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    Thread: Musical Intruments/Pro Audio Gear Forum CLASSIFIED Thread (Read Before Posting)

    1. 07-05-2010 09:53 AM #101
      I have a Numark DM-950 mixer for sale. It's in like new condition. I used it to record some records into mp3 format.

      I'm asking $60 shipped or best offer.

      Detailed specifications below:

      The DM950USB is an affordable two channel mixer with two USB audio ports built into the mixer. USB technology allows audio files to be transferred to and from your computer. Mix your computers music files with vinyl, CD, DVD or a microphone. Incorporate MP3, WMA, WAV, and other digital music files in the mix from any USB equipped PC or Mac. Two USB ports are included so you can take advantage of the multiple sound card feature found in most DJ mixing software. Record your mix at the same time as you play back. The DM950USB from Numark is the perfect way to easily get into the modern world of computer music while still using a traditional mixing platform.


      Gain control on inputs
      Replaceable crossfader
      Slider cuing
      Inputs for 2 line, 2 phono, 2 USB, 1 mic
      2 USB input/output channels for playing MP3 (or other audio) files from a computer or for recording your performance to a computer
      No software drivers needed with Windows XP or Mac OS X
      Works with almost any Windows or Mac audio recording or playback software

    2. Member Mafiamike954's Avatar
      Join Date
      Mar 3rd, 2009
      Plantation FL
      2004/vw/Jetta GLI 1.8T
      09-17-2010 10:17 PM #102
      1,100 OBO

      SOUTH FLORIDA, Plantation 33323

      Here is a link to the PRICE

      This (Pearl Forum Series) set is a beautiful dark metallic red. It includes a snare drum, kick, high-medium-and low tom.

      Extras Include:

      1 Zildjian ZBT 14in crash symbol

      1 Zildjian ZXT 9in splash symbol

      1 Zildjian 10in splash symbol

      1 Paiste 16in 502 crash symbol

      1 Paiste Alpha 20in ride symbol

      2 Sabian XS 14in High hats

      1 Sabian B8 6in splash symbol

      1 PDP high hat stand

      1 PDP Double pedal drum kick

      5 PDP symbol stands

      1 PDP symbol boom stand

      4 Remo drum dampeners

      1 kick drum 4in cut out.

      Mike at: (954) 242-8509

      Email: Mike_T_954@live.com

    3. Member antiflag22skate's Avatar
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      Feb 22nd, 2010
      Altoona, Pa
      97 jeep grand cherokee wanting anothe VW
      09-22-2010 12:37 PM #103
      something like this http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT anyone got one there willing to give to me if not how much would you want and also looking for danelectro fab metal overdrive and chorus pedal

    4. 10-04-2010 08:52 PM #104
      I have a breedlove 5 string bass. It comes with a hardshell case. I can get pictures (all this time on vortex and I still don't know how to post pictures) to you via email.
      no dents no dings
      asking 500/obo

    5. 10-11-2010 06:03 PM #105
      Any interest in a absolutely mint condition Akai MPK-25? I bought it and only used it for a day which mostly consisted of trying to figure out why my Windows 7 machine and Reason wouldn't recognize it properly. I waited too long to return the unit because of H20 and other distractions and now I have to take a loss on it.

      Goes for $250 before tax at MusiciansFriend, asking $215 shipped in the US or just $190 pickup in Baltimore area.

    6. Member raycer's Avatar
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      Aug 21st, 2002
      Corona, CA
      2003 vw gti vr6
      10-19-2010 07:37 PM #106
      Feeler: 2008 Ibanez RG5EX1

      Original price at Guitar Center = $400

      Basically I bought it to hold me over until my Musicman JP6 was being made. Put on Dimarzio PAF Pros and Dimarzio EVOs, and when I got my Musicman I let my friend borrow the guitar. He told me he wanted to try and change electronics and such and I said hey, why not. Took out the dimarzios but never got around to putting the originals back on.

