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    Thread: How Do I Reattach the Interior Rear View Mirror

    1. 10-05-2006 08:51 PM #1
      It just became unglued from the windshield, and the whole heavy assembly is dangling by the wires. The plastic shell pieces all came off but I think they'll just snap back on
      It looks like the rubber base slides off somehow so I can re-glue that to the windshield without the weight of the mirror pulling it off. Is that the right approach?
      If so, then my question is: How to I get the base off the main part without breaking anything? And then how will I get it back on again?
      What kind of glue should I use .. Liquid nails, epoxy or clear sillicone caulking type stuff? What's on there looks very soft so that's probably why it fell off.
      I see some delicate plastic clips on the inside of the base and a couple of large metal spring clips on the outside on the left and right sides. And I read here that the rain sensor is built into the soft center part that touches the windshield. I'm sure the repair shops do this everyday so can someone here give me a clue and save me a few dollars...
      Thanks, Ron

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    2. 10-05-2006 10:58 PM #2
      I'm not 100% certain of your situation, but I do know that there is a glue, specifically called "rearview mirror" adhesive. It's made for that one and only purpose. I've see it at Walmart, but I'm certain all the standard autoparts places sell it as well. Check it out and follow the instructions.
      Here's one example from Permatex: http://www.accessconnect.com/r...e.htm I have not used their rearview adhesive but I've used their windshield repair and it was amazing!!!
      Here's popular mechanics version of "how to do it": http://www.popularmechanics.co....html

      Hopefully that will get you going

    3. 10-05-2006 11:16 PM #3
      If you have the rain sensing wipers, then you're kinda SOL. You can't reglue the device- not yourself anyway.

    4. 10-06-2006 08:09 PM #4
      The problem has changed a bit: My VW repair shop managed to get the heavy part off, so now I have just the connector dangling from the wires and nothing will get damaged.
      But he could not finish the job because he did not have the right kind of glue, since they have never had to repair one. The windshield was replaced by an autobody shop a couple of years ago and it looks like they used clear silicone glue which is obviously not as strong as the factory stuff.
      BBear: I appreciate your suggestion, but I think those windshield glues are for a rigid metal to glass adhesion. That is not what I have and it's hard to explain, unless you can see it, so maybe I will upload a picture if I can't figure it out soon.
      ctobio: I do have the rain sensing wipers and the sensor is right in the middle of the circular rubber part that attaches to the glass (as you probably know).
      There is also a thin black washer still solidly attached to the windshield and I'm thinking that's probably where the special glue would go and line up with the rubber base .
      Thanks for your ideas ... the search goes on...

    5. 10-06-2006 09:14 PM #5
      The rain sensor can't just be siliconed on. It's a special and delicate installation.
      You see, the rain sensor works by figuring out the changes in light refraction as droplets of water get on the glass. You can't just use any old thing, or else it won't work right.
      Replacement windshields come with this glued from the factory.

    6. 10-12-2006 11:11 AM #6
      Different, but related question. Does mounting anything on the windshield near the sensor (e.g. an E-ZPass transmitter) effect it at all? Or does the sensor only "look" out through the small circle mount area?
      Thanks in advance.

    7. 10-12-2006 12:31 PM #7
      No effect. It's optical, and only needs the black circle its in. So, nothing on that circle for, say, maybe 1/4" on the outside of the glass.

    8. 10-12-2006 01:24 PM #8
      You can call the glass place that installed it. Maybe they can help. Most glass places dont glue the mirrors. The base which is on the glass comes installed from the glass company.
      My windshield was replaced twice becuase the base came off the glass while being installed. They had to order another glass. ( I didn't even have rain sensing wipers) They said they cannot glue it.

    9. 10-12-2006 02:19 PM #9
      bubble gum and duck tape

    10. 10-14-2006 10:56 AM #10
      Good news, I fixed it
      By careful inspection and thinking about the modular design of that "subsystem". I realized that the mounting ring is factory installed and never supposed to come off or move. The black circle built into the windshield serves the primary purpose of a target for the mounting ring, but may also block some refracted light. The wire assembly (with rain sensor) clicks into it and presses against the glass. I left the sensor with the wires and plastic wire cover connected to the mounting ring while I glued the mounting ring to the glass.
      So, I used an 1/8 bead of liquid nails (very sticky right out of the tube) all the way around the outside edge of the mounting ring, pressed it hard onto the glass and held it on for a day with masking tape. It hardens like epoxy, not brittle, but not movable either.
      Then the heavy mirror with the metal clips slides up into slots in the ring while plugging the wire connector together. And finally the cosmetic plastic covers snap together over top.
      Thanks for your help and ideas!

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