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    Thread: Need help w/ P1176 & further diagnosis

    1. 09-20-2006 03:06 PM #1
      I have a problem with my wife's Jetta, which has recently failed inspection for emissions reasons. Last week, I successfully diagnosed and replaced a bad MAF sensor which was giving me the typical "Fuel Trim Too Lean" DTC, as well as replacing the DV, which was fluttering a bit.
      After a week of driving the car, the CEL came back on, and yesterday's scan revealed the following DTC:
      VAG-COM Version: Release 607.3-UD
      Control Module Part Number: 06A 906 032 DM
      Component and/or Version: 1.8L R4/5VT G 0002
      Software Coding: 07530
      Work Shop Code: WSC 00066
      1 Fault Found:
      17584 - Bank1: O2 (Lambda) Correction Behind Catalyst: Control Limit Reached
      P1176 - 35-00 - -
      Readiness: 0000 1000
      Now, going through the Measuring Blocks, the only thing that seemed out of place was one reading in Group 037. The "Lambda Regulator Dwell Period" was measured as -0.031. According to the label file, it would seem that the specified range for this value is -0.02 <--> 0.02 ms. Otherwise, the computer says that both O2 sensors pass their tests, so I'm confused as to what the problem really is.
      From what I have been able to gather in my searches of VWvortex so far, it seems that I need to do further diagnosis of both O2 sensors and the catalyst to pin down the true source of the problem, but I haven't found any documentation of the testing procedures. It would also seem from my searches that this may be a relatively common problem, so I'm surprised not to find more documentation.
      Can anyone help me out here? Incidentally, the specs of the car may be in my .sig, but it's a 2001 Jetta GLS 1.8T Sedan with an AWW engine and the four-speed non-tiptronic automatic transmission.

    2. 09-21-2006 03:44 PM #2

    3. Forum Sponsor Uwe's Avatar
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      09-22-2006 02:08 PM #3
      A summary of what Bentley has to say on this:
      Check oxygen sensor aging oxygen sensor after catalyst.
      - Coolant temp at least 80C.
      - Basic Settings, Group 043.
      - Run engine at 1800-2200 rpm and maintain until field 4 goes to "Test On". Cat temp in field 2 must be at least 300C. Eventually it will either tell you that the sensor is OK or not. If not:
      -Road test vehicle to free oxygen sensor of possible residues and repeat test. In other words, drive it like you stole it for a while.
      If none of this works, replace the sensor.

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    4. 10-01-2006 09:09 PM #4
      Thanks for the reply, Uwe.
      I finall got the Jetta back from my wife yesterday. The first time I ran the test, it failed. Then I cleared the DTC's and re-tested OK.
      I've been driving around like a maniac all over NJ and PA for the last two days (I-195 from the PA Tpke to Reading and back is a fun ride!), and managed to get the cat heated up to 800-825 deg. C. The Group 037 "Lambda Regulator Dwell Period" seems to be holdng pretty steady at -0.008 to -0.012 ms.
      All readiness tests have passed, and no more DTCs have appeared, so I guess it's off to the inspection station.
      I suspect that running for so long with a bad MAF gunked up the works, and it just needed a bit of time and flogging to clear out the cat and sensors.

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      02-25-2014 12:48 PM #5
      just curious you indicated the cat was 800 deg, is this normal, thought I saw 350 to 500 in VAG display.

    6. 02-25-2014 04:03 PM #6
      Where is your scan?

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