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    Thread: The Official -Fashion and Apparel- Classifieds Thread - WTB/FS/WTT/Free (bhb399mm)

    1. 12-08-2007 02:24 PM #106
      I have an NWT never worn XL H&M Divided Collage tee for sale. Hard to find and looks good . . fits more like an L but if you're borderline, XL is perfect.

      (pics a little messed up on the left, looks like it was chopped but its all 100% fine)
      $25 SHIPPED OBO. I wanna get rid of this asap! LMK. [IMG]http://**********************/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

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    2. Member vdub_fiasco's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 29th, 2004
      New Tripoli, PA
      '84 Dust Bunny '07 Porter '02 2.0 wagon '91 gli ''73 bug '77 golf
      12-08-2007 03:19 PM #107
      Im looking for womens jewelry and purses. Just looking to buy myself some Christmas gifts and thought somebody on here might have some used or new items they wanted to sell. Let me know what you have! I'll pay shipping ... Thanks!
      save the jackalope.

    3. Banned
      Join Date
      Dec 10th, 2007
      12-12-2007 05:23 AM #108
      Medium size LRG zip up hoodie worn maybe 5 times. Perfect condition with absolutely no flaws.
      Brown in color with "yellow/goldish" print. Metal ziper and metal insignias.

      Make an offer. Paid 100$ new.

    4. 12-14-2007 09:02 AM #109
      if anyone lives near mass, i got size 11 dunks for days. my car hasnt sold yet so it seems like i might have to give up some of the other things i love to get money. alot of silver an pink boxes

    5. 12-16-2007 05:42 PM #110
      i got hunters, unluckies, shanghai2, stussy, t-19, broncos, fcs, mohogany hemps, purps, and a ton more. local pick ups get the best deals

    6. Banned
      Join Date
      Jul 7th, 2002
      12-17-2007 09:40 PM #111
      OK guys just in time for the holidays. One brand new 1.7oz bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance (spray).(for her)

      Retails for around $47 dollars a bottle. Yours at the bargain price of 30 shipped.
      Plastic wrapper is missing, but bottle is completly full and unused. Trust me she'll never know you got it on the tex....Buy today and have it just in time for Christmas

      Modified by NOSPEED411 at 9:46 PM 12-17-2007

    7. Member
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      Sep 3rd, 2001
      south jersey
      12-19-2007 09:47 AM #112
      I tried this before and moved some of my stuff but lets give it a shot again. I'll do pics if I get enough interest. I've got a TON of shirts from AX, D&G, ****, etc that I'd like to unload, preferably to one person. All have been closet hung they're entire life and some have only been worn 1, maybe 2 times. All are Medium IIRC. I've got some sweaters too, I think those are a large from **** and AX. With work I really don't have time to sell these as 1s and 2s, hence the "bulk sale". I'd bet there is over 20 Tshirts and maybe 4/5 sweaters. I know this is pretty pointless without pics but PM me if you are interested and I'll see what I can do for pics.

    8. Banned 4R32's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 17th, 2004
      12-19-2007 10:51 PM #113
      FS: Brand New Lamborghini Padded Body Warmer in Black. $200
      As seen here:

      Never worn, tag still attached.

    9. 12-20-2007 06:43 PM #114

      brand new Oris Williams F1 Day/Date automatic swiss watch. black carbon fiber dial wtih red accents, pvd rubber strap -$575 shipped.

      - Comes with box, rubber tire case, warranty, and manual.
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    10. Member veedub11's Avatar
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      Mar 9th, 2002
      Shaw District DC
      MK6 GTI Autobahn & 2013 Tiguan SEL 4-motion (Past: MK4 Golf TDI, MK3 Surf Green GTI 2.0T, Corrado VR
      12-27-2007 11:29 AM #115

    11. Member volklover's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 4th, 2001
      Where ever the USAF sends me
      97 Euro Golf Gti
      12-27-2007 08:37 PM #116
      Quicksilver Hip & infamous shoes 9 & 9.5
      $25 for each pair + shipping- And still have the boxes
      I have 2 pair of shoes that I wore for maybe 5-10 minutes, they were too small for me. Orginal cost on the box is $75 each.
      The infamous LE is size 9

