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I have stage 1's all the way around including the tranny mount. I would recomend replacing all the mounts at once because the stage 1's were too much for the 'heavy duty' rado mount causing it pop. Also, after the mounts were installed i noticed my motor sitting slightly higher than before, it actually would hit the underside of my hood when i would start to slam gears causing it to dent. After i installed the stage 1 tranny mount about 3 weeks ago i noticed that my tranny sounded like it was whinning, but apparently thats normal if you put a solid tranny mount on a VR. I love the way my VR drives now, it feels very solid, and as my friends say 'feels like a go-cart' cause of the mild vibration.

just drove mine for like 4 hours. (stage1 all around+tranny) feels awesome. not too much vibration, theres a verycool hard engagement of the starter, i can feel it with my with my butt. nice quick response and gear banging gives me whilash.