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    Thread: Removing Shifter Knob--from 2001 1.8T Passat--Automatic

    1. 05-01-2006 01:46 PM #1
      Does anyone know how to remove the shifter knob from a B5 Passat?

    2. 05-01-2006 03:05 PM #2
      yes, put they key in the car, turn it once (w/o starting the engine). drop the shifter into any of the 1-3 gears.... then push the oem chomre sleeve down (the oem sleeve directly below the shifter) towards the gearbox. you should see the shifter exposed for an inch or so... and then just yank the shifter off. i've done this literally 100x... it takes 10 seconds.
      if when u pull the shifter off the button goes in, just pull it back out before reinstalling it or you wont be able to shift your car back to park.
      and just to note, keep your foot on the brake or your car will slowly move (as if it were in neutral).

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