VWVortex.com - 2000 Jetta, Where is the speed sensor located???
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    Thread: 2000 Jetta, Where is the speed sensor located???

    1. 07-20-2006 11:25 AM #1
      I've been having troubles with my 2000 volkswagen jetta VR6. The check engine light came on and i had AutoZone scan it. They said it was a speed sensor with no power.
      I was told to have someone with a VAGCOM device scan it, which i did last night. They said it was a G68 sensor, could be un-plugged or may need to be replaced.
      We drove VERY rough roads this weekend, its VERY possible it just came un-plugged. Problem is i dont know where this sensor is or how to get to it... I dont want to pay a repair shop several hundreds, please if you can help me i would apprecate it.
      I cant find any diagrams or DIY guides anywhere.

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      07-20-2006 11:37 AM #2
      Please DO NOT cross post. Per the RULES.
      you are already covering this in the other thread. Thanks.

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