      So to sum up, I have all the electronics/switches/knobs (pickups were literally never used), but they're not hooked up.

    7. Banned ateam's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 28th, 2010
      11-03-2010 05:01 PM #107
      Have a Kaossilator Pro for sale, price is $200 shipped. Send me a PM


      The Korg Kaossilator Pro is a supercharged version of the palm-sized KAOSSILATOR, reborn as a powerful track-making tool and loaded with live performance power.
      The Korg Kaossilator Pro features 200 sound programs, a new Electribe-inspired gate arpeggiator, and four loop recording banks that can even record external audio sources. The KAOSSILATOR PRO is packed with features that make it ideal for both live performance and premium productions.
      In addition, USB connectivity with your computer and SD card memory storage allow the KAOSSILATOR PRO to be used not just for improvised performances, but also as a superbly intuitive, track-making music production tool.
      KAOSS X-Y touchpad offers intuitive, realtime control
      200 sounds covering modern synth sounds such as lead and bass, and diverse acoustic sounds from piano to trumpet and beyond
      PCM samples provide dramatic drum kits and ready to rock percussion patterns
      Vocoder programs deliver scintillating vocal effects
      Access up to eight of your favorite sounds instantly using the assignable Program Memory buttons
      Loop Recording can layer both internal Program sounds and external audio overdubs
      Four Loop Record Banks each allow up to four measures of loop recording, with easy muting that allows expressive realtime layering and DJ-Style re-mixing – ideal for live performance.
      Gate Arpeggiator repeatedly triggers sounds in sync with the tempo. The slider controls either the gate time or gate speed.
      Choose a key and select one of 31 musical scales to easily create musical phrases. Limit the X-Y pad's note range for even more control
      Loop data, user settings and Program Memories can be stored on SD card
      Dedicated software lets you manage loop data, MIDI assignments, and user settings from your computer
      Performs double-duty as a MIDI controller for external equipment or software applications
      KAOSSILATOR PRO Editor is a dedicated software program for managing your recorded loop data, as well as MIDI assignment editor functionality that lets you transform the KAOSSILATOR PRO into a powerful MIDI controller that's set up just the way you want. KAOSSILATOR PRO Editor can be downloaded free of charge from the Korg website. * Runs on Microsoft Windows XP (SP3 or later) / Vista (SP2 or later) / 7, and on Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

    8. Member azunderg's Avatar
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      Apr 29th, 2009
      85006 | Garfield District
      Charger R/T|Fixie|Light Rail
      12-06-2010 11:22 AM #108
      PM me for details first reasonable offer takes it. It will be shipping from 85003.

      MXL 990 microphone
      Phoenix DMZ
      The Ghetto
      New South | Neuspeed | ECS | Optima

    9. Member Mafiamike954's Avatar
      Join Date
      Mar 3rd, 2009
      Plantation FL
      2004/vw/Jetta GLI 1.8T
      01-12-2011 07:27 PM #109
      1,000 OBO!!!!
      Local in Plantation fl 33323

      cell 954 242 8509

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      Modified by Mafiamike954 at 7:25 PM 1-1-2010

    10. Member Vegeta Gti's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 12th, 2003
      konoha village, hawaii
      1984 GLi 20v, '16 M3, '85 Golf, '03 BMP 20th AE
      01-26-2011 03:55 AM #110
      starclassics haven't been hand made in years, but these are!! made in 96/97..Bright Blue oil stain sizes:


      all free floating,beautiful,excellent condition. i have a completely custom,one off snare from maple works drums that the owner made for me. it is a 23 ply with 8 ply reinforcement rings,13x5 maple snare. gorgeous,unique sound.full, yet crisp,lot's of attack but great timbre and body.

      gibraltar road pro rack system, lots of booms,straight stands attachments and so on. various cymbals. cymbals i know of-

      18" china high
      14" rock top hihat
      14" flat beat bottom hihat
      9" and 11" splashes

