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    Thread: The Official -Fashion and Apparel- Classifieds Thread - WTB/FS/WTT/Free (bhb399mm)

    1. Member Windex921's Avatar
      Join Date
      Apr 1st, 2008
      Hudson Valley, NY
      2017 Jetta SE 1.4T
      09-08-2008 05:12 PM #226
      sz 8 BMP Jordan 1s New Loves
      $80 shipped paypal only !!!

    2. Member handKrafted2549's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 19th, 2007
      09-21-2008 01:22 AM #227
      FS: Rowley Squares size 13
      Brand new in the box, never worn, i ordered them in red...but they sent me green instead...i have to many green shoes sooo my loss is your gain!
      Size 13m Mens
      Extra White laces
      45$ shipped.

    3. 09-23-2008 09:08 PM #228
      Quote, originally posted by GHETTO B »
      The pics were obviously taken in march to post on another forum. The shoes are new in box, $180 obo.
      I also have some Vans Syndicate Bulletproof Halfcabs, Size 11, also new in box. $160 obo
      Modified by GHETTO B at 4:27 AM 9-6-2008

      Modified by GHETTO B at 4:29 AM 9-6-2008

      ARGH why couldnt the bulletproofs be a 10?

    4. 09-24-2008 10:49 AM #229
      feeler..........so make offer.
      nike dunk low cl
      urban haze/ baroque / ant
      i have black laces in them now. will come with orange nike laces.
      no box. worn about 3 times. very clean and in new shape.
      size 11.
      sorry for the stock photo. will post up real pics later.


    5. 10-01-2008 07:07 PM #230
      Kicking Mule Workshop 2010
      New w/o tags. Never worn.
      Purchased from Contex in Madison...
      $210 shipped.

    6. 10-16-2008 07:25 PM #231
      For sale size 12 Nike Dunk Hi GR(mint condition) & Nike Dunk Hi Mita(good condition)
      $100 for both total + shipping.

    7. Member nap83's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 24th, 2007
      MK3 / Volvo S40
      10-17-2008 05:21 PM #232
      Once again, I'm back making room.
      As mentioned in my other FS Threads, these clothes are either brand new or worn once. I have a bad habit of taking tags off as soon as I get them home.
      I used to work as a Store Manager at AE so I bought clothes all the time. I'll update as soon as I find more; but as of now here is what's for sale.
      Pm me if you have any questions, my recent customer in my last batch was .ramon., you could most likely pm him so he could vouch. You could also find my "Seller Feedback" here
      I'm 5'8" and 160lbs. I usually wear "medium-sized" clothes.
      I'm asking $250 + shipping for the items no more no less (i'm selling these as bulk since i don't want to break them up, i will have to charge more if i do since i have to ship it, we'll see how it goes though) [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emgift.gif[/IMG]

      1. Relaxed Boot Fit Cords / Gap / Fade-Brown / 30x30

      2. Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans / Gap / Rust-Rinse / 30x30

