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    Thread: 73 Super Beetle Gauge Problems...

    1. 04-07-2006 09:51 PM #1
      I've got a couple issues with my 73 super bug that I'd like to fix, I just want to make sure I'm fixing/replacing the right things.
      First of all the speedometer functions fine, but the odometer quit working a while ago. Is there any way to fix this easily, or does it require a complete gauge replacement?
      Second, the fuel gauge is really finicky, as long as it's above 1/2 a tank it registers fine but as soon as it gets below that, it's all over the place. I figure it's the sending unit but I want to be sure before I make any moves. Everything is stock as far as I know, and was working when I first bought the car about 9 years ago.
      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    2. 04-07-2006 10:07 PM #2
      Mechanical gauges are like that. Mine moves a quarter of a tank when I hit the gas or hit the brakes. Did you pull the speedo out and see if somehing is stuck in the mechanizm. My odometer was the same way it turned out the tumblers were just stuck.

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      Aug 24th, 2004
      04-08-2006 02:59 AM #3
      The odo could be repaired by a local speedo rebuilder,look in your local yellow pages under automotive.
      What usually happens is the gear that's glued to the odo shaft breaks loose and just spins on the shaft,without turning it to show the progressing miles gone by.A good speedo rebuilder should also calibrate the gears according to your front tire size if you're not running stock height on the front.
      The fuel guage problem sounds on the surface like the sender as you suspected, there's a resistive coil wrapped around the sender's base that the float arm rides across,normally sending a smooth signal to the guage.If the coil is broken or damaged,the signal to the guage can get roughed up,it should be checked by removing it from the tank,hooking a mutimeter to it,and moving the float up and down to see if the resistance transitions smoothly.
      The speedo repair guy can do the same check to the guage while he's repairing the gears in the speedo.
      The other thing thrown into the mix is the vibrator,the ~1/2"high,~2" wide little box attached to the trunk side of the speedo at the trunk side of the guage.There's a resistor in there that can lose it's preset values over time.It may need to be replaced or could be taken to a local electronics shop so the resistor can be changed out with a new one.
      Probably more info than you were counting on for a first post! ,hope it helps,though!

    4. 04-08-2006 10:23 AM #4
      Quote, originally posted by buggyman »
      Probably more info than you were counting on for a first post! ,hope it helps,though!

      Ha ha. Lots of information is good. I had a few ideas but you've given me some more insight into it so I think I should be able to get things fixed up now.

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      Aug 24th, 2004
      04-09-2006 01:24 AM #5
      Please see "Finally fixed that speedo" by GREGSGTI 1.8T for more inspiration.

      Modified by buggyman at 10:13 PM 4-9-2006

    6. 04-10-2006 02:49 AM #6
      while you have it out would you mind telling me what colors are the wires that go to your gas guage, and which sides they go on? I'm having similar issues.

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