VWVortex.com - Any one have the 1:43 Scale Model Replica Passat Wagon from DriverGear?
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    Thread: Any one have the 1:43 Scale Model Replica Passat Wagon from DriverGear?

    1. 03-05-2006 10:38 PM #1
      Is it detailed/good replica? Let me know your opinions. Thanks.

    2. 03-06-2006 09:52 AM #2
      Yes, I have one, in reflex silver, just like my car, which I bought two Christmases ago.
      It's made by Schuco. While it is a B5.5, it does not come equipped with front fog lights. The front bumper has a Euro plate holder molded into it. The side marker is orange. It does not have a radio antenna. The exterior mirrors are both silvered. The roof rack is chrome, unlike my car's black rails. The wheels look like the 16" "Road America". The tires have no manufacturer lettering of any kind. The front wipers are molded into place and visible. The rear wiper rests on the right side of the car, unlike my '03 (I think that came in on the '04's). The badges on the rear hatch are "Passat" on the left, the VW emblem in the middle and a "V6" with "4motion" below the "V6." The "4" is red in color. The rear hatch is the European style (to accommodate a Euro plate). The rear glass has a high-mount brake light. There are no license plates on the car.
      The interior is black. It's shiny, so it must be leather . On the upper front dash, you can see the center windshield and side window defroster vents as well as the passenger airbag area. There is no interior mirror. The dash board is fairly complete with the side and center air vents visible. The ventilation controls are visible and are mounted above the radio. To my eye, it looks like a 5 speed manual transmission. It does not appear to have a center armrest between the fronts seats, but there is a console there. The rear seat only has two headrests. The luggage cover in the "wayback" is in place, so no other details of the rear are visible.
      Underneath, it has dual exhausts molded into the bottom, with each having dual tips (sorta). The doors, hatch and hood do not open.
      The car is mounted to a black base with two screws and has a transparent molded plastic cover. The base is labeled with "Passat" and the VW logo.
      All in all, I think it looks pretty good and makes a nice match to my 1:43 1987 Titian Red Golf (made by Schabak). Now, if I could only find a 1:43 1976 VW Dasher (Passat B-1) in Spanish Green, I'd have a model of every Dub I've owned.

      Modified by Altair 4 at 9:54 AM 3-6-2006

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