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    Thread: Wiring diagram for 2004 Jetta gld (tdi)

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      Aug 20th, 2003
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      2004 JETTA TDI
      04-06-2006 05:55 PM #1
      Hey everyone... damn, havent used vortex in years.... anyways, my husband is trying to install some additional speakers, amps and subwoofers in my 2004 jetta gls and he was hoping to get ahold of a wiring diagram... anyone know where i could find one? thanks

    2. 04-07-2006 06:16 PM #2
      I can send you one from my hayes manual... IM your email addy...

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      Jan 6th, 2006
      04-11-2006 05:07 AM #3

      Radio 12v red/white + radio harness
      Radio Ground brown - radio harness
      Radio Ignition yellow/red + radio harness
      Radio Illumination gray/blue (dimmer) + radio harness
      Factory Amp Turn-on N/A
      Power Antenna N/A
      LF Speaker +/- blue/white - brown/white +,- radio harness
      Notes: If equipped, the amplifier is under the passenger side of the rear deck.
      RF Speaker +/- red - brown/red +,- radio harness
      LR Speaker +/- red/green - brown/green +,- radio harness
      RR Speaker +/- blue - brown/blue +,- radio harness

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