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    Thread: Volkswagen iPod Guide

    1. 09-24-2008 06:25 PM #251
      Quote, originally posted by Christian@enfig »
      Is tis the latest iPod touch?

      No it's the 1st Gen touch but I've already ordered a Dice kit through enfig. Thanks.

    2. 10-13-2008 03:40 AM #252
      I've got an 07 GTI with the indash 6 disk player, sat, and the glovebox input. I want to be able to throw my ipod into the glove box, lock it up and forget it. Right now I've got a big cord running from my glovebox to my center console cluttering up my interior and advertising to passers by that I have expensive electronics in my car.
      Ive seen the Dension GW15VC1, and the video that goes with it showing the ability to see current track info, and scroll through artists, and albums on the MFD. This product appears to be exactly what I want, but it also appears to not exist.
      The Dice Electronics i-VW-CAN Silverline sounds promising, but I've used the search function on this board, and read a lot of mixed things. I really don't care at all about the sat functionality, so would this product do everything the Dension can do? I've seen people say it works with the MFD and others say it doesn't. The product manual make no mention of it at all.

    3. 10-15-2008 02:12 PM #253
      Will the USA Spec work with a 99 Cabrio with standard tape deck like the one on the first post?
      I have an Ipod Touch and I'm just looking for a way to use the ipod controls but have the music piped into my stereo and have it charge.
      I picked the USA spec because I also have a GPS unit that I want to plug in.

    4. 10-16-2008 03:24 PM #254
      Hey guys I was wondering which product will work best with the application that I have. I have a 2002 GTI so that means the Monsoon Double Din head unit, with no CD changer or do I ever plan on using a changer. However, I do plan on installing a sub in the future, not sure if that affects the setup of plugs from the head unit to the rest of the system or not. With this in mind I want to run my 4th generation I-pod nano from the Monsoon head unit, ex switch the tracks back and forth while its sits and charges. Also I want to be able to make selections and change tracks from the nano itself, and yes I know that the Monsoon will not support text and video I just want to be able to control the tracks playing. So which product will be able to accomplish all of these functions the best? Thanks

    5. 10-18-2008 02:58 PM #255
      Hi, i have a 2003 Vw Jetta with the Double DIN Head unit (not moonsoon) And i want to Play Music from My USB memory Stick(or small usb hard drive). Is there adapters kit out there. ? Thank you

    6. 10-20-2008 01:31 PM #256
      hello all, i have the 09 tiguan with the dynaudio package andn the navi setup. I have had luck with plugging in a mp3 player and using the interface but, after picking up an ipod nano (new style), i plug it it in and it does not see it. I have scanned this post and the manual... any hints for me?

    7. 10-20-2008 04:40 PM #257
      Go back to your dealer and order 000 051 446 C. Thats the proper cable for the MDI. It allows for full iPod integration between the MDI and the iPod. It's a little pricey but it's the only way to integrate it. Hope this helps.

    8. 10-25-2008 07:45 PM #258
      for anyone considering the Dice Electronics i-VW-CAN Silverline, I'm going to just go ahead and say dont bother. I'll probably write up a review because there was not much info on it on these boards. In short though... it will let you see the current song playing, it will charge your Ipod, and it will turn the ipod off after you turn off the car. Thats where the good stuff ends.
      If you have a sizable library on your Ipod, finding the desired artist and album is so tedious and difficult its absurd. You see one artist at a time, when you scroll through the artists, the screen goes blank, it takes about 2 seconds for the information to refresh, and if you hit the wrong button at any time it just stops playing all together. If you read my post earlier in this thread and you are looking for the same things I have, please don't spend your money on this. Wait for dension to come back from the dead, or another company to do what they did. This product is awful.
      [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif[/IMG]

    9. 10-30-2008 10:24 PM #259
      Hi, all. I have read through the thread... my configuration seems different than any I could see... hopefully its not too different and someone can quickly point me in the right direction:
      I have a 2002 Golf Gl. Single DIN, cassette, with the wiring installed for the CD changer in the back (no changer). I just purchased the (latest) gen ?2? iPod touch. I would like to be able to directly connect to my OEM stereo, keep the ipod charged, keep the ipod reachable/visible/controllable by both the passenger and driver, and get some advice on where to stash the electronics and cables so they don't get underfoot. Hope its not too much to ask. Thanks (in advance)

    10. Member
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      Nov 26th, 2007
      San Diego
      2003 GTI
      11-12-2008 05:23 PM #260
      I have an 2003 gti 1.8t with a monsoon double din radio/cd player without cd changer. Would like to know what unit ipod adapter to purchase for 1st gen iphone and 4th gen 30g ipod? I would like full functionality on iphone/ipod as well as oem radio/cd controls to skip tracks and playlists.