      The black and brown is the Hip in size 9.5

    12. 12-28-2007 06:15 PM #117
      Mens Nike Court Force Low Premium in White/Lucid Green - Kakigoori's
      Here is the ebay link, and some pics

    13. 12-29-2007 03:57 PM #118
      size 11:
      Deadstock pairs>
      Green Taxi Cab SB
      Jordan 18.5 white/blk
      Vandal Waterproof
      Vandal Premium Supreme
      AM 95 blk/blk
      blk/Metallic Jordan V
      all shoes include original everything (box,card,laces,locks)
      Located in SanDiego>
      AIM: nikepusher

    14. Member Urkel's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 13th, 2007
      Los Angeles
      12-30-2007 12:33 AM #119
      Selling my Sertigs. These shoes are in no way brand new. And they DO NOT have the original box. But they look rather good. a couple spots here and there but nothing a little cleaner wont take off in a jiffy [IMG]http://**********************/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]. These are a pretty rare pair of shoes. Last time i checked, a brand new pair was worth 130.
      SIZE: 12
      $95.00 shipped

      all offers are welcome though. Shoot me a PM if interested or if you wish to see more pics.
      Thank You

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    15. Banned Underpants's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jan 13th, 2006
      01-03-2008 12:01 AM #120
      sz 11 etnies Ashbury Waterproof Mustard (workboot style).
      pretty much brand new. walked around my house in them for an hour because i couldn;t make up my mind.
      CCS won't return them because i laced them/pulled off the tags and extra laces.
      look like this:
      50 bucks shipped.

    16. Banned kidkoala's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 14th, 2003
      01-03-2008 01:07 AM #121
      Oakley Gascans - Ducatti edt.

      Coach Bi-Fold Brown Mens wallet

    17. 01-07-2008 12:21 PM #122
      WTB: dunk sb's, am90, airstab's sz 12

    18. Banned
      Join Date
      Apr 12th, 2006
      01-07-2008 03:25 PM #123
      vento theres a new air max 90 out. its blue and white and it has the famed mesh toe box like the infrared. its so dope. its general release so availble anywhere. its awesome. the blue is light like leguna seca and is really sick. black mud guard. its like an infrared but blue!!!
      also the nike structure is out. retro of the whatever. its good with shorts. real bright and sharp

    19. Member Urkel's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 13th, 2007
      Los Angeles
      01-10-2008 09:18 PM #124
      Selling a pair of DS nikes. These are brand new never worn. they were too small for me
      Size: 11
      Price: 60 shipped (im willing to negotiate the price)


    20. 01-11-2008 02:53 PM #125
      I'm gonna sell my Skull s5507xx's, as I just dont wear them enough to justify letting them sit. Worn for 55 days or so, they're never washed or soaked. As you can see in the pictures theres a little fading, but nothing crazy. They've never seen extreme filth (vomit, food spills, etc).
      Tagged size 34.
      Waist has stretched out about 1" from self edge's measurements, legs haven't really stretched all too much, maybe .5". Not pictued: original pocket tag with wear tally on the back. I'll also include one of the pictured cardholders free with the sale to sweeten the deal. Price includes paypal, but not shipping, and yes i'll ship worldwide.

      Modified by PlaiDub at 11:55 AM 1-11-2008

    21. 01-12-2008 09:32 AM #126
      I got some Puma Future cats, never worn, brand new.
      Size 9 us. Fit's true to size.
      $65 plus shipping OBO
      GLi : M3 : CX5

    22. 01-12-2008 02:39 PM #127
      Got some Jordans for sale that are taking up space.
      Sz. 11 Retro V's, White/Royal-Blue $100 shipped OBO
      Good shape, worn maybe 5 or 6 times. Some creasing, no stains or rips. Soles are a little dirty but can be cleaned up easily. Have original box (damaged) and retro card.

      Sz. 11 Retro V's, Black/Fire Red $130 shipped OBO
      VNDS, only worn once. Virtually no creasing, soles are still clear. Have original box and retro card.

      Sz. 11 Retro III's, Fire Red, $130 shipped OBO
      VNDS, worn 3 or 4 times. Almost no creasing. Have box and retro card.

      Sz. 11 Retro III Flips, $150 shipped OBO
      Could pass as DS, worn once. Have box and retro card.

      Sz. 10.5 Black Cat IV's, $50 shipped OBO
      Still have some life in them, definitely worn but not beat on. Have box and poster that came with them.

