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    Thread: Bremsbelag Prufen - ? What is that ?

    1. 03-26-2006 12:25 PM #1
      I got this warning in my dash board (Bremsbelag Prufen) with the usual beeps and this sign got on:


      Same sign with "abs" in the middle is for ABS worning but this one is without "ABS" text.
      What does it mean?

      From what I seen on Google these are "Bremsbelag":

      I think these are those plates for braking, don't know how to call them in English, does that error mean that those breaking plates are too used?

      Thank you.
      - Adrian.

    2. 03-26-2006 12:26 PM #2
      break pad alarm is going off--you need to replace your front pads.

    3. 03-26-2006 12:32 PM #3
      So after this, do I need to do anything like reseting from some buttons or soemthing?
      Or just replace the pads?

      I also hear some ticking at the front wheels, that is same cause, right ?


    4. 03-26-2006 12:33 PM #4
      pop off your front wheels and look at the thickness of the brakepads, you should be able to tell if that's the issue pretty easily.

    5. 03-26-2006 12:39 PM #5
      I just visited your site, I see you are same user that had that ASA wheels for sale, you replied in a topic where I asked about what wheel size to order for my Golf 4. I chosed something from a catalog and later I realised I got exact same model that you had for sale:
      I could not get yours anyway because I am in Romania
      Mine are 17 not 18, the sellers recommended 16 and now I wish I have gotten 18 because I am thinking to get coil-overs then I will have space in front and back of the wheel when the wheel gets upper.

    6. Moderator rs4-380's Avatar
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      Dec 12th, 2000
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      03-26-2006 12:40 PM #6
      the wear sensor light does not require a reset. Just get new pads with the built in sensor, hook them up and you'll be all set.

    7. 03-26-2006 12:54 PM #7
      I wanted to ask "built in sensor "? Then I found how it looks like:

      Edit: that is not my car

    8. 03-26-2006 12:56 PM #8

    9. 03-26-2006 12:59 PM #9
      "Goners" ? whats that ? Because is short post I think is bad

    10. 03-26-2006 01:01 PM #10
      Quote, originally posted by adrianTNT »
      "Goners" ? whats that ? Because is short post I think is bad

      he just means that the sensor is gone

    11. 03-26-2006 01:08 PM #11
      Ok guys, thanks for the info, I will have to take the wheels off and see more there.

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