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    Thread: 24v Forum members picture thread...

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    1. Geriatric Member
      Join Date
      Mar 10th, 1999
      2003 Jetta GLI (Project car), 1957 Porsche Speedster (replica)
      09-21-2006 08:01 PM #1
      Since this is a tech forum we dont want it to turn into the MKIV forum. So this will be the one place to post pictures of your cars to share with each other. When posting pictures of your cars please try to include a list of performance mods.

    2. Member rajvosa71000's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 8th, 2004
      '04 VF Stg.2 24v GTI VR6, '10 B6 Passat 2.0T, '14 B7 Passat TDI
      09-21-2006 08:32 PM #2

      Now with 337's side skirts, pics to come later
      Updated picture as of today 9/23/06


      -VF-Stage 2 Supercharger, 3" Exhaust with Borla Muffler, Custom Downpipe, VF Mounts (all three)
      -Quaife, TCS Clutch TC200 Kevlar Disc with Fidanza 9lbs. Aluminum LWFW, Raxles Perfomance Axles
      -Koni Coilovers
      -R32 Shift Knob, Sirius Radio, TT Pedal Set with dead pedal, Euro switch
      -Color Matched Valences, 337 Side Skirts, Clear Bumper Markers, Color Matched VW Emblem (Inside), BBS CH 18x8.5 ET 30 with Kumho MX 225/40/18
      Modified by rajvosa71000 at 7:49 PM 9-23-2006

      Modified by rajvosa71000 at 5:12 PM 12-16-2006

      Modified by rajvosa71000 at 8:44 PM 2-8-2007

    3. Member VReihen6's Avatar
      Join Date
      Aug 7th, 2006
      Bossier City, LA
      2003 GLI 24v
      09-21-2006 10:24 PM #3

      Neuspeed Ram Air
      4bar fpr
      15% Charcoal tint
      Textured Mirrors, Rubstrips, Gas Cap, and Grill
      24.5' Front | 24' Rear - Custom Drop

      Modified by JeffBeagley at 7:53 AM 10-19-2006
      - Beagley
      The Elite 24v VR6 Club: Member #8

    4. 09-21-2006 10:45 PM #4
      2003 Volkswagen Bora GLI

    5. Member VRsexxy's Avatar
      Join Date
      Apr 1st, 2004
      Atlanta, GA
      2004 R32
      09-22-2006 12:57 PM #5
      EDIT: Not mine anymore... Traded it in for an R32 I do miss that supercharger though...
      I'll bite...

      And an old one...

      Performance Modifications:
      Stage 1 VF Supercherger (soon to be Stage 2)
      Custom catch can vented to atmosphere
      EIP Race Short Shifter (I hate it)
      Neuspeen Race springs
      Bilstein Shocks/Struts
      H&R 28mm RSB w/ Neuspeed mounting clamps
      Wheels & Tires:
      Rial Daytoa Race 18 x 8.5"
      Custom finish... Powdercoated centers gloss black, removed clear coat from lips and high polished.
      Falken Ziex ze 512 235/40

      Modified by VRsexxy at 9:01 PM 10-20-2006

    6. 09-26-2006 12:52 AM #6

      H&R Cupkit
      AWE Exhaust
      Evolution Motorsports V-Flow
      ^ All work done by Indukton motorsports [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
      OEM Hids
      20% Tint
      Alpine IVA D-310
      JL Audio Speakers
      Alpine Amp

      Modified by Halo2x at 7:13 PM 11-8-2006

    7. 09-12-2007 12:57 AM #7
      Hi, I'm new to this can you tell me the difference between a Jetta VR6 and Jetta VR6 Bora. Thx

    8. Member Black Mamba's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 18th, 2007
      In an Igloo up North
      09-12-2007 09:13 AM #8
      Quote, originally posted by bluestar9 »
      Hi, I'm new to this can you tell me the difference between a Jetta VR6 and Jetta VR6 Bora. Thx

      Nothing AFAIK, the Bora is the European reference to the Jetta, but Im sure someone will confirm just to be sure.
      - Cyn
      ** My mkIV GTi : Morpheus **
      Your Ottawa/Gatineau VW/Audi Forum
      IG: @BM24v
      Quote Originally Posted by Travy View Post
      You own no one if you're running any type of Corvette wheel...

