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    Thread: seat heater not working, which fuse is it?

    1. 02-18-2002 05:40 PM #1
      The seat heater on the driver side on my GLX doesn't work but the passenger side does. Could it be the fuse? If so, which fuse is it? I looked in the manual but seat heaters are not listed. Thanks for your help.

    2. 02-18-2002 06:50 PM #2
      There is no fuse....turn the key on without starting the car, then out your head down low...now turn the seat heater switch on. You should hear the relay under the seat click on and off...if it does not then check to see if any wires are loose under there. If the relay works, then I am sad to say you have a broken heater matte in the seat, and those are expensive to fix since the leather has to come off....I have to do my drivers side one....
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    4. 02-18-2002 07:22 PM #4
      Remove the seat (which honestly should take less than 5 minutes) and look at the relay underneath it. They have a tendency to pop out of their bracket and then can be broken when you move the seat back and forth.
      Mine was visibly broken and I got a new one from the stealer for about $35 IIRC.
      Good luck, hope it's just the relay. Like the first response you got said, you should be able to hear it click when you turn the seat on. Since your passenger side one works, listen for the click on the passenger side first so you know what you're listening for.

    5. 02-19-2002 12:34 AM #5
      these seats are known to have the heating element break in them. It's just a series of thin wires that heat up, if they break then they don't work anymore. I've already gone through 2 seats, and I'm not a big guy, 5'5" 135 lbs. hopefully that's not the case.

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