      Sz. 11 Dub Zero's, Black/Gold, $50 shipped OBO
      Fairly good shape, some heel drag. Creasing isn't too bad. No Jordan box, have a plain Nike box that I'll ship them in.

      Feel free to IM me with any questions or if you want to see more pics of a particular shoe.

    23. Member volklover's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 4th, 2001
      Where ever the USAF sends me
      97 Euro Golf Gti
      01-12-2008 08:58 PM #128
      SInce the sports forum has NO classified section:
      These have the tags still attached and still in box!
      **Never plaed in, just wore 2x times to check fit**
      I have a limited pair of Hummel Cleats- they are listed at places anywhere from $179-249. There were only 1923 pairs released worldwide, I bought these and held onto them, and barely out grew them.
      Listing these for $120obo

    24. Senior Member Bauzen's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 5th, 2001
      Hells Kitchen, NYC
      07 Tomos Sprint
      01-17-2008 10:04 AM #129
      Selling one of my pairs of Chrome Hearts - I hate to see them go, but I just don't need 3 pairs.

      Click on the pic to be taken to eBay

    25. 01-17-2008 10:24 AM #130
      Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer. Worn maybe twice. Paid $140 new. $95 shipped. obo

    26. Member 4thTry's Avatar
      Join Date
      Apr 22nd, 2007
      01-27-2008 11:14 AM #131
      For sale. Asking $75 but make me an offer, who knows
      Size 13

      Quote Originally Posted by winstonsmith84 View Post
      The day I post on the internet wondering about what to mix my drink with for weight loss purposes is the day I eat my pistol.

      I drink whisky. Men drink whisky.

    27. Member MochaMike's Avatar
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      Mar 24th, 2003
      Long Island City, NY
      2012 Jetta GLI
      01-27-2008 08:58 PM #132

      Modified by MochaMike at 5:08 PM 2-25-2008

    28. 01-29-2008 03:12 AM #133
      VNDS Air Zoom Huarache 2K5 All Star Kobe Bryant #8 on tongue strap.
      $100 firm $140 BIN SHIPPED.

      Sz. 11
      DS Nike Dunk Lo Pro SB Grass/White
      Taxi Cab series dunk.
      $100 frim $140 BIN SHIPPED

      Located in San Diego. [IMG]http://**********************/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    29. 01-29-2008 05:57 PM #134
      i have these D&G sunglasses for sale model 8009. you cant get these anymore unless you look hard enough. i bought these from Sol Mio last summer and they are in perfect condition. comes with the carrying case and a microfiber cloth. this is a great pair of sunglasses and they fit really well compared to other designer brands ive owned in the past.
      paid 180 for them, ill sell them for $80 SHIPPED
      my loss is your gain.
      contact me-
      email- way)
      or im here

      thanks for looking!

    30. Member runhopskipendub's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 12th, 2003
      Troutdale, OR
      08 CW R32
      01-30-2008 02:18 AM #135
      adidas chile lea, pumas, mephisto, adidas rom special edition. pics in the link size 13

    31. Banned
      Join Date
      Jun 28th, 2004
      01-31-2008 10:16 PM #136
      Vans Syndicate Mr. Cartoon Industrial Sk8 Hi.
      07 Syndicate Line.
      Laced and Tried on, never worn.
      DS, box is torn but everything is there including bag/stickers

      $80 shipped

    32. Banned
      Join Date
      Jun 28th, 2004
      02-04-2008 10:47 PM #137
      I don't wear these so up for grabs...
      Maui Jim Hokus, Mint Condition, Retails for $200. Looking for $110 shipped.

      mint ass lenses...

    33. Banned Underpants's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jan 13th, 2006
      02-05-2008 01:14 PM #138
      Lebron IVs 11
      w)aps eras. 11
      alife everybody 11

      puma suede. 11.5
      jordan IV military 11.5

    34. Member Mad Chef's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 30th, 2004
      orlando, fl
      2001 gti vr6
      02-05-2008 02:15 PM #139
      FS : SZ OG Total max Uptempo Neon colorway. NDS WITH ORIGINAL BOX! $330 + .3% paypal shipped.

    35. 02-06-2008 02:17 PM #140
      slightly used . near mint condition. they go for $370 new . i want $230.


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