VWVortex.com - READ FIRST! –– FS/FT/LS/WTB: Full Year, Make, Model, Trim, KM, Location
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    Thread: READ FIRST! –– FS/FT/LS/WTB: Full Year, Make, Model, Trim, KM, Location

    1. 04-20-2006 01:47 PM #1
      The Big Rules:
      1. If your post title contains annoying caps, it will be deleted and not modified. No one wants to read through caps, asterisks, or other annoying characters.
      2. If there's no price, your post will be deleted. Don't let all that typing go to waste - post an asking price (unless it's trade only). Posting a ridiculous asking price "just to post a price" will get your post deleted. Again, don't waste your time or other peoples' time - give them an honest idea of how much money you want for your vehicle.
      3. If you don't post the full year in the title, your post will be corrected or deleted.
      4. Only one car per thread. If you're including a parts car with the sale, don't post it in the title. Multi-car threads will be deleted.
      5. If you car has a swap, put 'swap' into the title.
      6. Negative posts questioning the price or value of an item FS will lead to a ban. If you want to make an offer, do it via the IM system.
      7. To allow the search engine to do its job - posts must be presented in the following way:
      FS: <full year> <make> <full car model + trim (factory title)><colour><km><Location><quick details>
      FS: 1982 Ferrari Dino GT-R, Yellow, 4,500km, Toronto, ON:
      FS: 1982 VW Rabbit GTi, Black, 450,000km, Burnaby, BC: 22,000kms on 1.8T APR stg3 swap
      FS: 1995 VW Jetta GLX, White, 230,000km, Yellowknife, Yukon: 40,000kms on 1.8T swap
      For Leases, please use:
      Lease Takeover: 2xxx, Brand, Model, Colour, KM on car.
      In the body: Monthly charge, as well as buyout price. List any incentives you may have. the more details, the better.
      8. Post your car details here, don't post links to craigs/kijiji/auto-whatever. Nobody wants to go searching.
      9. NO Parting Out - Post in the parts section - see helpful guide here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=3614484
      10. NO Posting random cars from craigslist or other classifieds sites. They will be deleted without notice.
      11. NO feelers.
      12. If you're not interested in the car, don't post. Keep your $0.02
      13. Only the original poster may state if a car is sold, has 'dibs' or a deposit.
      Of course, there are also the forum-wide Classifieds rules to adhere to:

      Thanks for your co-operation.
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