      17" aax pro crash
      18" crash of some sort

      20" medium crash

      ULTRA RARE LIMITED MAKE 22" dry dark ride..completely unlathed, heavy, lots of volume, bright full yet dark..all ping but no round sound sliek it, the bell is 9" and has it's own sound!!

      and probably some random stuff in there

      Tama cobra smooth glide double pedal
      tama power glide hihat
      gibraltar stool

      misc stuff i can't remember,soft bags(missing some)

      $8000 firm

      have pics, will email..just a feeler.


      free pic..circa 99

      :HOMEGROWN MOTORSPORTS:1:4.9 SuaSponte #13Dead Rabbits. Ungluck on IG. MKIforLife
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      What vegeta said.

    11. Member BuPsychBass's Avatar
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      Jan 23rd, 2008
      Crystal Lake, IL
      '01 30v 4mo
      02-16-2011 05:00 PM #111
      My baby... sellin to pay for... well... a baby.

      The nitty gritty from Warwick themselves:

      FNA 4 string
      March 1998

      Neck Wood: Wenge Wood
      Fingerboard: Wenge Wood
      Frets: Bronze Warwick Frets
      Nut: Just a Nut I
      Neck const: Bolt On
      Body: Top 2 pcs. AAA Flamed Maple Wood
      : Backside 2 pcs. US Swamp Ash Wood
      Surface: Turqois Blue OFC (Satin Surface)
      Pickups: MEC Humbucker
      Electronic: Seymour Duncan Active 3 Band Bassline Electronic
      Hardware: Gold Hardware by Warwick

      Consider this your gateway into REAL Warwick sound. Sorry, but no matter how you slice it a RockBass isn't a Warwick. This thing is the balls. Growling mids, punchy highs, and clear sustain on the low end. I will miss it, but it was either sell this one, or my first bass, and well, sentimentality ruled out.

      I'd like to get $800 for it.

      I will gladly send you more pics/ specific pics. Lemme know.
      - John
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    12. Member
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      Jan 19th, 2005
      Shepherdsturd, WV
      '12 JKU / '06 FXSTDI
      02-24-2011 10:34 AM #112
      I know it's a long shot, but I have a Blackstar Artisan 30 2x12 30w Combo amp. It has some small blemishes on the side, but other than that, it's in excellent condition. It's basically brand new and I purchased it in Spring of last year but since then I've almost totally given up on music. I've sold everything except this amp and my acoustic and I'm just trying to get rid of it to help fund photography gear.

      $1200 OBO. I'd prefer not to ship it as it will be expensive and tubes can be fragile, but I will if I can work something out. I live in Shepherdstown, WV and can drive to DC or Baltimore to meet people. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll see about taking some better photos.

    13. Member AKdub914's Avatar
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      Jun 15th, 2010
      Dallas TX
      09 jetta SE
      02-24-2011 07:54 PM #113
      i have this exact midi controller keystation still in box with programs for sale. ill post up my own pics and info when i get home. looking for $80, im nyc local but will ship if i have to

      AKdub | I NY * Now in Dallas TX | THREE.8.WERKS...Ferdinand's Crew | Wheel Build | IG: @AKrapheal

    14. Member
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      Mar 31st, 2007
      Far from anywhere worth noting, VA
      Le Bomber.
      05-14-2011 01:28 AM #114
      Used epiphone eb-3, don't know much about bass guitars or really how to play anything instrumental. I know retail on a used model seems to be $300-400 so I'm asking [b]$180+ shipping[/img]

      Neck isn't warped, all electrics work, small chip in the body on the bottom of it.

      Always kept in a climate controlled area, never left in a car or anything like that.
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      If I have a post on here that has a dead pic PM me, I selfishly reorganized my photobucket in boredom.