      3. Low Loose Boot Cut Khakis / Gap / Destroyed / 28x30 (fits like a 30x30)

      4. Low Loose Boot Cut Khakis / Gap / Tweed Pattern / Dark / 28x30 (fits like a 30x30)

      5. Slim Straight Jeans / AE / Destroyed Light Rust Wash / 32x32 (fits like a 30x32)

      6. Low Rise Boot Cut / AE / Dark Rinse / 32x30 (fits like a 31x30)

      7. Express T / Mustard / Large (fits like a medium)

      8. Paul Frank Target T / Baby Blue / Medium (true to size)

      9. Paul Frank Speaker T / Electric Blue / Medium (true to size)

      10. Grey Nylon Shorts / Gap / Medium (fits like a 30)

      11. Long Lenght Nylon Shorts / Gap / Large (true to size)

      12. Hollister / Highlighter Blue Stripes / Dark Blue Seagull / Large (fits like a medium)

      13. Hollister / Green and Dark Blue Stripes / Yellow Seagull / Large (fits like a medium)

      14. Gap / Baby Blue and Dark Blue Stripes / Small (classic fit; fits like a medium)

      15. Hollister / Dark Blue with Highlighter Blue Stripes / White Seagull on pocket / Small (true to size)

      16. Buffallo NYC / Appl Green Night Rider Pinball T / Small (fits like a medium)

      17. Hollister / Khaki and Blue Stripes / Medium (true to size)

      18. AE / Double Pocket / Light Blue and Red Stripes / XS (fits like a small/medium)

      19. Gap / Spring/Fall Premium Shirt / Small (fits like a medium)

      Modified by nap83 at 4:22 PM 10-20-2008
      For peace of mind, resign as the general manager of the universe.

    8. Member gunshot allure's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jan 17th, 2005
      '98 vr gti
      10-18-2008 06:46 PM #233
      Nike Blazer SB Tiffany's for sale.
      Basically I bought two pairs of Nike's at the same time. I'm really a size 8.5 in mens but the shop only had a 9 and I thought I could wing it. Unfortunately their return policy is within 7 days and I'm too dumb to have returned them within that period.
      They're BRAND NEW.
      I prefer not to ship but as long as you pay for everything first I'm down.
      Again, Nike Blazer SB's size 9 (in mens) brand new.
      I bought em for $100 (receipt shown- they're the sb t's, obviously) and all I want is my money back. $100.
      Questions please let me know!!!

      Modified by gunshot allure at 7:01 PM 10-18-2008

    9. 10-21-2008 11:20 AM #234
      3 pairs of kicks for sale:

      Nike Sb High Hairs size: 9.5 Price- 80 shipped. Worn about 6-8 times.

      Puma First Round size: 9.5 Price- 50 shipped. Worn about 4 or 5 times.

      W) Taps Vans High size: 10 Price- 85 shipped. These were worn only twice.

    10. Member tttomm88's Avatar
      Join Date
      Apr 30th, 2006
      04 GTI
      10-23-2008 11:13 PM #235
      limited edition 686 snowboard jacket mens large. worn twice. missing snap on/off fur from hood. very warm!
      MSRP $300
      asking $200 shipped

      World Class Fad

      Top Gear Auto- Gloucester, MA

    11. 10-26-2008 10:00 PM #236
      APC Rescue 32x34. Worn about 10 times no real noticeable wear except on the very bottoms. I had a 2" cuff put on these and they look great. They're always hung up and have never seen water or starch.
      90 shipped. pics soon.
      if it's got tits or tires, it's going to give you problems.

      w140 s500 | e46 M3 slicktop | w211 e500 estate

    12. Member Aetsh's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 23rd, 2004
      05' Dakota, 01 Suzuki DRZ250, 81' Honda CM400, 97 Kawi Ninja 500R
      10-29-2008 02:30 AM #237
      Brand new Levi's Capital E's..Size 32x34, still have the tags on, never worn..I have two pairs..$25/$30 plus shipping a pair.
      Pics if there is intrest
      New Vortex isn't so bad

    13. Member tuddy's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 20th, 2006
      long island
      e30, ranger
      10-29-2008 09:42 AM #238

      Modified by tuddy at 10:57 AM 3-17-2009

    14. Member DJEucalyptus's Avatar
      Join Date
      Dec 28th, 2004
      Springfield, OR
      '84 Seville, '84 Gti, '84 242trubo
      10-29-2008 01:35 PM #239

      Modified by DJEucalyptus at 2:35 PM 6-11-2009

    15. 11-02-2008 01:48 PM #240
      i have a pair of true religion jeans worn/washed 10-15 times
      Size: 31w 33l
      slight wear at bottom of one leg
      very comfortable jeans, they just do not fit slim enough to me.
      i paid 180 (might still have tags)
      looking for 80 dollars. pictures if there's interest. will trade for adidas, or slimmer jeans. maybe interest in trades for sweatshirts/jackets too.