    11. Member Zuber Speed's Avatar
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      Oct 7th, 2001
      b7 A4
      11-14-2008 09:45 AM #261
      I just installed the USA-SPEC adapter on my 2003 GTI w/ 2din Monsoon
      1) Im getting a bit of interference, im assuming because I didnt attach the ground to anything, whats a good ground spot back there?
      2) When im listening to the ipod(Ipod Mini) when a song ends, the track does not change on the HU. So, It will keep counting the time, but the track will not change when a song changes, it only changes the track on the display when I press next track.

    12. Member
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      Nov 26th, 2007
      San Diego
      2003 GTI
      11-14-2008 11:04 AM #262
      Why did you go with the USA-Spec adapter over the Dice adapter?

    13. 11-18-2008 03:52 PM #263
      I have this on 2001 VW Golf 4:

      Quote, originally posted by Christian@enfig »
      There is no interface available that shows text anywhere on your Volkswagen

      Did I get it right? There is no iPod adapter that will show song name on the radio's display?

      Modified by adrianTNT at 12:54 PM 11-18-2008

    14. 12-09-2008 03:07 PM #264
      Check your PR codes. You may be pre-wired for iPod. Check your
      front console. If the is a socket/plug-in there, all you'll need is a VW
      cable adapter to connect your iPod, PN 000-051-446-C. About $43.
      do not disturb this rubble.

    15. 12-09-2008 03:35 PM #265
      Quote, originally posted by adrianTNT »
      I have this on 2001 VW Golf 4:

      Did I get it right? There is no iPod adapter that will show song name on the radio's display?

      Modified by adrianTNT at 12:54 PM 11-18-2008

      I'm sorry to say, but no there isn't anything for that car, for newer VWs like the mk5s and new passats, yes, but not for that car

    16. 12-09-2008 03:38 PM #266
      Quote, originally posted by Zuber Speed »
      1) Im getting a bit of interference, im assuming because I didnt attach the ground to anything, whats a good ground spot back there?

      the chassis of the radio is a good ground, otherwise to be extra sure you can tape into the ground wire of the radio
      Quote, originally posted by Zuber Speed »
      2) When im listening to the ipod(Ipod Mini) when a song ends, the track does not change on the HU. So, It will keep counting the time, but the track will not change when a song changes, it only changes the track on the display when I press next track.

      that sounds like normal operation for "Direct mode" where the unit controls tracks from the radio and still lets you have ipod control, with some of the older ipods you can enable "hybrid mode" to have track #s update

    17. Junior Member
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      Dec 13th, 2008
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      '12 jetta se
      12-14-2008 10:22 PM #267
      Hi. My name is Eddie and I am new here. My girlfriend just picked up a 2006 gti with the in-dash 6-disc changer and sat radio. She is looking for an i-pod adaptor for the car. she would like to be able to control it with the steering wheel controls. she does not mind if she looses the sat radio feature. Which one would you suggest? I am looking into the dice proudcts....do I need the Dice Electronics i-VW-CAN/5V Silverline or the Dice Electronics i-VW-R/5V? I don't have a radio code for the car....will that be a problem for the install? Thanks

      Modified by gti rt at 7:27 PM 12-14-2008

      Modified by gti rt at 2:39 AM 12-15-2008

    18. 12-15-2008 10:52 AM #268
      either of those 2 products would be fine for her car, the difference would be in how the ipod is controled/ displayed
      if she would prefer to keep the ipod in the glove box, loose the SAT radio and control the ipod solely from the radio and steering wheel controls, the DICE CAN unit would be a good solution:
      Dice I-VW-CAN
      or, if she would prefer to control the ipod from a combo of Radio, steering wheel and ipod controls, you can get the DICE I-VW-R unit. when combined with our SAT Pass Thru you can also retain your factory sat radio functionality.
      DICE I-VW-R
      Enfig VW SAT PASS 1

      or, you can get a unit that mixes the functions of both,
      the Newly released Dension GW16VC1 offers text display thru the instrument cluster while leaving your factory SAT radio function unaffected
      Dension GW16VC1
      iPod cable for Dension kit
      a Vid of the VC1

    19. 12-15-2008 11:08 AM #269
      VW offers an iPod adapter, with st-wheel functions, for both Sat and w/o Sat. Check your local VW dealer.

