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    Thread: Scan code P3018 Engine Temp too low

    1. 05-31-2006 07:46 PM #1
      2004 Jetta 2.0
      Does this relate to the O2 Sensor, and if so, is it the one before the cat. convert. or after?
      Thanks for your input.

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    2. Member Dubsport Inc's Avatar
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      Oct 12th, 2002
      '61 Beetle '09 Rabbit '12 Ram 1500
      05-31-2006 08:02 PM #2
      Probably a bad thermostat.

    3. Member racingguy13's Avatar
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      Aug 3rd, 2005
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      05-31-2006 10:58 PM #3
      Check to see if yo have a green top coolant temp sensor. That is most likely your culprit. Being a 2004, isnt it under warranty anyway? Whatever the case, check to see if you have the black one or the green one. If you have the black one, get the green one, its only like6 bucks and takes like 2 min to install.

    4. 06-03-2006 04:24 PM #4
      The sensor is black. I will call the dealership and find out if it still under warrenty. With electircal items, there is no telling!
      I'll let you know what I find out.
      Thanks for your input.

    5. 06-03-2006 04:25 PM #5
      By the way, the temp light does not come on and the engine temp gauge reads 190.

    6. 06-03-2006 04:27 PM #6
      its definatly the sensor if its black. If it was a green one then a new sensor would need to be put in and a new T stat for that fault code.
      Also if it was a green sensor and freeze frame data shows -40C then just a sensor is needed.

    7. 06-17-2006 04:37 PM #7
      It was the temp. sensor which had a short in it.
      It was still under warrenty.
      Thanks to all for your input.

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