    16. 11-07-2008 09:43 AM #241
      cool shoes, i like Converse [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    17. Member
      Join Date
      Dec 17th, 2003
      '02 JTI 1.8T
      11-07-2008 12:30 PM #242

      up on ebay.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISA...lling
      DS in4mation G-Shock.. friend of mine from hawaii shipped it over to me..
      starting price is $200.. buy it now price is $275..
      hit me up with any other questions.. thanks..
      it is what it is..
      TFO: NorCal Edition

    18. "Everything Is Awesome!" Moderator LC6X's Avatar
      Join Date
      Nov 2nd, 2006
      Portland, OR
      2001 Baltic Jetta, 2007 Fahrenheit GLI
      11-08-2008 12:57 PM #243
      I have two pairs of joes jeans that I need to get rid of, both are brand new. First is a size 30 regular wash, they dont have a style printed on the inner tag. Second is a size 27 very dark wash "wide leg muse"
      I have never worn these, tags are off because they were a gift.
      PM me for pics, I want these gone ASAP so $50 OBO
      Meet Crayola | Fahrenheit GLI #863 | IG: @mindy13vw | 8v Society | #TPG

    19. Member iDubber.com's Avatar
      Join Date
      Nov 2nd, 2008
      MK4 Reflex Silver Jetta 1.8T
      11-14-2008 10:51 PM #244

      ....and lots more!!!!
      Dub Shirts - Frame Notch , SLAM&POKE,Wheel Fitment , On the GRIND
      Even more Dub shirts - Take a LOOK!!!
      www.iDubber.com - "For the Enthusiast in You"
      Instagram:-------->@mk4jr (yep! Go ahead and follow that.)

    20. Member whitemike's Avatar
      Join Date
      Nov 16th, 2001
      Los Angeles
      '73 Schwinn Continental
      11-15-2008 03:39 PM #245
      Sold and Shipped!

      Modified by whitemike at 11:58 AM 11-18-2008

    21. Member gls:maverick's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 18th, 2005
      Howell MI
      1996 Toyota Taco; 2004 MKIV TR .:R32, 2010 BMW X5D, 2012 Scott Foil 30
      11-16-2008 06:02 PM #246
      I have a great Wilson brand leather jacket. It is a euro style with thinsulate zip out lining; very warm. Hardly ever worn; it was more of an impulse buy a few years back.

      A little Japanese, two Germans and a Swiss two wheeler

    22. 11-18-2008 02:05 PM #247
      APC New Standards - Size 33
      Link is in my signature.

    23. 12-15-2008 10:24 AM #248

      This is a new VW hoodie, the color is black with red zipper and red GTI logo. it still has the tags on it and is brand new never worn. Very sharp looking hoodie and size is L. Ill sell this hoodie at 20 shipped, and it retails for 40$

      This hoodie is also a very nice hoodie, size is XL and i am looking for 45$ shipped on this one. the hoodie is actually made by a company called redsand, and if your not fimilar with them, they are a upscale surf clothing company that makes very nice apperal. the VW logo was nicely stitched on. this hoodie retails for 58$ so your getting a good deal!
      i can take a credit card over the phone and can ship the same day so you can have it in time for xmas, there a great gift idea....... [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emgift.gif[/IMG]

    24. 12-15-2008 10:49 AM #249

      VW scarf and hat 15$ shipped, ratails for 20$

      Modified by 200320thAE2632 at 7:50 AM 12-15-2008

    25. Member NaKoRuRu's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 5th, 2005
      2011 Yamaha Luvias, 2007 VW Golf (Sold)
      12-19-2008 04:28 PM #250
      I have a Skull Candy T-Shirt in size small. Got it and doesn't fit. Rather than to deal with them/pay return shipping I'd rather sell it here for some of my $ back. T-Shirt is BRAND NEW never worn, with tags and plastic wrap/bag that it came in. I just unfolded it and could tell it wouldn't fit.
      Retails for $14.95
      Will sell for $10

      Prefer pick up. Shipping & Pay Pal at your expense.
      "I've been pitying fools for 28 years" - Mr. T

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