    9. Moderator DannyLo's Avatar
      Join Date
      Aug 2nd, 2006
      Not Vortex Approved
      09-12-2007 06:28 PM #9
      Quote, originally posted by C.J »
      the Bora is the European reference to the Jetta

    10. Member slowazzcar's Avatar
      Join Date
      Mar 24th, 2004
      Central NJ
      09-14-2007 02:29 AM #10
      Heres mine

      Modified by slowazzcar at 1:30 AM 9-14-2007

    11. 09-27-2006 06:30 PM #11

      2003 GTI VR6 24v, Fully Loaded with tech package, and everything else.
      Custom Boser Hood
      JOM Badgeless Grille - 2 Bar
      HELLA Smoked Signal Marker
      HELLA Smoked Bumper Marker
      Euro Plate
      Painted Lower Grilles
      Bosch Icon Wipers
      Aero Rear Wiper Conversion
      ECS Stubby Antenna
      MK5 Style Hella Headlights
      Hella RSSR Euro Taillights
      Black VW Rear Emblem
      Wheels and Suspension:
      B&G RS Line Coilovers
      Neuspeed 25mm Rear Sway
      RH AD Cuprad's (BACKORDERED)
      BFG Tires Gforce KDW, 205x45x17, 225x45x17
      H&R Spacers, F: 8mm R:15mm
      VF-En. Front Endlinks
      JL 2 10" Wedge Style Sub Woofer Encloser
      JL 250/1 Amplifier
      JL 350/4 Amplifier
      JL Speakers
      .:R-Line Pedal Set
      .:R-Line Dead Pedal
      Logo GTI Floor Mats
      Under Dash Neons
      Trunk Neons
      Escort Passport 8500 X50 (Hardwired)
      Megellan 700 GPS Unit
      GLI Center Console
      Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust
      AEM Cold Air Intake
      OEM TT Short Shifter
      I think I am forgetting stuff.

      Modified by Splisks at 7:36 PM 10-8-2006

      Modified by Splisks at 4:04 PM 10-16-2006
      SoCo Dubs OG

    12. Member MINT GTI's Avatar
      Join Date
      Dec 7th, 2002
      SOLD: 95' GTi 24vT , CURRENT: 13' CC Bagged and a S1000rr Drag Bike
      09-29-2006 12:05 AM #12
      OOO. heres mine

      and the bay.

    13. 09-29-2006 10:38 PM #13
      Quote, originally posted by MINT GTI »

      i hate you.. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    14. 10-12-2006 07:42 PM #14
      damn now my car looks slower then b4 that thing is ridiculous [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    15. 10-16-2006 12:26 AM #15

      everything you see there for exterior
      few interior mods. in dash screen/15" l7 kicker in spare well
      milltek catback, eip intake, giac chip, other minor details
      suspension is tein coilovers with the full swaybar setup

    16. Member .SLEEPYDUB.'s Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 28th, 2005
      Shreveport, Louisiana
      2003 GLI, 2005 GLI, 2JZ Swapped E30, FC RX7
      01-08-2007 02:47 PM #16

      ur so setting up far a 360 flip in this picture
      The Elite 24v VR6 Club: Founder
      Want to be a horsepower baller? Buy my car

    17. Member gawa's Avatar
      Join Date
      Dec 29th, 2003
      Toronto, Ontario
      12 Passat, 11 C63
      01-17-2007 02:16 AM #17

      Upsolute chip
      Eurosport 2.25" catback with Remus muffler
      EVOMS 3" CAI
      OEM R32 short shift linkage
      Forge/Powerflex dogbone mount bushings
      4grounding ground wires
      FK Hightec dampers
      Neuspeed Sport springs
      Megan Racing c-pillar bar

      Modified by gawa at 9:24 AM 6-11-2007

    18. 01-19-2007 07:14 PM #18
      Sorry for the terrible cell phone pic, i dont own a camera. shout out to the CT dudes with the 24v's who posted above, dont see any dubs down in my part of CT.

      2003 GLI Jetta VR6 24V (A4 4 Door)
      Exterior: FK Projectors (smoked)
      6000k HID
      Smoked taillights
      42dd Smoked Sidemarkers
      Freedom Design Antennae
      Llumar Tint
      4 motion front valence
      Interior: Kenwood DDX7017 DVD/CD/SIRIUS Reciever.
      W8 Console
      Reiger Illuminated Shift Knob
      GLI Pedals
      Your Mom (back seat)
      Engine, Trans & Exhaust: ESE Stage 1 Intake
      HPA Short Shift
      GHL Catback
      Suspension, Wheel & Tire: H&R Cupkit
      H&R 28mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
      EBC Slotted/Cross-Drilled Rotors (front & rear)
      EBC Green Stuff Pads (front & rear)
      Axis Penta Wheels/Falken FK-451 Tires
      8.5X19" 235/35/19 Fronts
      9.5X19" 265/30/19 Rears

    19. 01-20-2007 09:46 PM #19
      Here's a couple of my daily driver '04 GTI VR6. 53k miles, trackdays, autocrosses, and not so much as a CEL. Great car Mods are Revo software/sps3, AP Racing front calipers and SS lines with 20th rotors and Pagid pads all around, VF mounts, H&R Club Sport coilovers & 28mm rear bar, custom 20mm offset Rota Subzero wheels, 17x 7.5, and Toyo RA1's. Plus I took the rear seats and belts out to lose a few lbs and make room for a surfboard. It's a bit low in these pics, I had spun the perches down just to see how far I could go towards eliminating spring preload, and this is it. Looks cool but too much. Next up is camber plates and some geometry correction in front and some changes to the rear beam. Gotta do something about the stock leather seats too... no good.

