts and is a very bright head. The cabinet is deep and they match perfectly for a nice mellow tone.
      I'll get rid of both for $1000. I'd prefer local pickup as shipping these things will cost an arm and a leg. If you want them and want them shipped, I'll do it as long as you arrange for shipping and pay for it.
      For an extra $200 I'll throw in a Hamer Standard guitar. It's Asian and has the Gibson Explorer body style with dual humbuckers, a clear over wood finish, and white pickgaurd. It also comes with a hard shell Hamer case.
      I don't have picture of the guitar, but pictures of the head and cab are in this Flickr set.

    23. 11-05-2008 08:32 PM #23
      Ive got a sr5 ibanez and a peavy TKO 115 amp,
      Both are in PERFECT condition, Bass has its own personal hard case...
      thinking of selling for the right price, pm me if interested
      heres some pics...
      1300 obo

      Modified by 1.8t luv at 8:51 PM 11-5-2008

    24. Member emmauslax31's Avatar
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      Apr 11th, 2007
      2014 Chevy Silverado V8
      11-08-2008 08:49 AM #24
      Used Epiphone EL-00 Acoustic Guitar... I used it for a bit, but I am looking to get an electric guitar. It does have a chip at the head of the guitar from falling. But other than that it is in good condition. Will post up pictures, or i/m me for them
      Guitar is in Emmaus, PA

    25. 11-11-2008 12:19 PM #25
      I have a behringer ultrabass bx1200 120watt bass amp for sale. i had this for a little over a year an hardly ever used it (maybe like 20 times over the whole year). here is a link with a picture of amp (not mine) and an overall review. i am only selling this because i need the money and i really have no use for this becuase i have already sold my bass. So the price is 250 OBO. i paid around 400 a little over a year ago so i dont think it is too much to ask. but i am flexible so the price is obo. thanks for your time and you can pm me with any questions..

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