    15. Semi-n00b jimvw's Avatar
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      Oct 8th, 2008
      2013 Tiguan Candy White
      05-17-2011 08:55 PM #115
      AKAI APC40
      Work Like a new almost never used it
      asking 250$ Shipped



    16. Member spoon!'s Avatar
      Join Date
      Sep 1st, 2005
      Bay Area, CA
      '05 A4 3.0Q 6MT | '92 Jetta | '69 T3 Squareback
      05-18-2011 02:51 PM #116
      Ibanez 4-String Bass, 20w Hartke Amp, Gig Bag, etc. - $250 - NorCal

      Hi! Up for sale is my Ibanez TRB series 4-string bass, passive pickups. The strings are fairly new and in superb condition. The guitar works and sounds great! It's slightly used, and only needs a new strap nut (the existing one is a bit loose). Along with this guitar comes:

      - Hartke 20w practice amp (slightly used, but great condition! Sounds awesome!)
      - 20' cable
      - Ritter gig bag (perfect condition! Retails for over $100)
      - Levy's Hardewoodes series strap (unused, perfect condition, purchased for $89)
      - Fender guitar stand (slick, padded, perfect condition)

      Thanks for looking! -Justin

    17. Member gls:maverick's Avatar
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      Oct 18th, 2005
      Howell MI
      1996 Toyota Taco; 2004 MKIV TR .:R32, 2010 BMW X5D, 2012 Scott Foil 30
      05-24-2011 03:52 PM #117
      16" Zildjian A Thin crash. Immaculate condition.

      I bought it new a couple months ago and only played on it a few times. It has never left my house or anything.

      $110+ shipping. These retail for $170 usually and its in showroom condition
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    18. Member eatonrabbit.'s Avatar
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      Apr 16th, 2009
      2008 GTI APR Stage 2+ / 2001 Land Rover Discovery II
      06-10-2011 04:32 PM #118
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    19. Member T.D.B.'s Avatar
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      Aug 11th, 2009
      A couple OEM+ turbo GTIs
      06-22-2011 11:13 AM #119
      Selling my Denon DNS3000. I only used it a few times, but it worked great everytime. I am only selling because I am moving on to software vinyl emulation. This CDJ has key lock and all the nifty bells and whistles. The little turntable on top is motorized if you want to have it spin, or this can be switched off if desired. You'll find plenty of info on the googles if you want to know more about it.

      (this is a sample image, mine is all boxed up)

      $330 shipped OBO (lower 48 only)

      PM me for fastest response.

    20. 06-22-2011 08:39 PM #120
      DJs up in the thread...

      I have for sale:
      (1) Rane TTM-56 mixer ($500)
      (2) Numark TT-200 Direct Drive Turntables w/ATA cases ($350)
      (2) Pioneer CDJ-100s w/big Pioneer case that can also house a mixer and some other stuff. ($250)

      The mixer is only a couple of years old and mint. Purchased new. Every DJ knows the TTM-56 is a tank with magnetic faders that should never have to be replaced. Resale value never really drops.

      The turntables are probably around 8 or more years old. Purchased new. One of the lights is burnt out, but other than that, no problems. Ends of ground wires were replaced. Can include original Numark headshells/craze cartridges and slipmats. IMO, probably some of the most underated direct-drive turntables and comparable to Technics as far as torque. I scratched on these all the time.

      The CDJ's I purchased off another DJ who never really used them. I personally only used them for a small tour I did a couple of years ago. Mint and no problems.

      I can sell with or without cases. I'd prefer not to ship the tables, but can if needed. PM if interested.

    21. Member azunderg's Avatar
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      Apr 29th, 2009
      85006 | Garfield District
      Charger R/T|Fixie|Light Rail
      08-06-2011 11:00 PM #121
      Phoenix DMZ
      The Ghetto
      New South | Neuspeed | ECS | Optima

    22. Member azunderg's Avatar
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      Apr 29th, 2009
      85006 | Garfield District
      Charger R/T|Fixie|Light Rail
      08-06-2011 11:02 PM #122
      Phoenix DMZ
      The Ghetto
      New South | Neuspeed | ECS | Optima

    23. Member eatonrabbit.'s Avatar
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      Apr 16th, 2009
      2008 GTI APR Stage 2+ / 2001 Land Rover Discovery II
      08-11-2011 03:30 PM #123
      Creative Professional E-MU 0404 external 24bit Sound Card - $150 shipped

      Never used.

