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    Thread: Easy way to install LCA rear bushing

    1. Member Cubix's Avatar
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      Jul 26th, 2002
      Bensalem, PA
      08-30-2006 10:03 AM #1
      I figured this needed to have its own topic because I searched for a while and never saw a mention of the method I used
      Everyone who has done or is looking to do the rear LCA bushing knows or has read the it is an extreme PITA
      Well, it really doesn't have to be at all. Especially putting it in.
      I got both of my R32 rear bushings in, in under 5 minutes, using only greese and a small rubber mallet
      Rubber mallet (or small hammer just be careful where you hit)
      Step one: Insert mounts into freezer (thats right) for 12 to 24 hours, pretty much the longer you wait the easier it'll get
      Step two: Greese up LCA and bushing
      Step three: place bushing in LCA and tap around sides until it's placed properly
      Step four: open a beer because you finished in no time


    2. 08-30-2006 10:59 AM #2
      Ah yes, great tip! Taking advantage of coefficient of expansion. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

      In addition to "freezing" the bushings, warming the control arm in an oven (or a torch) to ~200-250F makes this even easier! (Use hot pads to hold the hot control arms, obviously). [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    3. 08-30-2006 12:34 PM #3
      haha wow. I hate to say it but we are all morons for not thinking of this already.
      Great idea!!!

    4. Member Cubix's Avatar
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      Jul 26th, 2002
      Bensalem, PA
      08-30-2006 01:53 PM #4
      I know, I was surprised I didn't find it anywhere
      As for the oven, absolutely!
      We did this on my friends jeep when we were doing the dana 55 axles, it was a life saver.
      When I remembered it I slapped my head and went DUH!! I don't need a press!
      I hope alot of people benefit from this!

    5. 08-30-2006 03:10 PM #5
      Any secret to getting the old ones out easily??

    6. Member Cubix's Avatar
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      Jul 26th, 2002
      Bensalem, PA
      08-30-2006 04:45 PM #6
      Actually yes,
      I followed the steps in this DIY

      Chisel (or strong flat head)
      Hack saw
      Long metal pipe (I used a 6" socket extension)
      1. With the long metal pipe stick it through the metal sleeve in the bushing and pry the old one out (if it's bad, it'll come right out no problem)

      2. Now that thats done, use the chisel on the edge of the bushing (where the metal of the LCA and metal of the bushing come into contact) and hamer it up a bit

      3. Once there is a notical distortion, put the hack saw blade through the open bushing and start cutting the metal
      4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are all the way through. once you are, the metal can just be bent and taken out, and tada!
      Time it took... maybe 20 minutes for the first one, 10 for the second
      I know what you're going to ask, HOW ABOUT THE FRONT BUSHINGS?!?!

      The first side for me was easy
      Standard hammer
      Long socket (like a spark plug socket)
      1. Hit the metal sleeve in the bushing with a hammer until it gets too far into the LCA
      2. Place socket on bushing and hit that until it's out
      -This took ALOT of brut force, maybe 30 minutes
      this is when it hit a road block
      the other bushing WOULD NOT budge
      So, I used one of my many solve alls, FIRE. Basically I burned the top off the bushing and hammered like my life depended on it. Eventually it came free
      Getting them in WITH OUT A PRESS OR GIANT VICE
      Now the people that know me, know that I NEVER take my stuff there until I've exhausted all my creativity with the tools that I have
      My solution
      32mm socket (or any socket that will sit on the LCA wall around the bushing
      1/2" to 1/4" socket
      Big old C clamp (mine was screwed to a bench)
      1. Place the bushing in the freezer for a little while
      2. Liberally greese the bushing and the LCA
      3. Set the bushing in place and tighten the C-Clamp around it until it stops moving. (the key here it to make sure it slides in STRAIGHT, so take it out and reposition it until you're sick of it)
      4. Place the 1/2" to 1/4" socket in the bushing (part sticking out) and place the socket over the hole in the LCA on the other side (where the bushing will eventually get to
      5. Stick the C-Clamp on and screw and screw and screw until BAM it's in!

      Ofcourse, we remember the side that I had to burn out? Well something it freaky with that side and the hole is smaller or I don't know what, so once again I used FIRE to my advantage. I heated up the area around the bushing while applying pressure through the C clamp, and eventually (and I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE) the mount slid right in.
      Hope this helps anyone who has any problems or fears!

    7. n00b
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      Nov 28th, 2007
      Stellenbosch, SA
      '89 1.8 8v Jetta CLi
      05-20-2011 05:42 PM #7
      I definitely love the idea behind this method, well anything that's got opening a beer as one of the steps certainly gets my vote, but I'm just wondering, and excuse me if this is a n00b question, but wouldn't freezing the bushing perhaps do anything that'd compromise the structural integrity of the rubber?

    8. Member Nightrider's Avatar
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      May 10th, 2002
      Nasty Nati
      2000/VW/Jetta 1.8T
      05-20-2011 11:13 PM #8
      Not sure if bumping a 5 year old thread was necessary... but,

      wouldn't freezing the bushing perhaps do anything that'd compromise the structural integrity of the rubber
      My bushings experience sub 0 degree conditions ALLLLLL winter long. So, to answer your question, no... the structural integrity of rubber will survive one night in the freezer.

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