      Modified by DocQuattro at 5:50 PM 1-20-2007

    20. 01-21-2007 07:32 PM #20

      ... not trying to look tough or hard, its bloody cold out and im sick!
      so far ive got:
      18" rials
      Aluminum stubby antenna
      beetle headrests

    21. 10-20-2006 01:07 PM #21
      2003 gli
      kw v2 coilovers
      wrd endlinks
      ecs spacers 5mm/10mm
      neuspeed short shift kit
      evoms cold air intake
      giac x program w/ flashloader
      ground wire kit
      neuspeed power pullies
      black forest industries poly race dogbone inserts
      double-sided carbon fiber boser with color match striping
      fk angel eyes
      kamei mesh grill
      custom tinted tails
      beetle headrests
      r-line shift knob
      r-line floor mats
      r-line pedals


    22. 10-23-2006 09:40 PM #22

      2004 gti
      VF- stage 2 supercharger
      Eip-short shifter
      Awe-tuning Catback
      Depo headlights/angeleyes
      painted turnsignals and fender blinkers
      painted valances
      painted grill

    23. Member proshot's Avatar
      Join Date
      Apr 22nd, 2004
      MK4 R and MK6 TDI
      10-27-2006 02:47 PM #23

      Updated 2-8-07.
      20th kit.
      Joey modded headlights with amber city lights and Silverstars in lows.
      Smoked bumper and fender markers.
      Textured mirrors and grille.
      Rear fog.
      H2 antenna.
      42DD LED license plate lights.
      GHL 2.5 inch unresonated catback.
      Old school DG SS.
      VCS CAI.
      Shortened shift rod.
      All 3 VF mounts.
      Koni Coils.
      17x8 OZ SLs with BFGs.
      8mm H&R spacers in rear.
      26mm H&R front sway.
      28mm Neuspeed rear sway.
      Eurosport rear stress bar.
      Tyrolsport caliper stiffening kit.
      Dieselgeek skidplate.

      Modified by proshot at 12:44 PM 2-8-2007
      PSN: CoachBombay_

    24. Moderator askibum02's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 10th, 2002
      Fayettenam, NC
      '16 Ram 2500 CTD, '16 Charger R/T Road and Track
      11-16-2006 09:41 AM #24

      OEM Euro Rubstrip
      OEM Aero Wipers
      S2000 Antenna
      Rear Fog
      Engine, Transmission, and Exhaust:
      Evo Motorsports CAI
      GIAC Flashed Chip
      Optima Red Top Battery
      OEM R32 Shifter
      Prothane Dogbone bushings installed in stock dogbone
      Miltek Cat back Exhaust
      Suspension and Brakes:
      KW Varient 2 Coilovers
      H&R 26mm Front Sway Bar
      H&R 28mm Rear Sway Bar
      OEM 337/20th/GLI Brakes Front (12.3") and Rear(10.1" Vented)
      Stainless Steel Brake Lines
      OEM Euro Switch
      OEM Phatnoise
      OEM Trunk Mounted Euro Warning Triangle
      Wheels & Tires
      BBS RWII 18x8.5 et32 with professionally polished lips
      Kumho Ecsta ASX 245/40/18 with 50% Tread
      H&R 15mm Hubcentric Spacers w/bolts
      H&R 8mm Hubcentric Spacers w/bolts

      Modified by askibum02 at 6:16 PM 11-16-2006
      FS: MKIII Perforated leather e-brake boot
      I can think of 726 reasons why I like vBulletin
      Noli Me Tangere

    25. Senior Member abydielsgli's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 7th, 2003
      the field of bakers
      a few vw's and toyotas
      11-27-2006 02:45 PM #25
      Fk silverline coilovers, raxles, fk front swaybar, nuespeed 25mm rear swaybar, Polished Monte Carlo's, 8mm spacers (front), 20mm spacers (rear).
      eurosport cai
      4motion valences (painted), joey modded headlights, clear markers.
      OEM Stubbies

      Modified by abydielsgli at 10:56 PM 1-15-2007

      Modified by abydielsgli at 9:08 AM 10-16-2007

      Modified by abydielsgli at 5:25 PM 9-6-2008

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