    20. 12-15-2008 11:25 AM #270
      the factory parts always seem to be a bit late to the party, the Dension part blew everything out of the water last year when the prototypes came out, and now that they're readily available I can't see much of a reason not to get them if you have a MK5 with MFD and steering wheel controls

    21. 12-27-2008 01:59 PM #271
      I have an audi tt concert system (04). I have my iphone mounted in the visor. I need an interface that allows me to connect to the aux cd changer port. It also needs to charge when plugged in. Ive been told that there isnt any interface that charges currently. what can you tell me about an applicable interface?

      Modified by warranty225cpe at 12:50 PM 12-28-2008

    22. 12-28-2008 07:31 PM #272
      For 09 models with NAV you will need 000 051 446 C. That gives you full on ipod integration with text display on the radio and the MFD.

    23. 01-04-2009 12:30 PM #273
      I just traded up, sold my 99.5 MKIV GTI to buy a 2009 Jetta SE. If it matters, my new Jetta came with the iPod center console dock and Sirius Sat/MP3/6CD, looks like this but says "MP3" across the top: http://us.autos1.yimg.com/img....0.jpg
      I've been hitting Google and reading here like hell for the last two and a half hours to try and find an answer, but I feel like I'm coming up empty-handed. I'll just ask:
      How about us 2009 MKV owners that purchased cars with the iPod interface? All I can find is info for people who didn't buy a car with the iPod dock in the center console...it seems counter-intuitive to install a whole new adapter system and end up with two separate dock cables in the car.
      It's clear that 2009 owners with the armrest iPod dock:
      a) Still get no iPod text (song/artist data)
      b) Cannot charge the newest Nano iPods and iPhones (no more firewire charging!)
      c) Don't get adapter plates to fit, for example, the new 8GB Nano I just got as a present
      --> Is VW providing an upgrade to customers that will allow (at least) charging of all newer generation iPods that DO NOT support the 18v firewire charging?
      --> Is there any company with a simple-to-use, simple-to-install conversion kit (inline, preferrably) that will A) utilize the factory VW center console dock AND B) charge newer generation iPods AND C) provide track information to the factory head unit?
      Ultimately, I would love to have an adapter box that easily installs in the armrest or something, you know, inline; something that won't require me to pull the entire dash apart to swap plugs on the back of the radio, etc... Right now, just being able to use the factory dock to charge my iPod would be a huge plus (without using a Scosche adapter or similar: http://www.engadget.com/2008/1...iewed/ ) ... but if I could also get track info on my head unit like the Dice package I read about earlier, that would be sweet also.
      More than anything, I want to keep the factory dock location, keep changer capabilities, keep satellite radio, but add charging ability and track info display on the head unit.
      Any info is appreciated.
      Happy new year, everyone.

      Modified by shifty.org at 12:47 PM 1-4-2009

    24. 01-06-2009 09:26 AM #274
      Check your PR codes to see if you're iPod ready or have iPod capabilities. You may just need the harness from iPod dock to radio.
      Also check if you have PR code UF6. That means your iPod connection is on a shelf above your glove box.

    25. 01-06-2009 05:46 PM #275
      i *am* iPod ready. i have the dock in my center console, and i can play mp3's all day long.
      my beef is this:
      1) the stock VW dock *doesn't* charge 4th gen iPod because Apple removed the 18v firewire charging pin
      2) you can see track info on an MP3 CD, but not using the stock iPod dock
      3) if you want to charge your newer iPod Nano (4th gen) using the stock VW iPod dock, you gotta buy that adapter i linked from Scosche above, and it makes your iPod sit waaay high in the dock
      4) VW didn't give away a plastic adapters for the stock VW iPod dock (the plastic pieces that make the iPod fit nice and tight) - at least, there isn't one for the iPod nano 8GB (4th gen) that i have.
      fail. fail. fail. fail. fail.
      certainly, someone must have a kit where you can just pick up your center console, drop a box in-line, and make 'track info' (#2 above) and charging (#1 above) work?
      i shouldn't need to buy a $100-$250 kit, take apart my dash, pull out my stereo, swap around wires, swap out all kinds of stuff just to get my iPod to charge and show some track info. my car came equipped with the iPod dock - that was one of the selling points. i want to "enhance" the factory stuff to work with newer iPods!

      Modified by shifty.org at 5:48 PM 1-6-2009

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