      E-MU's 0404 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface delivers an unparalleled level of audio performance to your Mac or PC with premium 24-bit/192kHz A/D and D/A converters, pristine XTC™ mic/line/hi-Z preamps, ultra-low jitter clock and rock-solid stability. From its plug-and-play functionality and hands-on ergonomic design to professional features and signal-to-noise specs that are simply unmatched by any other USB interface on the market, the 0404 USB will forever change your expectations of USB audio. The 0404 USB also ships with Windows XP compatible E-MU Production Tools Software Bundle that includes E-MU's Proteus VX, as well as software by Cakewalk, Steinberg, Ableton, IK Multimedia, and many more - everything you need to create, record, edit and master your music.

      The E-MU 0404 USB 2.0 features:

      Premium 24-bit/192kHz A/D and D/A converters* (A/D: 113dB SNR, D/A: 117dB SNR) deliver unmatched USB audio fidelity
      E-MU XTC Class-A ultra-low noise Mic/Line/Hi-Z preamplifiers (-127dB EIN) with 48V phantom power and ground lift switches enable you to plug microphones, keyboards and guitars straight into your computer with professional results, while the built-in analog soft limiting circuit lets you record a hotter signal without fear of clipping
      Comprehensive digital I/O with optical and coaxial S/PDIF (switchable to AES/EBU) and MIDI In/Out to easily connect all of your digital studio gear and instruments
      Ultra-low latency USB 2.0 drivers offer accurate timing and playback of your recorded audio and software instruments
      Hardware zero-latency direct monitoring (mono/stereo) allows you to record and overdub with no annoying delay
      Plug-and-play operation with hands-on control of all major functions like master level, direct monitoring, preamplifier controls and more
      Cross-platform support (Windows XP/x64 and Mac OS X) and compatibility with most popular audio/sequencer applications (Windows: ASIO2, WDM, MME, AC-3 and DTS Passthru; Macintosh: Apple CoreAudio, CoreMIDI, AC-3 and DTS Passthru)

      I/O Configuration:

      Two E-MU XTC™ Ultra-low Noise Mic/Line/Hi-Z Preamps with Soft Limiter and 48V Phantom Power (-127dBu EIN)
      Two 1/4" Balanced Outputs (117dB SNR)
      Stereo 1/8" Speaker Output (117dB SNR)
      24-bit/96kHz S/PDIF Optical In/Out (Switchable to AES/EBU)*
      24-bit/96kHz S/PDIF Coaxial In/Out (Switchable to AES/EBU)*
      MIDI Input/Output
      Stereo Headphone Output (114dB SNR
      2008 GTI DSG - APR Stage 2+ . Devils Own Water-Methanol Injection Stage 2 . GIAC DSG . MMS Catless Downpipe . MMS Test Pipe . Evolution Stage 2 CAI . Autotech HPFP . Custom VTA Catch Can . Eurojet TB Pipe . Noise Pipe Deletion . S4 Coil Packs . BFI Torque Arm Insert . FK Streetlines .

    24. Member scirocco16vobsessed's Avatar
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      08-18-2011 08:24 PM #124

    25. Former Advertiser
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      May 27th, 2003
      Orange Co, CA, USA
      08-24-2011 12:53 PM #125
      Practically brand new, if it was used 5 times I would be exaggerating!

      Great little pedal it's subtle, rich, warm and sounds great, but I know I'm never going to use it as I bought it on a whim.

      Comes in all original packaging and really is mint!

      I paid $119 for it, so I don't expect anything more than $110 for it shipped. If you have a reasonable offer, shoot it over, otherwise thanks for looking!

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